ESL One Mumbai 2019: Odds, Betting Analysis, Preview

India’s biggest and most important esports yet, the ESL One Mumbai 2019 will see eight of some of the best Dota 2 teams from all around the globe gather at the NSCI Dome in Mumbai from April 16-21 to fight over a $300,000 prize pool.

Initially billed as a twelve-team event, ESL One Mumbai 2019 is now down to just eight teams. The prize pool remains the same, however. This means that the stake remain just as high. It’s just unfortunate that a lapse in scheduling means that we won’t be able to witness all of the elite Dota 2 teams congregate for what would have been a historical event for Indian esports.

Luckily, we still have eight Dota 2 teams who decided to stay put, and ESL behind the tournament, we should expect nothing but top-notch production quality.

With that being said, let’s get right on with our preview for the ESL One Mumbai 2019.

Which Teams Are Playing at the ESL One Mumbai 2019?

ESL One Mumbai 2019

Playing on opposing groups, Keen Gaming and TNC Predator will hope to meet in the grand finals once again. (ESL Dota 2 / Facebook)

ESL One Mumbai 2019 brings together a mix of up-and-coming Dota 2 teams, as well as Dota 2 teams who have fallen off recently and are looking to regain momentum as we head into the final stretch of the 2018-19 Dota Pro Circuit.

Although a non-DPC event, with a prize pool of $300,000 and the prestige that comes from winning an ESL tournament, the eight Dota 2 teams playing at the ESL One Mumbai 2019 have every bit of a reason to give it their all so as to try and win the event.

The participating teams are as follows:

  • compLexity Gaming
  • Natus Vincere
  • Mineski
  • The Pango
  • Keen Gaming
  • TNC Predator
  • Signify

Ninjas in Pyjamas, Alliance, and Gambit Esports were all initially confirmed to be part of the ESL One Mumbai 2019. However, because the tournament was scheduled too close to the OGA Dota Pit Minor on April 22-28, they had decided to back out to focus on the Minor. Meanwhile, both Chaos Esports Club and J.Storm also dropped out of the tournament to focus on other stuff, albeit the latter have yet to specify exactly why they backed out as they had not qualified for the OGA Dota Pit Minor nor the MDL Disneyland Paris Major.

Who Are the Favourites to Win ESL One Mumbai 2019?

ESL One Mumbai 2019

Despite playing in their first LAN together, the current lineup of TNC Predator is expected to do big things already at the ESL One Mumbai 2019. (TNC Predator – Dota2 / Facebook)

No offense to the participating teams, but none of the eight lineups playing at the ESL One Mumbai 2019 can be considered truly elite.

This is good news, however. Because, this also means that they’re all relatively even in terms of skill and talent. Every Dota 2 team playing here has a legitimate shot at winning, and we’re not just saying that to hype things up. Seriously, every team here can win it all. But, of course, even in a competitive field such as this one, there are others that stand out if only ever so slightly.

TNC Predator

How is a team that failed to qualify for both the OGA Dota Pit Minor and the MDL Disneyland Paris Major a favourite to win the ESL One Mumbai 2019?

One word, chemistry.

TNC Predator’s chemistry has long been their bread and butter, and even though it had been mostly absent earlier this season, they’re starting to show signs of finally gelling together. Sure, the current TNC Predator lineup is technically new, but they’re all pretty familiar with each other already — we can’t exactly say the same for the other Dota 2 teams playing at the tournament.

With Nico ‘eyyou‘ Barcelon taking the captain’s role from Carlo ‘kuku‘ Palad, the much-maligned aggressive player is now left to play to his strengths, and that’s a scary thought for everyone, including TNC Predator.

Keen Gaming

Pull Keen Gaming out of China and let them play in other regions and they’re easily the top Dota 2 team of that region if not close.

That’s how close Keen Gaming have played so far this season. It’s just that we don’t really get a chance to see them play much since they have to keep on grinding their way through the Chinese qualifiers, leaving very little in the way of practice and such.

Still, we’ve seen what Keen Gaming can do on LAN already a couple of times this season, and they seem to improve from game to game.

Aggression remains Keen Gaming’s biggest weakness, as traditional is the case with most Chinese teams, but so long as they can avoid TNC Predator until much later on in the tournament, anything outside of a runner-up finish from Keen Gaming will be a huge surprise.

ESL One Mumbai 2019 Complete Betting Odds

  • Keen Gaming at 2.50 odds.
  • TNC Predator at 4.50 odds.
  • Mineski at 5.60 odds.
  • Natus Vincere at 9.10 odds.
  • compLexity Gaming at 10.00 odds.
  • Team Team at 11.00 odds.
  • The Pango at 11.20 odds.
  • Signify at 123.00 odds.

Again. Every Dota 2 team here has a shot at winning it all. That’s no exaggeration. Even though Keen Gaming and TNC Predator hold a slight edge over everybody else, they’re both still prone to the same sort of inconsistency that plague most Tier 2 teams.

All it takes is a bad matchup, a botched draft, or a misplay, or a combination of all three for the so-called “favourites” to drop a series and go home much earlier than expected.

Then again, the same holds true for just about every Dota 2 team playing at the ESL One Mumbai 2019. Majority of the participants are so evenly matched that the only thing we can expect are tightly contested games.

All ESL One Mumbai 2019 betting odds are courtesy of ArcaneBet.

Final Thoughts

After a period of LAN inactivity, the ESL One Mumbai 2019 breaks the silence and kicks off the final stretch run of the 2018-19 Dota Pro Circuit. Between all of the third-party tournaments and the DPC events, Dota 2 fans and professional players alike will have a lot on their plate as the countdown to The International 2019 in August has finally begun.

A win here at the ESL One Mumbai 2019 might just be exactly what these eight Dota 2 teams need to boost their confidence to make a run for one of the twelve invite slots for The International 2019.

Which team do you think will win the ESL One Mumbai 2019? Do you think TNC Predator will go home with their second LAN win this 2019? Or will Keen Gaming assert themselves as the better team? Which underdog are you rooting for the most? Be sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments down below.

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