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ESL One: Belo Horizonte - FaZe Clan destroy mousesports to take the Title - Esportsranks
ESL One: Belo Horizonte – FaZe Clan destroy mousesports to take the Title

Mousesports have played against FaZe Clan several times, but they always fail to defeat them in LAN matches. Nevertheless, mousesports never go down easy, and FaZe Clan almost lost the finals of ESL One until they got down to brass tacks, respected mousesports as equals, and took them seriously as a team. With this win FaZe Clan not only takes in $100,000 in prize money, but also becomes the only team to have won three premiere events hosted by ESL and DreamHack, in season one of the Intel Grand Slam. This means that they now need just one win to take the Intel Grand Slam, and the million dollars that go with it as well.

ESL One trophy

Image Credit: FaZe Clan

Mousesports were flawless in the runup to the Finals of ESL One

Mousesports overall performances at ESL One were awesome, and they defeated Nao Tem Como and Team Liquid without losing a single map as they moved into the Semifinals. Defeating Nao Tem Como and Team Liquid is no minor achievement, as both these teams are quite strong. Team Liquid managed to reach the Finals of the last two events they were a part of. Nao Tem Como is a team formed from the ex-Immortals, and yes, the infamous and hopefully subdued kNgV- is part of the team. Yet they failed to win even a single map against mousesports at ESL One. Unlike in Group A, where FaZe Clan went up against fairly easy-to-play teams like Ghost Gaming, Space Soldiers and a broken SK Gaming, Mouseports were up really against tough teams.

Both the teams were missing a player

Interestingly enough, both FaZe Clan and mousesports were missing a player at ESL One. At the start of the event, olofmeister was supposed to play for the team. Xizt, who was playing as a stand-in for olofmeister, was then taken off the team and transferred to Fnatic, in place of Lekr0. But olofmeister’s health issues cropped up again, and he proved unable to play. With Xizt already transferred, this left FaZe Clan in a tight spot, and lacking a fifth member. They brought in cromen at the last minute to complete their roster.

As for mousesports, oskar was not able to take part in ESL One at the last minute due to personal reasons, and n0thing was brought in as his replacement. It seems that both the teams got very good stand-ins as they didn’t lose a single map until the playoffs. Team Liquid managed to win a map against FaZe Clan in the Semifinals, but SK Gaming went down hard against mousesports.

ESL One – Pick and bans for the best of five

Mousesports banned Overpass as it is their weakest map after Inferno. They essentially banned it because FaZe Clan is stronger in Overpass as compared to Inferno. FaZe Clan really didn’t want take any chances here, and they quickly banned Nuke, because it is their weakest map. Surprisingly, mousesports picked their weakest map, Inferno, as the first map to play in the finals of ESL One, but FaZe Clan chose one of their best maps, Cache. It seems mousesports realized their mistake, and they chose Train, one of their strongest maps, as the third map. FaZe Clan did the same, choosing Mirage as the fourth map, and Dust2 was left over and became the decider for the finals of ESL One.

Mousesports regretted picking Inferno as their first map

Everyone, including the commentators, were surprised when mousesports picked Inferno, because Inferno is not mousesports’ map. Of course, they are trying hard to improve in it, but they can hardly be considered successful by any standard. This was the easiest win for the FaZe Clan in the finals, and they defeated mousesports by ten rounds. But this win made FaZe Clan over-confident, and they came very close to losing the event.

Mousesports started out very strong, and won the first three rounds in the first half as Terrorists. The credit for winning the pistol round goes to chrisJ, as he took down three opponents with his pistol at the very start of the round. Mousesports also managed to detonate the C4 in round three and had an excellent economy. But they made the mistake of going in too aggressively in the next round, and were not able to break through their opponents’ defenses.

At this point, both teams started winning alternate rounds

This continued until round nine and ten, where GuardiaN took down three mousesports’ players with his AWP in both rounds while playing defensive. This completely broke mousesports economically. From this point on, mousesports began to lose consistently, and they just managed to win round fourteen, and a total of just six rounds in the first half.

