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EnVyUS gains 35 million in hard cash!! - Esportsranks
EnVyUS gains 35 million in hard cash!!

The fifty odd employees of Team EnVyUs will soon be relocating to Texas. This is part of a move that brings in Hersh Interactive.

Hersh will support the group with an eight-figure investment of a whopping thirty five million dollars!

For the Texan owner of the team, Rufail, this move is a homecoming in more ways than one, as teams and employees move into new facilities in his native state.

Team EnVyUs expands into League Franchises

There were already rumors making the rounds of a massive financing deal for EnVyUs. These began when the team moved to join Blizzard’s Overwatch League. The fee to join that is a staggering twenty million dollars!

Even more interestingly, EnVyUs simultaneously moved to join the North American League Championships Series as well. The fee for that is another massive ten million dollars.

Add up those payouts and you have EnVyUs with the resources to pay out thirty million dollars. Obviously they couldn’t do that without the backing of some heavy hitter in the financial sector.

So observers and fans had already put things together before this concrete announcement of Hersh Interactive’s decision to stand behind the team with a considerable influx of hard cash.

Esports show massive potential…

Esports are possibly the fastest growing sports sector, with fan bases that number at nearly 200 million at the last count. If you get to the top of the pro circuit, the kickbacks and perks are magnificent. Most pro players earn in the six or seven figures.

EnVyUs wins Gfinity

Image Credit: Gfinity

Championships are big business, with teams clashing in packed arenas where every ticket has been sold out. As the sector expands, universities are including Esports facilities on their campuses, and developers of real estate are including esports facilities in new construction.

The industry is expected to comfortably cross the one-and-a-half billion mark come 2020.

Good pro teams will always have sponsors

It’s an industry that talks money, and if you’re a team like EnVyUs, picking up sponsors isn’t as difficult as it might appear to the lay person.

The team spells brand presence, and that’s big business to companies seeking to increase their turnover by reaching out to the greatest number of people.

Team EnVyUs moved into Esports franchising at the very beginning. While they’ve recently been overshadowed by teams like FaZe, they’re still one of the most successful and diverse Esports organizations. They’ve taken championships in Call of Duty and Counter Strike, in Halo and Overwatch, and they’re always looking to expand and to grow.

Part of the basis of this success is the facilities that EnVyUs provides its people. These include guaranteed salaries, great accommodations, brilliant coaches, a support team and travel coordination. All a pro player has to do is play… everything else is provided for.

That takes a lot of the stress and worry out of a pro player’s life.

Team envyus

Image Credit: ESL

The basis of a successful Esports team

Rufail, the team’s owner, talked about their new partnership with Hersh Interactive, and how he sees the team growing under the considerable influx of finance. He said that good financial partnerships were as important to an Esports team as dominating world championships.

And perhaps just as important is maintaining contact with and growing a team’s base of loyal fans.

Rufail hopes that the support of Hersh Interactive will help build an intensely dedicated community for Team EnVyUs in Dallas, Texas. One that will drive the team to increasingly better futures.

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