ESL One Hamburg 2018 Day 2: Odds, Analyses, Predictions

ESL One Hamburg 2018 Day 2 continues the wild ride we’ve been on so far as the Chinese seek to further establish their dominance.

Apparently, the Chinese aren’t taking any chances this year. After an abysmal showing at TI8 where only PSG.LGD were the only Chinese team that made it to the top 8, they’ve come out of the gates roaring in Hamburg.

Xu ‘BurNIng‘ Zhilei’s squad, Team Aster, and the young bloods over at ViCi Gaming, did not drop a single game in Day 1 of play. The former, in particular, swept heavy favourites Virtus.Pro and a parennial contender in Ninjas in Pyjamas.

Of course, it’s only been one day. Much still has yet to happen. However, given that China is set to host The International 2019 next year, it only makes sense that the Chinese want to start this season on a good note.

Having said that, here are our predictions for ESL One Hamburg 2018 Day 2.

ESL One Hamburg 2018 Day 2 Predictions

Team Secret vs ViCi Gaming

ESL One Hamburg 2018 Day 2

ViCi Gaming may not be making as many headlines as Team Aster, but they’re easily just as talented as the best teams in the world. (Vici Gaming)

Match Schedule: October 24, 2018 — 1200H CET

One of the first matches of ESL One Hamburg 2018 Day 2, we’re going all in on China on this one.

A team composed of a mix of players from last year’s ViCi Gaming and VGJ.Thunder squad, the new ViCi Gaming lineup has so far proven themselves talented in every position. Although Team Aster may hold everyone’s attention as of the moment, don’t be surprised if ViCi Gaming ends up coming out on top at the end of it all.

Betting: ViCi Gaming to go 2-0 vs Team Secret at 4.35 odds. (GGbet)

paiN Gaming vs Mineski

ESL One Hamburg 2018 Day 2

Now reunited with his old captain, Rasmus ‘Misery’ Filipsen, Aliwi ‘w33’ Omar is free to elevate his game and take paiN Gaming to the next level. (ESL Dota 2)

Match Schedule: October 24, 2018 — 1420H CET

A battle between two of Group A’s bottom feeders, Mineski are easily the most underwhelming of the two so far. But, that’s probably also because we’ve come to expect more out of this Southeast Asian squad.

Nevertheless, despite their record, paiN Gaming have played relatively well, even going as far as to beat Evil Geniuses in less than 22 minutes.

While a sweep is a huge risk here and a draw at at 1.91 odds feels much so far, we’re inclined to believe that paiN Gaming are only going to get better as this tournament plays out.

Betting: paiN Gaming to go 2-0 vs Mineski at 3.08 odds. (GGbet)

Team Aster vs compLexity Gaming

ESL One Hamburg 2018 Day 2

Given the way that they are playing, don’t be surprised if Team Aster remained undefeated at this point tomorrow. (ESL Dota 2)

Match Schedule: October 24, 2018 —- 1920H CET

Much like with ViCi Gaming, we’re all in on Team Aster at this point. Although, in this particular matchup, it’s less because of their dominant form, but more because of who they’re playing against.

compLexity Gaming botched a lot of predictions yesterday after dropping a single game against EVOS eSports, a team that most people thought would’ve been lucky to escape this tournament with even a single one.

That’s not exactly the sort of distinction you’d want for your team.

Betting: Team Aster to go 2-0 vs compLexity Gaming at 1.93 odds. (GGbet)

All ESL One Hamburg 2018 Day 2 odds courtesy of GGbet.

Will the Chinese continue their dominance in ESL One Hamburg 2018 Day 2? Which teams do you think will be the first to upstage Team Aster or ViCi Gaming? Be sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments down below.

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