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EPICENTER Moscow Group Stage Recap - Esportsranks
EPICENTER Moscow Group Stage Recap

In the EPICENTER Moscow group stage, ten teams were divided into 2 groups containing 5 teams each. They competed in a round robin format, with all matches Bo3. The top seed of each group then proceeds to the semi-finals of the playoffs, while the 2nd and 3rd placed finisher of each group will proceed to quarter-finals. In the playoffs, single-elimination determines who advances.

EPICENTER Moscow Group Stage – As it happened

Day 1

On the opening day, the 4th of June, only two games were played, one game in each group.

Virtus.pro won against Clutch Gamers convincingly, showing at the very start that they are in very good shape. VP cruised to a 2-0 victory in just over an hour of play. Chinese LGD, Forever Young prepared well for the tournament, winning 2-0 against OG in the opening day. This victory against the team everyone is looking forward to beat boosted their confidence for the upcoming days.

Day 2

We had a little more Dota2 action in day 2 of the EPICENTER Moscow group stage. Three games were played in each group.

LFY and Virtus.pro both continued performing strong, beating Team Liquid and Planet Odd respectively to finish the second day of the event with a 2-0 score. Invictus Gaming won against Clutch Gamers nailing them to the bottom spot of the group B, but lost against EG to finish the day at 1-1.

In group A, OG had a great chance to regain their composure with an easy sweep against Na’Vi. Surprisingly, the losers of the second day were Team Liquid. First they lost against LFY after a close Bo3, but then were annihilated against Team Secret, who won the second game in less than 30 minutes with a Huskar/Dazzle combo complemented by Troll and Magnus.

See the EPICENTER Moscow power rankings.

Day 3

In group A, Virtus.pro and EG remained undefeated. Virtus.pro lost their first game against iG but it seemed that it was just a slow start for them. In next two games they picked up a Wisp+Tree+Sven combo and made quick work of the Chinese squad.

EG fought agains Planet Odd (ex Thunderbirds) and in all three games they picked Puck+CM. Even tough they lost game 2 due to the overwhelming teamfight synergy of ODD’s Warlock+Earth Spirit+ QoP, they quickly regained composure and won the deciding third game in 25 minutes.

In the remaining matchups, ODD won 2-0 against Clutch Gamers, setting up a direct battle to decide which team advances to the main event with iG on the 4th day.

In group B, both LFY and Secret had no trouble defeating Na’Vi, and at this point LFY was 3-0 and Secret 2-0.

The most interesting matchup of the day was Liquid vs OG. At that point, OG had score of 1-1 in the group while Liquid lost both their games. Liquid got off to a great start, winning the first game in less then 30 minutes. They proved they are still one of the best early game teams. OG retaliated quickly by taking game 2 right back. Finally, in the exhausting deciding game, Liquid managed to take the victory and keep their tournament hopes alive.

Day 4

The fourth day of the EPICENTER Moscow group stage started off with Liquid and EG securing victories against last seeds Na’Vi and Clutch Gamers.

This victory put Liquid in a very good position for the third place finish in group A, while EG scheduled a battle for the first seed of group B with VP. The American squad once again played a very good series beating home crowd favourites Virtus.pro 2:0. Invictus Gaming were seeded third after defeating Planet Odd in the most exhausting Bo3 of the day 2:1.

In group A, Secret completely stomped OG, knocking them out of the tournament. This result also secured the third place and advancement to the playoffs for Liquid. Secret and LFY were set to determine the first seed in the only remaining game of the group stage, on the 5th day.

In the final match of the EPICENTER Moscow Group Stage, LFY completely wrecked Secret to secure the first seed in the group and advancement straight into the semifinals. The playoffs begin tomorrow, and we will be covering the whole event.

Winners of EPICENTER Moscow 2017 take home a mouthwatering $250,000.