ESL One Belo Horizonte 2018 Preview

Barely a week after the ECS Finals, we’ve got yet another big CS:GO tournament to look forward to in ESL One Belo Horizonte 2018.

ESL One Belo Horizonte is a $200,000 tournament that will bring all of the top teams in CS:GO in Brazil for the first time ever. But, this tournament is more than just about the prize pool. After all, this is a tournament from the ESL series franchise and all ESL and DreamHack tournaments have significantly higher value this year than ever before.

Why is that, you may ask?

This is all because of Intel’s decision to organize the Intel Grand Slam award for this year. The award isn’t just some namesake, mind you. It comes with a nice $1 million USD pot for the first team this season to win a combined total of 4 premier ESL or DreamHack Masters events out of the ten total. Not only that, but teams who defeat a team that has already won 3 out of 4 events in a Grand Finals would receive a spoiler bonus of $100,000.

This should serve as a great motivator and as audiences, we can expect nothing but the best of matches with the stakes higher than it’s ever been.

The standings for the Intel Grand Slam season 1 heading into ESL One Belo Horizonte 2018.

ESL One Belo Horizonte 2018: Quick Details

— Start Date: 2018.06.13
— End Date: 2018.06.17
— Location: Brazil Belo Horizonte
— Venue: Mineirinho Arena
— Organizer: ESL
— Type: Offline, LAN
— Number of Teams: 8
— Total prize pool: $200,000 USD

ESL One Belo Horizonte 2018: Tournament Format

ESL One Belo Horizonte 2018 will feature 8 teams, of which 4 are directly invited as higher seed teams, while the other 4 came through the qualifiers; 2 teams from the European qualifiers, 1 from the North American qualifiers and 1 more from the South American qualifiers. The same goes for the invited teams too, 2 from Europe, and 1 from each of North and South America.

ESL divided the 8 teams into 2 groups based on their standings on the ESL CS:GO Wold Rankings.

ESL One Belo Horizonte 2018 will be separated into two stages. The first will be a two group double-elimination format (GSL) group stage from June 13 to June 15. All matches will be a best-of-three.

  SK   Liquid
  Space Soldiers   Mousesports
  Ghost    Não Tem Como

Only the top two teams will advance from each group to play in the single-elimination bracket playoffs from June 16 to June 17.

All the playoff matches will be a best-of-three, except for the Grand Finals, which will be a best-of-five.

ESL One Belo Horizonte 2018

ESL One Belo Horizonte 2018: Prediction & Odds

ESL One Belo Horizonte 2018

In the picture above, you can see the odds as provided by GGbet. As it seems, we’ve got 4 clear favourites tomorrow, which isn’t all too surprising. Expect FaZe to completely rip apart Ghost, although the matchup between Space Soldiers and SK should be a lot closer than the odds indicate. Mouse and Liquid should take their respective matches easily as well. While we do recommend betting on a handicap on all four favourites, we do suggest not to bet on all 4 matches. It seems easy but there’s always a possibility for surprises, so pick only 2 or 3.

In conclusion, there is no need for detailed analyses in these kinds of matches but stay tuned, we would post complete analyze of the playoffs matches after the group stage ends.

ESL One Belo Horizonte 2018: To Win Outright

ESL One Belo Horizonte 2018

FaZe and SK both have 2 wins in Intel Grand Slam season 1.  SK has only 1 remaining chance and they need two victories so they are out. On the other side, FaZe has 3 more chances and this tournament would be a nice addition to their record and a great moral booster. Especially relevant, Astralis is not playing this tournament and they are FaZe’s kryptonite. This tournament should not be a problem for them because there are no Bo1 matches, and with the best map pool on this tournament Faze should triumph.

Betting: FaZe to win outright @ 4.5 odds (GGbet)

These are the most carefully formulated match predictions, by analysts who thoroughly study team histories and playing styles. Stay tuned for more match-by-match analyses and predictions for this event.

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