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ESL One: New York Recap - Finest plays in CS:GO History! - Esportsranks
ESL One: New York Recap – Finest plays in CS:GO History!

With a historical grand finale last Sunday, it’s certainly worth our while to look back at this event in an ESL One: New York recap. There were some great plays by some of the greatest teams in the world.

But you see great plays at almost any major event.

What you don’t see at every major event is the powerful, lethal drive to the top that FaZe Clan demonstrated, or how they crushed team after team with seeming effortlessness. This was CS:GO history in the making, and if FaZe can keep this up, they’ll dominate the CS:GO universe.

They won’t, of course. That’s the way of CS:GO – there are ups and downs for every team.

So what’s FaZe Clan’s secret?

FaZe showed faith that great players were great!

Yes, FaZe now has some of the best hard hitters in the industry.

And that’s because FaZe believed in those hard hitters when their own old teams were treating them like ‘has beens’. And now that faith in these greats has paid off, with FaZe being forged into a team of some of the greatest players the game has ever seen.

They were off to a slow start when first they came together – any roster that’s just been put together needs to learn to play together. To build on each other’s strengths, and to off-set each other’s weaknesses.

But in ESL One: New York, everything came together with this team, and they played as one awe-inspiring unity. And virtually every other team that faced them, no matter how competent… fell before them.

ESL One: New York - FaZe Clan

Image Credit: ESL

So here, without more ado, is a look-back at this epic saga in CS:GO history…

ESL One New York Recap

Team Liquid’s push to the Finals

Let’s look at how the two main Finalists pushed to reach the Finals. Liquid have been playing a great game recently, and have really got their act together.

The problem?

That act still isn’t good enough. They do play a great game, and they are a gritty team that never gives up – and this can often crush the opposition.

But somehow, when they come up against a really great team, one that ranks in the top five in the world, they fold.

And it’s not because they can’t take the pressure. Team Liquid fights under pressure better than almost any other team in the world. They also have some very skilled players, and very good team-work.

The problem is that the best teams in the world have players who are even more skilled and who work together even better.

ESL One: New York - Team Liquid

Image Credit: HLTV

Team Liquid vs Astralis

This was quite a good match up – after all, Astralis are a top-tier team in their own right. It was a tough-fought battle, with these two teams fighting round by round – winning some, and losing some.  Each team won one map, but neither won by much.

The final battle was in Mirage. To recap, Liquid started out winning the first four rounds, but then Astralis hit back hard, taking the next eight rounds. Finally, Liquid began to hit back, winning two rounds before the first half ended. In the second half, Liquid dominated the pistol round, and continued to dominate the match. Astralis tried to fight back, but were too low on funds to mount an effective offence or defense against the hard hitters of the Liquid Team.

It was the end for Astralis, and Liquid pushed through to face SK Gaming in the Semi Finals.

ESL One: New York - Team Liquid winning

Image Credit: ESL

Team Liquid vs SK Gaming

This was another close fought battle, with each team desperately fighting a round by round battle for domination.

The first match was won by Liquid, the second by SK Gaming.

The last map, Overpass, was even more desperately fought than the other two. At the end of the first half, the score was actually tied 7-7 – for those of you that didn’t catch the event, that score alone will show you how hard-fought this match was.

After another bitterly-contested second half, Liquid won the match 16-14. Not by much.

A pattern of just-wins for Team Liquid

I’m sure you’re beginning to see a pattern here. Team Liquid fights desperate battles to reach the Semi Finals or Finals of an event.

They’re good, and determined, and they somehow scrape past those initial battles.

Then they reach the Finals, and perhaps meet a team that’s effortlessly crushed opponents to get to the Title, and Liquid folds before that team.

A team like Faze Clan.

FaZe Clan’s push to the Finals

ESL One: New York - FaZe Clan wins Finals

Image Credit: HLTV

In contrast to Team Liquids hard-fought push to the Finals, FaZe Clan was pretty much a steamroller crushing a path to the Title.

No recap of their legendary path to victory would be complete without a look at one of the defining matches they fought on their way to the top.

FaZe Clan vs Cloud9

FaZe’s domination of this match-set started with them taking six of the first seven rounds of the map before Stewie2K of Cloud9 fought off two opponents to prevent FaZe from defusing the bomb, giving Cloud9 the map.

Cloud9 then fought back ferociously, winning a few rounds, before FaZe hit back with lethal skill throughout the rest of the match, winning it by a lethal 16-4.

In the next map, Overpass, FaZe continued to dominate, and Cloud9, desperate now, called for a pause to talk tactics.

But it seems Faze’s heavyweights have really come together into a masterful team, because they continued to crush Cloud9 in the rest of the first half, with a score at the end of that half of 12-3.

The rest of the map was a continuation of this crushing decimation, with FaZe winning the match without a single round lost in the second half of the match.

With this victory, FaZe powered through to the title.

ESL One: New York – The Final Face-off

In the Grand Finale, FaZe’s deadly team were in top form. Though Liquid boasts a few hard-hitters of its own, they were terribly outclassed.

To recap, FaZe won the first half of the first map with an astounding 15-0. That set the pace for the rest of the match, with Liquid winning the occasional round, yet, most of the time, being hopelessly decimated by FaZe.

ESL One New York Team Liquid loses Finals

Image Credit: ESL

The Finals of ESL One: New York show, better than any other event, the legendary man-eating monster that FaZe Clan has become.

We don’t know whether they’ll be able to keep up this inhuman pace indefinitely, but for now, anyone who watched that Final knows that they are the closest any team has come in a long time to being indestructible and undefeatable.

They weren’t just pretty good, or even very good. They were legendary.

And when a team is that good, CS:GO’s economics just never give the other team a chance, with them struggling, round after round, to put a half-decent arsenal together, and then losing it when the winning team guns them down… again… and again.

ESL One New York FaZe Wins Finals

Image Credit: ESL

That’s it, folks. If you watched the Grand Finale of this event, it’s something you’ll remember for a long time to come.

If you didn’t… well, you can get started correcting that little oversight right now!

This is history in the making!

Stay tuned for detailed day-by-day analyses of major CS:GO events, and ace reporting.
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