ESL One Mumbai 2019 Playoffs: The Pango vs compLexity Gaming

The ESL One Mumbai 2019 Playoffs may just be headed to its second day, but already, the match turnout have been nothing short of surprising.

Mineski and Natus Vincere, two Dota 2 teams that we initially expected would put up a good fight but fall eventually in a series against Team Team and Keen Gaming, respectively, are now guaranteed a Top 4 finish. This means that they are just one series away from a Grand Finals berth. Meanwhile, both Team Team and Keen Gaming will now have to fight their way through the lower brackets of the ESL One Mumbai 2019.

But, before we focus on those teams, let us avert our attention first to the perilous Lower Brackets of the ESL One Mumbai 2019 Playoffs.

The Pango and compLexity Gaming will be squaring off tomorrow, as will Signify and TNC Predator. However, our focus will be more on the former matchup. This is mostly because of how much better the odds for their matchup are.

Which of The Pango and compLexity Gaming are the Bigger Underdog?

Odds-wise, the bookmakers seem to favour compLexity Gaming a little bit more to win. ArcaneBet has the North American Dota 2 odds at 1.68 odds to win.

This is most likely because of how much better compLexity Gaming have played recently. After all, they did just recently qualify for the MDL Disneyland Paris Major. This was no easy feat, especially for a team that only very recently formed. But, sometimes, the honeymoon period can be as such. It’s not unusual for newly-formed teams to overperform.

That’s something Bogdan ‘Iceberg‘ Vasilenko of The Pango is no stranger to.

Last year, under the FlyToMoon banner, he led his team to a third place finish at the EPICENTER XL Major and ultimately went home with a Top 12 finish at The International 2018 to his name.

Betting Prediction for the ESL One Mumbai 2019 Playoffs

It’s not easy to try and predict the outcome when two inconsistent Dota 2 teams meet. Essentially, what you’re betting on is which of them has been more inconsistent in the past. Or, in high-stake matches, which one will let the nerves get them.

In this particular case, The Pango have had more chances to experiment against quality competition.

The recent addition of Iceberg elevates the ceiling of The Pango even further. Even though the 22-year-old Ukrainian professional Dota 2 is not always consistent, he is an excellent laner that can take advantage of a favourable lane matchup.

That’s something that The Pango can setup for against compLexity Gaming.

As long as The Pango bans the right heroes, specifically Linus ‘Limmp‘ Blomdin and his Tiny, they should have this match in the bag.

Betting: The Pango to win vs compLexity Gaming at 2.16 odds via ArcaneBet.

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