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ESL One Hamburg Day 1 Betting Predictions - Esportsranks
ESL One Hamburg Day 1 Betting Predictions

While betting in Dota 2, or pretty much any other title for that matter, has always been a fickle thing, ESL One Hamburg Day 1 make it even more volatile by giving us BO1 matches for each of the 4 series of the day.

The much-criticised format means that pretty much anything can happen. Although it also means that teams that have cheese strats have the upper hand.

Player of the Tournament

ESL One Hamburg Day 1

Image via ESL

Before betting on the matches, though, let’s take care of a few things first, starting with who’s the safest bet to take home a brand-new Mercedes-Benz car and take home honors as the player of the tournament.

Anyone from Team Liquid, winners of 5 straight LAN tournaments, is a good bet. However, if we were to single out one player, it’d be either their team captain, Kuro ‘KuroKy’ Salehi Takhasomi, or rookie player of the year, Maroun ‘GH’ Merhej.

While Amer ‘Miracle-‘ Al-Barqawi remains arguably the flashiest and most popular guy on the team, Team Liquid’s current playstyle doesn’t bode well much for his chances of going home one car richer. Although analysts will likely give him points for excelling in just about any hero picked for him.

GH, on the other hand, though, has been credited many times over for opening up the draft for KuroKy and Team Liquid. And, with his new-found love for Earth Spirit, opponents will have a hard time choosing which hero of GH to respect ban during the first phase of the draft.

Betting: GH of Team Liquid at 8/1 (bet365); No[o]ne of Virtus.Pro at 7/1 (bet365)

Newbee vs Fnatic

ESL One Hamburg Day 1

Image via ESL

Newbee SHOULD be the pick here, but, given their recent form and the fact that they’re up against Jacky ‘EternaLEnVy’ Mao and co, Fnatic are a good bet to pull off an upset. Lest we forget, Fnatic, at their best so far, is a squad that took Mineski to their absolute limit at the SEA Qualifiers for the Dota PIT Minor.

If at least a semblance of that Fnatic squad shows up at ESL One Hamburg Day 1, expect to make bank betting on them.

Betting: Fnatic to win at 3.2 (ggbet)

Team Secret vs Evil Geniuses

ESL One Hamburg Day 1

Image via Matthew Bailey

In a BO1 matchup, you can always trust Clement ‘Puppey’ Ivanov to cheese his way to a win. Especially now that he has the wide hero pool of Marcus ‘Ace’ Hoelgaard to work with.

Put simply, between the threat of a Meepo or Broodmother for Ace, as well as a Puppey Chen, the chances of Evil Geniuses winning a BO1 against Team Secret are slim.

Betting: Team Secret to win at 11/10 (bet365)

Team Liquid vs SG e-sports

Speaking of cheese strats, Team Liquid have tons of them, which is exactly why SG e-sports stand no chance against the defending champions. Although it’s tempting to bet on them at 6/1 (bet365), it’d be foolish to expect Team Liquid to fall at ESL One Hamburg Day 1.

Betting: Team Liquid to win at 1.05 (ggbet)

Virtus.Pro vs Keen Gaming

ESL One Hamburg Day 1

Image via ESL

It would make for the ultimate feel-good story of Keen Gaming were somehow able to pull off an upset against Virtus.ProDon’t count on it, though.

The threat of a Vladimir ‘No[o]ne’ Minenko Meepo, among many other shenanigans that the CIS bears can pull off, is just too much to overcome for a Keen Gaming squad playing in their first LAN tournament.

Betting: Virtus.Pro to win at 2/9 (bet365)

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