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ESL Pro League Betting Analysis – American Teams - Esportsranks
ESL Pro League Betting Analysis – American Teams

Our Betting Analysis of a few days ago covered the European teams in this sixth season of the ESL Pro League. Now here’s an analysis of the capabilities and potential of the teams from North America.

There are fourteen teams from North America competing with each other to reach the super weeks.

Rumor has it that the North American matches will be ruthlessly competitive…  and therefore more fun to watch (and possibly more lucrative to bet on) than the European ones.

Are the rumors spot on?

We’ll see for ourselves come the 23rd of August. Remember that the European matches start on the 22nd of August, while the North American contenders won’t begin to battle it out till the 23rd. If you intend to bet extensively on the ESL Pro League, you need to watch matches from both regions to get a sense of the potential of each competing team.

Watch enough matches, and judgment becomes instinct.

Develop the right instincts, and you massively multiply your winnings.

Image Credit: photos.eslgaming.com

This is a careful ESL Pro League Betting Analysis of the North American Teams.

It’s been put together by Esports players who have both a deep understanding of team strategy, and the experience and judgment to see the potential of each team.

Read each analysis, absorb it – and then go out and watch recent matches of the teams you’re interested in, to get an even better ‘feel’ of each team’s playing style and potential to win.

The teams below are in the order of their potential to win. And that, of course, means that the first name on the list is…

SK Gaming (SK) –

SK GamingSK Gaming is a merging of brilliant teams from around the world. It takes its name from “Schroet Kommando”, the Counter Strike team that originated this organization, and which was founded way back in 1997. Counter Strike is still the area of this team’s greatest successes.

Their present roster includes TACO, FalleN, fer, coldzera and felps.

The team has taken part in 403 matches, of which they won 238 matches, and lost 159, with 6 matches drawn. That gives this team a win-rate of 59%.

Betting Analysis: SK Gaming is positively lethal, and can sweep the floor with some of the best opposing teams in the world. Did we say can? They have done it, time and time again. The last season showed us what they’re capable of, and they look all set to dominate in the coming season. This is the team most likely to make it to the Final, or to win this event.

Cloud9 (C9)

Cloud9Don’t judge Cloud9 by the statistics alone, for the simple reason that most of those statistics represent the original Cloud9 roster, and the team is now represented by a squad of completely new players. For what it’s worth, here are the statistics for the team…

This team has played a total of 514 matches, of which they won 341 matches, and lost 174, with two matches drawn.

The team’s win-rate is 66%, which is certainly above par. With the original team replaced, though, those statistics could be misleading. Don’t sell the new team short, though. The present roster includes Stewie2k, shroud, nOthing, Skadoodle, and automatic… lethal and hand-picked players, every one of them.

Betting Analysis: This team could take down SK Gaming, given half a chance. A good ‘dark horse’ to back – you should get comparatively long odds betting on them, which might be more profitable than betting on the obvious ‘top-guns’. They’re likely to face SK Gaming before the Finals, and we might even see these two teams facing off against each other in the Finals.

Immortals (IMT)

ImmortalsNoah Whinston founded this American team in 2015. Immortals currently have teams not only in CS:GO, but also in Smash and Overwatch. The Immortals’ Brazilian team is second only to SK Gaming among the teams on the Brazilian roster.

Their present roster includes steel, HEN1, fnx, boltz and lucas1.

They’ve played 203 matches, of which they won 135 matches, and lost 68. That gives this team a win-rate of 67%, which is quite high.

Betting Analysis, Immortals

Image Credit: photos.eslgaming.com

Betting Analysis: They have one of the highest win-rates, and have risen to stand among the top-tier teams in just two years. They are an intensely competitive team, but teams like that can either achieve a great deal, or end up making crucial mistakes. A team to watch, but not one to consider reliable until they show their form in the first matches of this event. You can rely on them to reach the super weeks, though.

Team Liquid (TL)

Team LiquidTeam Liquid is a Dutch team put together in 2000. Their current roster includes EliGE, Pimp, Stanislaw,  jdm64 and nitrO, with twistzz as substitute.

