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ESL Pro League – Best Bet for the Day - Esportsranks
ESL Pro League – Best Bet for the Day

With quite a few matches slated for today, it could be a bit challenging deciding on the best bet for the day.

On the other hand, what defines a good bet? It’s one you win. And that said, the bet for today is surely Cloud9’s match against Luminosity gaming.

We’ll give you a rundown on all the matches today, but Cloud9’s is really the match to bet on.

Natus Vincere vs mousesports

na'vi vs mousesports

Match 1 takes place at 13:00 EDT, October 7. That’s 19:00 CEST.

Match 2 is at 14:10 EDT, October 7. That’s 20:10 CEST.

Natus Vincere currently stands 22nd in the global rankings with a 43% win-rate as of September, and a 50% win-rate for this month. Mousesports stands 12th in the global rankings and have a win-rate of 41% in September, as compared to 60% in this month. Both these teams are pretty much equal in skill and capability.

Betting on this pair is not a good idea, since they play with no consistency. Sometimes it looks like they win – or lose – purely by chance. This will be their first encounter since they made changes to their rosters.

Fnatic vs Astralis

fnatic vs astralis

Match 1 takes place at 15:20 EDT, October 7. That’s 21:20 CEST.

Match 2 is at 16:30 EDT, October 7. That’s 22:30 CEST.

Fnatic is leading the League Ladder. But in just 4 days of lethal combats Astralis has moved to take the number 2 spot. Not only this, but Astralis is currently leading globally, while Fnatic ranks 10th. Fnatic and Astralis both had a win-rate of 60% in September. And by losing 3 out of 4 matches this month, Fnatic has a win-rate of just 20%. Compare that with Astralis’ win-rate of 75% this month. Astralis has also managed to win a match against the redoubtable FaZe Clan.

If Astralis wins these matches against Fnatic, Fnatic will drop to second place. So remember, though this seems to be a balanced match, ‘The Force is Strong’ with Astralis.

The odds are 1/2 on Astralis!

Bet Now!

Best Bet – Luminosity Gaming vs Cloud9

luminosity vs cloud9

Match 1 takes place at 19:00 EDT, October 7. That’s 01:00 CEST, October 8.

Match 2 is at 20:10 EDT, October 7. That’s 02:10 CEST, October 8.

Cloud9 and Luminosity just faced each other at EPICENTER this year, in BO3 matches. There, Cloud9 won the first match 16:3 and the second match 16:8. These teams also clashed at DreamHack Montreal. There, Cloud9 won 2 out 3 matches in a BO3, 16:12 and 16:5.

This shows that Luminosity does not stand a chance against Cloud9. This is a great match to bet on.

The odds are 2/7 on Cloud9! Bet now on this match for sure winnings!

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SK Gaming vs Renegades

Match 1 takes place at 21:20 EDT, October 7. That’s 03:20 CEST, October 8.

Match 2 is at 22:30 EDT, October 7. That’s 04:30 CEST, October 8.

SK Gaming and Renegades have met in 2 leagues since April. In ESL Pro League Season 5, Renegades won a match against SK Gaming 16:13, and lost the other 8:16. They faced each other again in Esports Championship Series Season 3, where these teams tied again. SK Gaming lost the first match 14:16 and won the other 16:11. Renegades added “NAF” from OpTic Gaming to their own roster, on the 1st of September.

This match might end in a draw again.

These are the most carefully formulated betting and match predictions, by analysts who thoroughly study team histories and playing styles.

Stay tuned for more match-by-match betting analyses for this event.

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