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The First Sure Picks for 2018 in the Year's First Major - Esportsranks
The First Sure Picks for 2018 in the Year’s First Major

We’re at the start of an action packed year of CS:GO, with the first major event starting today. These are the initial group matches for Season 26 of the ESEA Global Challenge. A total of eight teams will take part in this event. AGO Gaming, eXtatus and Space Soldiers represent Europe. SoaR Gaming, Rise Nation, GX and Ghost Academy represent North America. Chiefs eSports Club qualifies from Australia.

The ESEA Global Challenge – the First Major Event of the Year

These teams will participate in two groups, A and B. AGO Gaming, Rise Nation, Space Soldiers and Chiefs ESports are in Group A. Group B consists of SoaR Gaming, eXtatus, GX and Ghost Academy. This event has many underdog teams, which is an opportunity to win big on stakes as those teams go up against more experienced ones. All the matches in the event will be played offline in New York, USA.

Chiefs eSports Club Vs AGO Gaming

This one should be easy for AGO Gaming, which makes the very first major event match of 2018 a sure win. That’s a nice forerunner for the rest of the year. AGO Gaming have participated in forty four LAN matches with their current lineup and were able to win twenty six of them. Their current win rate for offline matches is fifty nine percent. The team is just six months old and they have already won five Minor Leagues and various qualifiers. This will be their first Major league and if they do well in the Majors, we may even see them in the Premier Leagues as well.

Chiefs eSports Club are a very old and well known esports organization from Australia. However, they have been playing without a coach since March of 2017 and this weakens their team meta. Another weak link in Chiefs is Matthew “Texta” O’Rourke, who joined the team just three weeks back. Chiefs are nevertheless a very reasonable team, and have won four Minor events in 2017. They have participated in eight LAN matches and won six of them, which gives them a win rate of seventy five percent. Though their win rate is much better than AGO Gaming’s, Chiefs have been playing matches against other Australian teams. This makes them more vulnerable in these upcoming matches against AGO Gaming.

So which team will dominate here?

As we’ve already said, this should be an easy win for AGO Gaming. The matches are going to be best-of-one, and AGO Gaming’s map pool and experience out-class Chiefs. AGO Gaming are the choice for the day, and are very likely to decimate their opponents. With the odds running at 1.20 on AGO Gaming, this means easy winnings for a reasonable stake.

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Space Soldiers Vs Rise Nation

Both these teams have stable rosters, and this lends itself to an accurate analysis. Space Soldiers are just about the strongest team at this event, and there is a good chance that they will win it. This makes this match the second sure win in Group A. They have played twenty nine offline matches and won twenty two of them. Such consistency in their wins gives them a win rate of seventy six percent per match. Rise Nation, on the other hand, have participated in thirty three offline matches and were able to win just sixteen of them. They have also faced Space Soldiers before and have lost to them quite disastrously. Rise Nation’s current win rate is just forty eight percent.

Stats for each map

Space Soldiers ban Nuke in every match, which is a benefit to Rise Nation, who do not excel in it. This allows Rise Nation the opportunity to ban their other weak map, Mirage. However, they are doomed in any case, because if Rise Nation ban Mirage, they directly benefit Space Soldiers, who are weak in that map as well. Space Soldiers excel in all the remaining maps, which means that they are going to steamroll Rise Nation.

A sure win for Space Soldiers

Space Soldiers are a team that can, and have, taken on many Tier 1 teams. They have defeated teams like SK Gaming, Team EnVyUs and OpTic Gaming in LAN matches. They are going to utterly dominate Rise Nations. The odds are running at 1.22 on Space Soldiers, and putting a stake on them allows you to benefit from one of the first major wins of the year.

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These are the most carefully formulated match predictions, by analysts who thoroughly study team histories and playing styles. Stay tuned for more match-by-match analyses and predictions for this event. Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and Facebook for the latest on your favourite Esports titles.