The team has taken part in 441 matches, matches, of which they won 256 matches, and lost 180, with five matches drawn. That gives this team a win-rate of 58%.

Betting Analysis: A reliable team, having shown in recent matches played that they are more than ready for the coming event. They have a good chance of reaching the super weeks. Trust them on long odds, and you may be pleasantly surprised.

OpTic Gaming (OpTic)

OpTic GamingOpTic Gaming started out competing in Call of Duty events, where they had a long-standing rivalry with ENVYUS. They then branched out into competition in CS:GO and other Esports.

The OpTic Gaming roster includes NAF, Mixwell, tarik, jasonruchelski and RUSH.

They’ve played a total of 251 matches, with 144 wins and 107 losses… which gives them a win-rate of 57%.

Betting Analysis: They’ve had a hard time going up against top-tier CS:GO teams in the past, but we’ve seen them steadily improve in recent plays. And after all, they do hold a grudge for bumps (and headshots) they’ve taken in the past.

Counter Logic Gaming (CLG)

Counter Logic GamingCLG expanded into CS:GO as late as the beginning of 2015, and they’re only beginning to realize their potential. Of course, they’re going to have the measure that potential against the most lethal teams in the world, but that’s what this event is all about, after all.

The team roster includes koosta, nahtE, FNS, Rickeh and reltuC.

They’ve already played 425 matches, winning 225 and losing 192, with eight matches drawn. That’s a win-rate of just 53% – pretty borderline.

Betting Analysis: They easily deal with up and coming teams, but find it a tough grind against the top guns. They’re a very competitive name in other Esports, but that doesn’t extend into CS:GO… yet. It still might, so it might be worth your while to watch CLG matches carefully, and place the occasional bet on them. If they win a set of matches against a few top-tier teams in this event, you can risk some serious money on them, but if they don’t do that, then you’d best give them the go-by. They have an even chance of getting into the super weeks.

Misfits (MSF)

MisfitsMisfits was formed from players of the LoL team Renegades in 2016, and only expanded into CS:GO in January this year. That makes them a relatively new team, and one that definitely has yet to prove itself.

Their roster includes SicK, devoduvek, seang@res, Relyks and ShahZaM, with AmaNEk acting as substitute.

The team has played 66 matches, of which they won 33 and lost 29, with four matches drawn. That gives them a win-rate of just about 50%. That may not seem too good, but it’s actually not bad for a team that broke into the CS:GO arenas just a few months ago.

Betting Analysis: The Misfits might be aptly named, and may truly be misfits on the CS:GO scene. Word has it that quite a few current teams might quit come the end of the year, and Misfits might well be among them. They’re not a good bet, as they’ve had quite a few positively disastrous matches against top-tier teams. This event is an opportunity for their team. However, the betting fraternity had best handle this team with kid gloves until they show that they’re worth any money placed on them.

NRG Esports (NRG)

NRG EsportsThe owners of Sacramento Kings (of NBA fame) bought off Team Coast’s LoL team. Essentially, this is yet another League of Legends organization trying to break into the CS:GO circuit.

The team roster includes FugLy, daps, ptr, Brehze and MarkE, with LILMAN as substitute.

Out of 182 matches played, this team won 79 and lost 102, with one match drawn. That’s a win-rate of just 43% – not at all good.

Betting Analysis: Need we say it? Don’t put your money on them. They’re not going to make it to the super weeks. Yes, they’re sure to succeed to some extent against low-tier teams in the opening rounds, but that’s something for their fans to appreciate, rather than the Pro betting fraternity. IF they qualify for the super weeks… and that really is a big ‘if’, we can (and will) focus on them more seriously. Let them prove themselves.

Luminosity Gaming (Luminosity)

Luminosity GamingThis North American team is based in Canada, and was founded in the early months of 2015.

Their roster includes SHOOWTiME, shz, PKL, destiny and yeL.

They’ve played 333 matches since then, having won 202 of those and lost 122, with nine matches drawn.

That’s a win-rate of 61%.

