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ESL Licensed Qualifier - Everything You Need To Know Plus Wage and Schedule Controversy - Esportsranks
ESL Licensed Qualifier – Everything You Need To Know Plus Wage and Schedule Controversy

EA has form when it comes to creating their own problems. From the endless loot box controversies to their reskinning of games year-on-year. You never search hard to find a reason why people think EA is a bag of doo-doo. This weekend has given two fresh reasons, especially for those invested in the FIFA competitive scene. First, there was discontent around the amount of prize money given out at tournaments. A FIFA pro could net as little as $750 for coming 8th in a tournament, a scandalous amount when you see that Fortnite is giving each competitor $50,000 at their next LAN. And the day before the FUT Champions Cup 5: Singapore, with 4 Australian players already on their way to the tournament, there was an announcement that the ESL Licensed Qualifier for that region was going to be starting the very next day.

Yes, you read that right – from announcement to the tournament starting was just 24 hours, and 4 of the top Australian players would be unable to compete.

EA has form for this. The expansion of the FIFA competitive scene league has been massive this year, with more FUT Champions Cup, Licensed Qualifiers and whole new tournaments like the eNations Cup, eChampions League and the inclusion of domestic leagues like the ePremier League.

All have their own qualifying weekends and LANs and often the dates and locations of each of these have been decided within a couple of weeks of the events themselves. It’s been amateur and has caused a lot of aggravation for players who are trying to take the sport seriously.

So with all that said… what exactly is the ESL Licensed Qualifier? Find out below.

ESL Licensed Qualifier

ESL Licensed Qualifier

Depending on where you live in the world it means different things to different people. The tournament is primarily online but going from the infographic they have released and marrying that up with information form the official ruleset, which can be read heree it’s hard to work out exactly what is going.

I mean is Crypus in the Middle East? Is Turkey in Europe? Does EA expect Russia to take over East European and so have folded the tournaments into one big Putin love-in? We have no *bleeping* idea. Imagine being a pro in this scene…

Also, there isn’t a finals for many of these tournaments scheduled. online or otherwise. so do players get rolled into one of the bigger regions for the final? Again we simply do not know but when we do we will update with information as we get it.

Online Qualifiers

Online Qualifiers
US & Canada – 29th April
Brazil – 29th April
Mexico – 29th April
Argentina – 29th April
Rest of LATAM – 29th April
Japan – 20th & 27th March
Rest of Asia – 29th April & 11th May
UK – 13th March
Russia – 20th March
Italy – 29th April
East Europe (CZ / SLOV / HUN) – 29th April
Australia / New Zealand – 6th March
Germany – 29th April
Turkey – 29th April
Middle East / North Africa excl. Saudi Arabia – 29th April
Poland – 29th April

There are no Global Series points to be won in the online qualifiers but they do net you a place in the finals. The finals are split into Online and LAN Finals.

There are two LAN finals –

US & Canada – 25th May
Brazil – 25th May

The other finals are online and are as follows.

Online Finals

UK – 20th March
Australia / New Zealand – 20th March
Germany – 25th May
Turkey – 25th May

Format and Points

Format Online Qualifiers: Single elimination, Best of 3
Format Online Finals: Double elimination, Best of 3, top 4 of online qualifier take part
Format Offline Finals: Double elimination, Best of 3, top 8 of online qualifier take part

There are 200 Global Series points for 1st place of each final – a welcome addition to anyone’s end of season total.

Place Points
1st 200
2nd 110
3rd-4th 80
5th-8th 40
9th-16th 20
17th+ 10

For the complete ruleset plus schedule click here.


So what do you think of the recent issues in the world of FIFA? Has EA been fair to their players? Will the ESL Licensed Qualifier be worth the hassle? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.