ESL One New York 2018 Betting Odds: NaVi and Liquid Favorites to Win

The latest ESL One New York 2018 betting odds are in, and to no one’s surprise, Natus Vincere and Team Liquid are the odds-on favourites to win the premiere CS:GO event.

Online betting site GGbet has Natus Vincere at 2.5 odds to win, followed by Team Liquid at 3.5 odds, followed by FaZe Clan at 4.8 odds to round out the top 3.

Coincidentally, the three most favoured teams to win the tournament, according to the latest ESL One New York 2018 betting odds, fell victim to Astralis’ flawless playoff run at the recently-concluded FACEIT London Major 2018.

Below, we’ll list the complete ESL One New York 2018 betting odds, and break down which teams have the best chance of adding one more victory to their Intel Grand Slam Season 1 tally.

Latest ESL One New York 2018 Betting Odds courtesy of GGbet.

ESL One New York Betting Odds For Each Team

  • Team Liquid at 3.5 odds
  • Natus Vincere at 2.5 odds
  • FaZe Clan at 4.8 odds
  • G2 Esports at 6 odds
  • mousesports at 7 odds
  • Fnatic at 10 odds
  • NRG at 13 odds
  • Gambit at 18 odds
ESL One New York 2018 Betting Odds

Had the brackets played out differently, we might have just seen Olofmeister play in his fifth CS:GO Major Grand Finals, with a chance to win his third overall. (The FaZe Clan)

It’s been a great year for Natus Vincere overall. This 2018 alone, the CIS organization has had nearly as many title wins as they’ve had in the two years prior. Bringing back Danylo ‘Zeus‘ Teslenko and adding Denis ‘electronic” Sharipov to the roster in late 2017 has definitely made them a better CS:GO team, especially these past few months, when they’ve had at least a Top 4 finish in 8 out of 9 LAN tournaments they’ve played in.

With electronic playing Robin to Oleksandr ‘s1mple‘ Kostyliev’s Batman, Natus Vincere will remain an entertaining team to watch and a scary team to play against for so long as those two are on the same roster.

Unfortunately, as good as those two have played for Natus Vincere, they could do nothing against Astralis in the Grand Finals of the FACEIT London Major 2018. Ditto for Team Liquid, who couldn’t even come close to sniffing match point against the historically dominant Danish team in the semifinals of the said tournament.

One team that did come close to taking out Astralis was FaZe Clan, and with their performance trending upwards since the return of Olof ‘olofmeister‘ Kajbjer Gustafsson from injury, they’re one of the teams to watch out for at ESL One New York 2018, especially with a third victory for Season 1 of the Intel Grand Slam on the line.

What is the Intel Grand Slam?

ESL One New York 2018 Betting Odds

Image via Liquipedia)

All of the teams playing at ESL One New York 2018 likely have their eyes set on the Intel Grand Slam award, which will come with a $1 million USD reward and will be given to the first team that wins 4 premiere CS:GO events, either by ESL and DreamHack Masters, in 10 ten tries.

So far, 18 ESL and DreamHack Masters tournaments have been announced for Season 1 of the Intel Grand Slam, with 16 already confirmed and set in stone. FaZe Clan currently hold the top spot with 2 event trophies. Although, technically, they have won 3. However, they had to forfeit one of their wins after failing to win DreamHack Masters Stockholm 2018, their 9th ESL or DreamHack event since winning ESL One New York 2017 last year.

Speaking of last year, ESL One New York 2017 was also where olofmeister finally broke out for FaZe Clan, just weeks after his transfer from Fnatic. Considering how special the tournament is for FaZe Clan and olofmeister, we might just see them take home the trophy and solidify their lead on top of the Intel Grand Slam tally.

Of course, a win here is all but guaranteed. Even with Astralis out of the picture, all of the 8 teams in the tournament are ranked within the Top 20 of’s latest CS:GO world rankings. Not to mention, 4, including FaZe Clan, are in the Top 5.

With so many top CS:GO teams in attendance, the only thing we can be sure of is that we’re going to see some pretty hype matches.

Latest ESL One New York 2018 Betting Odds courtesy of GGbet.

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