ESL Adds 3rd Place Decider Match for Katowice 2018 Major

ESL has decided to add a 3rd place deciding match for the Katowice 2018 Major. This comes after the public lashed out on the world’s leading esports tournament organizer for only having 4 matches scheduled for the 2 days that they will make the Pro Circuit Major available for public viewing.

ESL’s tournament director Jonas Alsaker ‘bsl‘ Vikan made the announcement via Reddit on Wednesday. In his post, he acknowledged the community’s interest in getting more matches played in front of the live audience. He then went on to say that they have since added a 3rd place match-up for the event. They have scheduled the said match on February 25th (Sunday), just right before the Grand Finals.

How Does This Affect the Katowice 2018 Major?

The implications of such a change is huge. Case in point, back in ESL One Hamburg 2017, Team Liquid and Newbee, who each finished in 3rd-4th place, took home 150 Qualifying Points and $90,000. However, at the ROG DreamLeague Season 8 Major, 3rd-place finishers Evil Geniuses took home $100,000 and 225 Qualifying Points. Meanwhile, Natus Vincere, who finished in 4th place, only nabbed $70,000 of the prize pool and a small chunk of the Qualifying Points at 75. That’s a difference of 150 Qualifying Points between the 3rd and 4th placers.

Considering how tight the competition is for the 5th-8th spots in the season leaderboards, it’s not impossible to say that this could mean the difference between receiving a direct invite to TI8 or not down the line.

Katowice 2018 Major

A Top 3 finish at the Katowice 2018 Major could easily push teams such as OG and Fnatic over Natus Vincere in 5th place of the season leaderboards (Valve)

As for ESL, this should help ease things between the community and them. Lest we forget, it hasn’t even been a month since their PR disaster at ESL One Genting 2018. Should their choice to add a 3rd place decider match for Katowice 2018 Major prove successful, expect other Dota 2 tournament organization to consider making the same change as well.

What do you think of the addition of a 3rd place match for the Katowice 2018 Major? Do you think it’s the right move for ESL? Be sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments down below.

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