Sure Wins and Great Odds in Season Seven of the EPL

We’ve already seen three exciting weeks of gameplay and are now about to enter a fourth week of action. This week will showcase a total of twenty eight matches from which we will help you choose the best possible matches to bet upon. Some of the matches below offer excellent odds, while others are sure wins at reasonable odds.

Ninjas in Pyjamas Vs Heroic

Both these teams have included a new member in their lineup, causing them to do better than before. However, with the inclusion of Dennis in Ninjas in Pyjamas, their win rate has shot up to sixty-one percent, while that of Heroic’s is just at forty-five percent with plenty of seemingly random wins. Besides, Ninjas in Pyjamas have been showing better consistency in their wins, with the best part being the 1.65 odds they give for the second match. That’s where you must put your money.

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Sure Wins in the EPL – Astralis Vs HellRaisers

Astralis are back on track with Magisk on their side, winning match after match. Their current win rate is sixty-seven percent. HellRaisers are also doing rather well. Their current win rate is sixty-three percent, with most of their matches being against Tier-two and Tier-three teams. Better still, they made these wins look effortless. This certainly means they have the skills to dominate here. However, considering how good Astralis are currently doing, if they are playing their best map then HellRaisers just do not have a chance. The odds on Astralis currently are 1.60 and these are definitely great odds for an assured win.

Heroic Vs G2 Esports – Double your stake

If we compare both these teams’ performances for the last one month, we’ll find that both have won just forty-five percent of matches. However, even though Heroic might not be the best team here, they certainly know how take the advantage of the situation. On the other hand, for some reason, G2 Esports have not been able to perform as they did before. Their easy going habit could cost them their first match against Heroic, especially since the latter will have an option to choose their best map. This gives betting enthusiasts a good chance to double their stakes, since Heroic have 2.29 odds on them.

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Image Credit: Heroic

Sure Wins in the EPL – Rogue Vs compLexity Gaming

These teams have already fought against each other in ECS Season 5 – North America, in similar format, and Rogue won both the matches against compLexity Gaming. One of the matches was won in overtime, but it still goes to show that Rogue can take down compLexity Gaming anytime. Rogue have also made some changes to their roster and introduced some very good players to their squad. This has been a much-welcomed upgrade which clearly shows in their performance. Besides, the odds on Rouge are 1.68. So be sure not to miss this chance.

Sure Wins in the EPL – OpTic Gaming Vs Splyce

OpTic Gaming’s new roster is doing very well for them. Although they did lose some matches, that is something that is potentially quite natural while playing with a new roster. On the other hand, Splyce is missing a member and were not able to even win against Ghost Gaming and Renegades. This implies that there is very little hope for them against OpTic Gaming, since OpTic Gaming are one of the best teams in the North American region. For some, the odds are very high on OpTic Gaming and this is a golden opportunity to place your bets on them. These odds are currently at 1.70, and to accentuate that even more in your favor try betting on the second match instead of the first.

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Ninjas in Pyjamas Vs HellRaisers

As we have mentioned earlier, Ninjas in Pyjamas are certainly in good form. So putting a stake on them, especially when they are the ones choosing the map, is not a bad idea. They seem to be very determined to take the throne and are showcasing some very serious gameplay. HellRaisers are also playing quite good and can certainly win against Ninjas in Pyjamas if they have a chance to play their choice of map. So, in this case, the best thing to do is to choose Ninjas in Pyjamas for the first match (with 1.55 odds) and HellRaisers for second match (with 2.29 odds).

Sure Wins in the EPL – AGO Esports Vs Space Soldiers

These are very old rivals who have encountered each other quite a few times, most of the encounters being won by AGO Esports. It has also been quite a while since the two of them changed their roster, with each of them having played a minimum of two hundred matches using the current lineup. This means they both know each other’s strengths and weaknesses and they are sure to take advantage of that information. However, AGO Esports have a higher chance of winning here, since they know exactly how to defeat Space Soldiers. Furthermore, the odds on AGO Esports are currently at 2.00 odds, meaning that you have the chance of doubling your stakes at minimum risk.

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Sure wins epl

Image Credit: AGO Esports

Sure Wins in the EPL – SK Gaming Vs Rogue

It is very hard to get good odds on SK Gaming, especially when they are against teams like Rogue. However, recently, SK Gaming were unable to perform like they used to and this has increased odds greatly in this match. This doesn’t mean SK Gaming’s days are over, because the matches they lost were all against equally-skilled teams, simply meaning that competition amongst the top teams has increased to a new level. As such, the good news for betting enthusiasts is that the odds on SK Gaming are 1.36 against Rogue.

Sure Wins in the EPL – Team Liquid Vs NRG Esports

Both NRG Esports and Team Liquid are performing really well in the event, not losing a single match so far. Nevertheless, we see a sure win for Team Liquid in the second match. The reason is quite simple. Team Liquid have defeated NRG Esports just one month ago. It was a ‘best of three’ and NRG did manage to win one map, but they lost the remaining two. This doesn’t mean that they will lose in both these matches here too.

In fact, there is good chance that NRG Esports will win their first match, but Team Liquid is as likely to win it too. The difference is, NRG Esports are offering 2.65 odds for first match and Team Liquid are offering 1.42 odds for the second. One can put a small amount of money on NRG Esports for the first match and then a little more on Team Liquid for the second match. This way you will decrease your chance of losing your money.

These are the most carefully formulated match predictions, by analysts who thoroughly study team histories and playing styles. Stay tuned for more match-by-match analyses and predictions for this event. Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and Facebook for the latest on your favourite Esports titles.