ESL One Hamburg 2018 Finals: Odds, Betting Analysis, Schedule

Perhaps to everybody’s surprise, it’s ViCi Gaming versus either Team Secret or Virtus.Pro in the ESL One Hamburg 2018 Finals.

ViCi Gaming came into the tournament as a strong team with loads of potential, but people never really looked at them as the team to beat. But, alas, here they are, having secured their spot in the ESL One Hamburg 2018 Finals after beating both Team Aster and Virtus.Pro.

Now, they await which of Virtus.Pro and Team Secret is going to make it out of the lower brackets and face them for the $125,000 prize pool.

ESL One Hamburg 2018 Finals Predictions

Team Secret vs Virtus.Pro

ESL One Hamburg 2018 Finals

While their tendency to experiment has resulted into their loss, Team Secret continue to push the boundaries of the current meta and seem to be having fun while doing so. (ESL Dota 2)

Match Schedule: October 28, 2018 — 1410H CET

Two teams who many favoured to win the tournament now face off in the lower brackets, with a spot in the ESL One Hamburg 2018 Finals on the line.

While Virtus.Pro may have spent the better part of the tournament as the better team, at least, based on the standings, the eye test shows that this isn’t the Virtus.Pro that we saw dominate all of last season. That’s okay against most teams, but as we’ve seen against Vici Gaming, that’s just not going to fly against well-coached and talented teams, which brings us to Team Secret.

Virtus.Pro already took down Team Secret once in the tournament and they could very well easily do it again. Expect, Team Secret seem to be on a high right now. Although Clement ‘Puppey‘ Ivanov is still not above pulling experimental picks, it seems that his entire team are genuinely enjoying with the meta and playing heroes that most people haven’t had any experience playing against in months if not years.

While we don’t expect this series to be over quickly, we do expect it to go the way of Team Secret.

Betting: Team Secret to win vs Virtus.Pro at 2.14 odds. (GGbet)

Will Vici Gaming Win the ESL One Hamburg 2018?

ESL One Hamburg 2018 Finals

Perhaps a bigger factor than their opponents is the pressure of playing in the Grand Finals and history suggests that Vici Gaming lose to it more often than not. (Vici Gaming)

Vici Gaming spent a lot of last season playing second fiddle in the tournaments. They would turn up, make a deep run, and look set to win the entire tournament, only to fall short in the Grand Finals and lose against their opponent.

Whether it was jitters and the bright lights getting the most of them, we’ll never know, but what we do know is that this team has a tendency to choke.

Up against Virtus.Pro or Team Secret, who are no strangers to playing in the biggest stage of them all, that’s a problem. Even though Vici Gaming have an extremely talented young core duo, the fact is, they’re young and without an experienced captain to steady the ship in case things get rocky, that’s going to pose a problem.

While we do believe that Vici Gaming have what it takes to win ESL One Hamburg 2018, we can’t just deny the possibility of them faltering under the pressure.

Whoever Vici Gaming ends up going up against in the Grand Finals, it’s much less of a risk to bank on them losing.

All ESL One Hamburg 2019 finals odds courtesy of GGbet.

Who do you think will emerge victorious in the ESL One Hamburg 2018 finals? Do you think Vici Gaming will finally get over the proverbial hump and win a tournament? Be sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments down below.

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