ESL Betting Tips – Will Misfits dominate?

In ESL betting today we have some difficult matches ahead. Misfits are VERY likely to dominated their face-off with Ghost Gaming, the other match today, between Luminosity and Renegades, could go either way.

If you want sure wins to bet on, move to the ECS predictions for this week, and bet on matches for the North American or European teams. These are matches carefully selected by our analysts, and there are big winnings to be had.

And now we give you the first matches in the ESL Pro League for today…

ESL Betting Today – Misfits Vs Ghost Gaming

8th November, 2017 – Match 1 (19:00 EST) and Match 2 (20:00 EST)

ESL Pro League Season 6

Image Credit: ESL

In the CyberPowerPC Extreme Gaming Series – Spring 2017, Ghost Gaming and Misfits fought for the very first time. It was a set of Bo3 matches in the Semi-finals and Misfits won the first two matches, utterly dominating Ghost Gaming. Match 1 was Nuke (16:10) and Match 2 was Mirage (16:2). This is going to be their second encounter, but Misfits will now go up against a ‘new’ Ghost Gaming. Since their last encounter almost all the active players of that team have been replaced.

ESL Pro League Season 6 stats

Misfits have participated in 20 matches and won 11 of them, giving them a win-rate of 55% per match and 50% per round. Ghost Gaming have played 22 matches with just 3 wins, giving them a win-rate of just 13% per match and 36% per round.

Betting Tips ESL Pro League

Image Credit: EPL

Maps comparison

Ghost Gaming’s all-time-best maps are Mirage, with a 47% win-rate; Train, with a 45% win-rate; and Cobblestone, with a 41% win-rate.

How good are Misfits at these maps? Misfits have a 58% win-rate in Mirage; 43% in Train, and 50% in Cobblestone.


If Misfits ban Train in both the matches, they have a sure win in both matches. IF. Watch them carefully to see what they do – this is especially important for live betting.

These will be crucial matches for Misfits. Since they are already in the top 6, winning these two matches will bring them much closer to qualifying for the playoffs.

The odds are 10/11 on Misfits!

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ESL Betting Today – Luminosity Gaming Vs Renegades

8th November, 2017 – Match 1 (21:00 EST) and Match 2 (22:00 EST)

ESL Pro League Season 6

Image Credit: ESL

These teams met at IEM Oakland 2017, in Bo3 matches with their current rosters. Renegades showed some good game play and defeated Luminosity Gaming in the first two matches. Match 1 was Mirage (16:9) and match 2 was Cobblestone (16:8).

ESL Pro League Season 6 stats

Both Renegades and Luminosity Gaming have played 20 matches in this League. Renegades have 10 wins and 10 losses, and a 50% win-rate in matches, and a 51% win-rate in rounds. Luminosity Gaming have 11 wins and 9 losses, with a 55% win-rate per match and 52% per round.

Overall Stats with their current rosters

Renegades have played 71 matches and won 41 of them, with a 58% win-rate per match and 52% per round. Luminosity Gaming have won 47 matches out 86 matches played, which gives them a 54% win-rate for matches, and 52% per round.

Maps comparison

Renegades – They have a 87% win-rate in Cache, 67% in Inferno, 62% in Mirage, 55% in Cobblestone, 46% in Train and 33% in Overpass. They have played Nuke only once against G2 Esports and lost very badly with G2 Esports scoring 16 to Renegades 2.

Luminosity Gaming – They have a 75% win-rate in Cache, 45% in Inferno, 33% in Mirage, 40% in Cobblestone, 68% in Train and 67% in Nuke. They played Overpass just once against Counter Logic Gaming, and won it 16:7.


Both these teams seem equal in performance, and this includes some of their their best maps. We do not suggest betting on this pair. Luminosity seem to be doing slightly better at the moment, but this match could go either way.

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