ESL Announce Katowice Major for Dota 2

Prominent Esports even organiser, ESL, announced the Katowice Major for Dota 2 late last night, with the same prerequisite $1 million USD prize pool and 1500 Qualifying Points, but with double the number of teams of the Hamburg Major.

A Proper Major at Last

Earlier this year, Valve introduced the Dota Pro Circuit; a facelift of Dota 2’s competitive scene that aims to bring stability to the scene and to make direct invites to Dota 2’s biggest annual event, The International, more transparent.

While many Dota 2 fans lauded Valve’s decision to make it easier for teams to flourish under the new system, at the same time making it more attractive to potential investors, many couldn’t help but criticise the lack of proper distinction between the two tournament classifications.

Katowice Major

Team Liquid received 150 QP for winning the Starladder Minor, the same number of points the 3-4th place teams will receive at ESL Hamburg (Team Liquid)

Except for the prize pool ($1 million vs $300,000) and Qualifying Points (1,500 QP vs 300 QP), Valve failed to lay down the specifics of how many teams a Minor or Major should have. In particular, many couldn’t help but call out the fact that the first two Majors of the season, ESL One Hamburg and DreamLeague Season 8, will only have 8 teams.

ESL tried their best to explain the reason behind the lack of teams, citing that the event had already been planned prior to Valve’s announcement. Still, though, many Dota 2 fans couldn’t help but air their concerns going forward.

With that said, it looks like it’s fair to say that we can expect 16-team Majors in the future; the first two Majors next year, the Galaxy Battles Major and the Katowice Major, will both field 16 teams.

ESL One Katowice Major in February

The Katowice Major is ESL’s third Dota Pro Circuit tournament of the season.

ESL’s first event, the much-criticised ESL One Hamburg Major in Germany, is set to kick off later this week. Following which, the ESL One Genting in Malaysia will take place in late January. ESL have yet to announce their fourth ESL Pro Circuit event, a confirmed Major late in May.

League of Legends was the MOBA of choice of the ESL One Katowice in previous years. However, with Riot recently favouring developer-run tournaments and leagues, replacing it with Dota 2 became the only logical choice.

Dota 2 will join StarCraft II and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive as part of the three-genre lineup of ESL’s annual event in February next year.

How many teams do you think a Pro Circuit Minor or Major should have? Be sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments down below. 

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