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Cloud9 win ELEAGUE Boston over a crushed FaZe Clan - Esportsranks
Cloud9 win ELEAGUE Boston over a crushed FaZe Clan

The ‘super team’ FaZe Clan have done it again, losing badly before a triumphant Cloud9. FaZe Clan is a super team alright, and their essential power seems to be to reach the Finals of different events these days, and then to lose to a very-much-lower ranked team. While they did win the ECS, the final event of the last year, mousesports almost took that away from them.

Yes, Cloud9 did defeat SK Gaming, but that wasn’t as much a humiliation for SK as this defeat is for FaZe Clan, because SK Gaming were not competing with their complete roster, and were exhausted from playing another best of three besides. However, with this victory, Cloud9 have certainly made their mark at the beginning of this year, and their morale is probably at an all-time high. Let’s look at how this epic battle between FaZe and Cloud9 went.

Phase one of the bans and picks

Both teams chose to ban their weakest maps in their first ban. Nuke was the first map banned, and it was banned by Cloud9. We knew this might happen, since Nuke is more or less a permanent ban with Cloud9. Then FaZe Clan decided to ban Cobblestone, since they have never won a single match in this map. The first ban worked in favor of both teams, since Nuke and Cobblestone are FaZe Clan’s and Cloud9’s weakest maps. That brought us to the picks, and no one was surprised when Cloud9 picked Mirage, in which they have been doing exceptionally well lately. Then FaZe Clan chose Overpass, a very good decision, since Cloud9 are weak in Overpass, and olofmeister is supposed to be more or less a one man army in it.

Phase two of the bans and picks

The bans and picks were looking good for FaZe, and they promptly banned Train, which Cloud9 excel at. However, Cloud9 hit back by banning Cache, where FaZe Clan are unmatched. Inferno was the last map left over, and became the decider. Both teams are supposed to be virtually equal in Inferno, as far as the stats go. The teams did their very best with the picks and bans, and they could hardly have gone better for either team.

FaZe Clan defeat Cloud9 in their best map

FaZe Clan have defeated Cloud9 twice in Mirage in the past, once by twelve rounds, and the second time, by eight rounds. They seemed to be confident of a victory, and they did win, but by a bare margin of just two rounds. This was really an indicator that things were not going to go FaZe Clan’s way, and that Cloud9 have evolved into a hard-hitting team. While FaZe won the match, it was Cloud9’s Skadoodle who was chosen the most effective player.

In the first half, Cloud9 started out very strong as terrorists

They took the first three rounds, and managed to detonate the bomb in round two. In the fourth round, FaZe Clan successfully defused the bomb, but that hardly ‘fazed’ Cloud9 at all. They hit back hard in the fifth round, and then didn’t lose a single round till round nine. FaZe Clan held back for a full buy and counter-attacked in round ten. Cloud9 went down before FaZe’s full-equip, and FaZe closed the gap in scores. By the end of the first half, Cloud9 needed seven rounds for a win, while FaZe needed ten.

FaZe Clan fight Vega Squadron in the ELEAGUE

Image Credit: Fragbite

In the second half, the pistol round was taken by FaZe, but they still lost the advantage in the next round, and Cloud9 took the next three rounds in series. This went on till round twenty, when FaZe finally hit back by successfully detonating the bomb. Now FaZe were on the warpath, and swept Cloud9 aside in round after round. FaZe Clan won eight rounds in succession before Cloud9 took round twenty eight, and the next round as well. It was the last round of the match, and FaZe needed to take it to stop the match going into overtime, and they did, taking the first match. However, as you’ve seen, it was no easy win, and a forerunner of worse things to come for FaZe Clan.

Olofmeister lets his team down in Overpass

Overpass is supposed to be olofmeister’s home ground, the map in which he’s virtually equivalent to a one-man army. It didn’t look that way when his team faced Cloud9, when olofmeister was killed off nineteen times in return for twelve kills and four assisted kills. But he wasn’t the only one playing badly, with FaZe’s captain karrigan and Niko playing dismally as well. Perhaps it just wasn’t FaZe’s day. That would make us feel a lot better, if there hadn’t been a string of ‘not FaZe’s days’ in recent events of the past.

This should have been a breeze for FaZe Clan

After all, they’ve defeated Cloud9 several times in Overpass. When facing Cloud9, Overpass is pretty much home turf for FaZe Clan. Well, the ELEAGUE Finals saw FaZe being ground into the turf on Overpass, with Cloud9 winning sixteen rounds to FaZe Clan’s ten. If that doesn’t count as a decisive victory, I don’t know what does.

What caused the disaster in Overpass?

No member of FaZe Clan except rain seemed to be playing comfortably or laying down the kills. Tarik scored the most points and became the most effective player of the match. Once again, GuardiaN was no match for Cloud9’s AWPer Skadoodle, who became the second best player of the match. The first half of the match was completely dominated by Cloud9, with them giving away just three rounds to FaZe Clan. This put Cloud9 in a very secure position, and they needed just four rounds in the second half to win the match. FaZe Clan didn’t go down easily, putting up a lot of resistance in the second half, and dragging the match on to round twenty six. However, here Cloud9 took the round, ending the match decisively, and dooming FaZe’s hopes of victory.

Image Credit: Cloud9

The Finals were decided in Inferno

This was the very first time that FaZe Clan and Cloud9 faced each other in Inferno. With the stats showing that both teams were more or less equal in Inferno, it was bound to be a hard-fought battle. And so it was, with the match going into overtime twice. FaZe went all-out for victory, winning the first pistol round, and defusing the bomb, giving themselves a massive cash advantage. Had they kept that advantage, the outcome of the match might have been very different, but they failed to do so.

Cloud9 hit back, winning the anti-eco round. They then managed to win five rounds in succession, and also detonated the bomb twice. FaZe Clan, as usual, hit back with a full-buy in round seven, and dominated the first half thereafter, taking eight rounds in all. In the second half, FaZe Clan again took the pistol round, and then kept their advantage for the next two rounds. Cloud9 kept trying to hit back, and finally shut down FaZe’s successes to close the gap and take the match into overtime.

Cloud9 smashed FaZe Clan in the second overtime

The first overtime ended in a draw, and both FaZe Clan and Cloud9 won three rounds as counter terrorists. Both teams played really well as counter terrorists in Inferno. The match went into a second overtime, and Cloud9 won two rounds as terrorists. This worked to their advantage, and they went on to also win the first two rounds in the second half, winning the match, and half a million dollars. Tarik was once again chosen most valued player of the match, and was also named the most valued player in the entire ELEAGUE Major.

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