ESL One Katowice 2019 Team List Finally Complete

Popular teams such as Team Secret, Ninjas in Pyjamas, and OG, among others, fill the ESL One Katowice 2019 team list, a 12-team tournament featuring a $300,000 prize pool that will take place at the Spodek Arena in Katowice on February 19-24.

The first official news about the second ever Dota 2 tournament by ESL One in Katowice came to light earlier in October. The organizers, ESL, revealed that they were going to bring back the successful event to the esports capital of Poland for the second straight year. However, things are going to be different this time around. For starters, the tournament is no longer a Major, unlike last season. In fact, ESL One Katowice 2019 is not even a part of the 2018-19 Dota Pro Circuit. Instead, it’s just one of the many big LAN tournaments scattered throughout the year.

Either way, with a whopping $300,000 prize pool looming at the end, this is hardly a must-miss event. This is especially true because it will serve as the first big Dota 2 tournament by ESL that audiences can watch via YouTube or Twitch.

The Complete ESL One Katowice 2019 Team List

ESL One Katowice 2019 Team List

Surprisingly enough, Alexei ‘Solo’ Berezin and the rest of Virtus.Pro made the decision to skip an ESL One event in favour of MDL Macau 2019. (Virtus.Pro)

Because it is not a part of the 2018-19 Dota Pro Circuit, ESL One had complete freedom on how many teams they would send direct invites for the eventand how many spots they would reserve for the regional qualifiers.

In total, eight (8) teams received a direct invite to ESL One Katowice 2019. Meanwhile, four (4) more qualified via the European, North American, Chinese, and Southeast Asian qualifiers, making a total of 12 teams.

Here is the complete ESL One Katowice 2019 team list:

  • Team Secret (Direct Invite)
  • Ninjas in Pyjamas (Direct Invite)
  • OG (Direct Invite)
  • paiN Gaming (Direct Invite)
  • Fnatic (Direct Invite)
  • Alliance (Direct Invite)
  • Team Aster (Direct Invite)
  • Forward Gaming (Direct Invite)
  • Gambit Esports (European Qualifier)
  • compLexity Gaming (North American Qualifier)
  • EHOME (Chinese Qualifier)
  • TNC Predator (Southeast Asian Qualifier)

Surprisingly enough, the defending ESL One Katowice champions decided to skip the event. Instead, Virtus.Pro chose to accept the direct invite to play at MDL Macau 2019, which will run roughly around the same time from February 20-24.

With very few of the top Dota 2 teams in attendance, the tournament should serve as excellent practice for every participating team. Although, that still depends on how seriously Team Secret plan on taking it. If they bring their game, the other teams could be in for a world of hurt. But, then again, with the ever-increasing level of competition, any one of the 12 teams will have their work cut out for them if they want to win the tournament.

Final Thoughts

Now that the ESL One Katowice 2019 team list is complete, it’s time that we pay attention to the fact that Dota 2 events hosted by ESL are no longer a Facebook exclusive.

ESL received a lot of flack for signing an exclusive esports streaming deal with Facebook for both Dota 2 and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. After all, as convenient as Facebook is to use as a social media website, it wasn’t well-equipped to handle the demands of streaming such high-caliber of tournaments. Until now, issues plague the streams hosted on Facebook. This has turned away majority of the viewership and caused a huge plummet in numbers.

Starting with ESL One Katowice 2019, however, fans will finally be able to watch their favourite Dota 2 tournaments by ESL on their preferred streaming platform.

ESL One Katowice 2019 will run from February 19-24, with ESL opening the doors to the public on the final three days of the event as teams battle it out for bragging rights and the $300,000 prize pool in front of a live audience at the Spodek Arena.

Which of the teams that made it to the final ESL One Katowice 2019 team list are you excited to see the most? How do you think the viewership turnout is going to be? Will a return to Twitch and other platforms provide a significant enough of a boost to viewership numbers? Be sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments down below.

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