Betting Analysis: They’re good, and have been very good in the past. They’d rank much higher in this list, but they’ve seen a recent slew of bad losses. They’ve hit a bad patch. They’re not a reliable bet any more, but they could be a good dark horse to back. Watch them carefully. If they can get back to the way they’ve played in the past, they could get into the super weeks. Watch them, but don’t bet on them until they grind a top-tier team or two into the dirt.

Renegades (REN)

RenegadesPreviously called the the LA Renegades, they tried to enhance their roster in 2015 by absorbing the Australian team Vox Eminor. They’ve certainly been doing their best to improve their franchise over the last two years or so. They might do well in this season of the ESL Pro League.

Their team roster includes USTILO, azr, Yam, jks and atter, with Nexa and Nifty acting as substitutes.

They’ve fought 241 matches, winning 138 and losing 99, with four matches drawn. Which gives them a win-rate of 57%.

Betting Analysis: Yes, the win-rate of this team isn’t bad… on the other hand, it isn’t that good either. They may not make the super weeks, and will probably not be able to stand against top-tier teams. It might be interesting to watch them through this season, as they seem determined to win the respect of top-tier teams and fans alike.

comPlexity Gaming (coL)

CompLexityThis is really one of the best competitive Esports brands in the American sector, and is run extremely competently. However, while this brand boasts top teams and players, and excellent media sense, this is unlikely to translate into success in the coming ESL Pro League Event.

Check out their statistics, below…

The team consists of Surreal, androidx23, Uber, desi and dephh, with Slemmy acting as substitute.

They’ve fought 238 matches, winning 91 and losing 144, with three matches drawn. That’s abysmal. And in saying that, we’re really being too kind.

Betting Analysis: They’ve played gloriously in the past, but the glorious past is just that… the past. They don’t show much promise for the future. Sure, they might stage a comeback, but it’s unlikely. Especially with top-tier teams being pretty much at the top of their form. They may not make the super weeks, and seeing them in the quarters or semis is a little too much to expect.

Splyce (SPY)

SplyceCreated in 2015, this is a team that doesn’t play as many matches as they should. We don’t know the reasons why, but they don’t. With that said, let’s check out their stats…

Their roster includes Drone, arya, Semphis, roca and ryx.

They’ve played 114 matches, of which they won 35 and lost 72, with seven matches drawn. That gives them a win-rate of 31%. Do we really need to take this analysis any further? We do? Then here it is…

Betting Analysis: They don’t have much of a chance. Any chance they do have to win will show up in the very first matches, so if you’re at all interested in backing this team, watch those. If they win, back them for the higher rounds. If they don’t, spend your money where you’re actually likely to get returns. Do bear in mind that (for a team that doesn’t play much) they did manage to qualify for this event. They just might be a dark horse. Watch them. If you think they have a chance, back them… but only at heavy odds.

Ghost Gaming

Ghost GamingGhost Gaming is actually best known for their capable Gears of War roster. Their current CS:GO roster includes CoNnOrRr93, ShoT_UP, neptune, seb and WARDELL, with bee-1os- as substitute. They have played 22 matches, of which they have won 3 and lost 19. That’s a win-rate of 14%.

Betting Analysis: This team has a long way to go. They are inexperienced and incapable of taking on Pro teams. Not a team to bet on, obviously.

Enigma6 Group

Enigma6The Enigma6 Group has teams in Call of Duty, as well as in Gears of War and CS:GO. Their CS:GO roster includes a2z, wrath, vice, shinobi and witmer. Their rankings? None. They have no previous match records.

Betting Analysis: The quintessential dark horse. No one knows quite what they can (or cannot) do. They truly measure up to their team name… Enigma6. They might be a flash in the pan… then again, they may be the next rising star in the CS:GO universe. There’s no way to tell until the first playoffs. The odds will be massively against them now, so a bet on them would pay off big if they actually have talent.

This article should give you a good idea of the strengths of different teams. Remember that betting odds will change as teams win and lose once the matches begin. We’ll keep you up-to-date on the changing odds, so stay tuned.

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