Of course, winning six rounds in the first half is not that bad. The difference is one of just of three rounds, which can be easily covered in the second half. However, mousesports do not excel at playing Counter Terrorists, which made their disastrous plays in the first half a losing preposition for their team.

Why mousesports tend to fail as CTs

Mousesports’ tactics almost never work as Counter Terrorists, the reason for this being that they are not innovative enough to come up with new tactics, but instead just keep repeating the tactics they always use, which can thus be countered easily. They also tend to go solo when playing as Counter Terrorists. Mousesports is a team made up of very aggressive players, but they are helpless in a defensive style of play. FaZe Clan didn’t give a single round to mousesports in the second half, and went on to take the map.

ESL One FaZe win the Title

Image Credit: FaZe Clan

Mousesports won a losing map – Cache

Mousesports started out as Counter Terrorists in Cache, and they had a very hard time of it. FaZe Clan utterly dominated them, didn’t give them a single round until round twelve. Finally, mousesports won their first round in the first half, and then kept on winning rounds, from round twelve to fifteen. This means that the first half ended with FaZe Clan scoring eleven points, and mousesports with just four.

Mousesports on the warpath

But mousesports did something similar to FaZe Clan in the second half, as Terrorists. The second half started, and mousesports won the pistol round and detonated the C4 in the next two rounds. FaZe Clan snatched a round in between and came a step closer to victory. But mousesports took back control in the next round, and won four consecutive rounds. FaZe Clan again successfully stopped mousesports’ advance, and won two rounds, and were just two rounds away from a win. But mousesports didn’t let them make a comeback, and they won the remaining five rounds by eliminating all the FaZe Clan players in each round. Now the score was equal, with both teams having won one map.

FaZe Clan lost Train through sheer overconfidence

The match started out with mousesports as Terrorists in the first half. They gave away just four rounds to FaZe Clan in the first half. ChrisJ really took on the role of AWPer exceptionally well, in oskar’s absense, allowing mousesports to use some of the same tactics that they do with oskar on the team. SuNny and ropz also played extremely well, taking doubles and triple kills. The best part of the first half was when Niko accidentally killed Guardian with a headshot.

The audience went wild in support of mousesports

The audience were all cheering mousesports in the second half, which is really something that only happens on rare occasions, especially considering that this was hardly mousesports’ home ground. Mousesports powered through to a win in Train, and while it was no easy task against FaZe Clan, the alpha team’s own overconfidence worked against them here, allowing mousesports a win. FaZe Clan tried to go all aggressive against a team to whom such aggressive play is second nature, and FaZe went down hard. Mousesports now had two wins to FaZe Clan’s single.

FaZe Clan stage an incredible comeback in Mirage

Once again, mousesports were Counter Terrorists in the first half, and lost very badly. They were able to score just three rounds in the first half. The second half was even more difficult for them. For some reason, both teams were struggling to function efficiently as Counter Terrorists. FaZe Clan happened to be a little better at this than mousesports, and so won the match. Had this been Astralis they were facing, they may not have survive to go on to win the Finals. However, that said, FaZe did somehow manage to take the necessary number of rounds in the second half to ensure a win. This dragged the event into the decider map, Dust2.

ESL One - mousesports fight back

Image Credit: ESL

FaZe Clan finally break mousesports’ playing style in Dust2

It is common knowledge that Dust2 is a Terrorist’s map, which means that winning even four or five rounds as Counter Terrorists is considered good gameplay. However, FaZe Clan managed to win seven rounds as Counter Terrorists in the first half. This was quite unexpected, and mousesports couldn’t deal with it. The reason for their failure was really their repetitive tactics and bad team co-ordination. They seemed quite unable to back up each other, or to play as a team.

In the second half, mousesports didn’t manage to win a single round until FaZe Clan were just one round away from winning the event. At that point, mousesports, with no choices left, went all out with everything they had, and delayed FaZe Clan’s victory for two rounds. But FaZe Clan managed to plant and defend the C4 in round twenty six, and won the event as the bomb went off.

Overall, Niko has the best rating in the finals, followed by ChrisJ, with GuardiaN and rain tied at third place. Niko also took the Most Valued Player award and the trophy of the event.

ESL One mousesports defeated

Image Credit: Mousesports

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