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Esportsranks gets ELEAGUE Quarterfinals Predictions Right - Esportsranks
Esportsranks gets ELEAGUE Quarterfinals Predictions Right

Most of the matches in the ELEAGUE Quarterfinals are done, with the exception of SK Gaming’s match with Fnatic, which will take place a mere two hours before the Semifinals begin. Everything went just as we predicted, which means that Esportsranks fans that bet on our predictions have done very well for themselves this week. We’ll give you a brief overview of how the Quarterfinals went here, and take a look at how the Semifinals are likely to go, with some sure-fire predictions.

ELEAGUE Quarterfinals – FaZe Clan defeat mousesports… again

Of course they did, just as we predicted earlier, but in keeping with mousesports excellent play these days, FaZe Clan had to fight for their victory. The first match played went into overtime. The map was Nuke, and as always, mousesports played very well. But mousesports failed to defend their advantage after the first half, and FaZe Clan successfully took the match into overtime. This was hardly a good sign for mousesports, because they have never been able to defeat FaZe Clan in overtime. They were then quickly crushed, going up against a FaZe Clan equipped with an overtime full-buy, and were only able to win a single round in overtime. The next map was Cache, and mousesports were visibly less effective against FaZe Clan in it than they were in Nuke. FaZe Clan won the match by seven rounds, and advanced to the Semifinals.

ELEAGUE Quarterfinals – Natus Vincere crush QBF in a perfect win

Just as Esportsranks predicted, Quantum Bellator Fire have reached the end of their glorious run (for a new and upcoming team) at the ELEAGUE. They went up against Natus Vincere, and were ground into the dust by the veteran team. Just like the pairing above, this match ended with the first two matches being won by the dominant team. QBF did extremely badly in the first match, Mirage, scoring just four rounds against Natus Vincere.

The next battle was in Inferno, but by now QBF seemed to be completely intimidated by the other team. Yes, they did do infinitesimally better than in the previous match, scoring three rounds more than earlier, but that hardly changed the results. Natus Vincere have advanced to the Semifinals, while QBF are guaranteed a spot in the Legends Stage of the ELEAGUE next year – that means they won’t have to fight in the Qualifier rounds. They’ve done brilliantly well, and we look forward to seeing more of QBF in future. However, for now, they’ve given Esportsranks bettors another sure win. Natus Vincere will now go up against FaZe Clan in the Semifinals.

ELEAGUE Quarterfinals – G2 Esports go down before Cloud9

In keeping with their excellent history of wins against G2 Esports (something we pointed out in our predictions earlier) Cloud9 have ground G2 Esports into the dust. It seems G2 Esports tend to underestimate Cloud9. They defeated Cloud9 badly in the new Legends Stage, which means they can go up against Cloud9 and win. However, they lost.

This ends G2’s brilliant winning streak at this event, they being the only team that didn’t lose a single match here. It must be heartbreaking for them to have then lost one of the only matches that really mattered, and to be booted from the event by Cloud9, a team that didn’t do half as well in the earlier stages of the ELEAGUE. What’s done is done, and Cloud9 now advance to the Semifinals, while G2 go home to plot strategies and train for the next time they face their nemesis, the one team they always, disastrously, fail to defeat.

Predictions for the Semifinals

FaZe Clan are set to destroy Natus Vincere

Of course Natus Vincere have been climbing the global rankings swiftly in recent weeks, and the changes to their roster have been brutally effective. Nevertheless, that roster has still not proven itself against teams like FaZe Clan and SK Gaming. FaZe are certainly the likely winners here, for good reason.

If FaZe Clan are off their game, it is usually obvious from the very start of the event. That’s not the case here at the ELEAGUE. Here it is obvious that, after their defeat by SK Gaming last year, and their barely-won match against mousesports at the ECS Finals, FaZe Clan are back with a vengeance. With the accent on ‘vengeance’. They also know that, with boltz not playing for SK Gaming, this is their best chance to start the year out on a good note by winning the ELEAGUE.

Our point?

FaZe are going all out for a win here, even crushing SK Gaming in a best of one. They’re not going to let Natus Vincere stand in their way. With the odds on FaZe Clan running at 1.31, this is a match that promises sure winnings for the dedicated bettor. Go ahead and stake high, because this match is just as good as money in the bank.

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ELEAGUE Quarterfinals - Olofmeister of FaZe Clan

Image Credit: ELEAGUE

Can Cloud9 take on Fnatic or SK Gaming?

Since SK Gaming usually defeat Fnatic 2-0 and with a minimum lead of six to seven rounds every time they meet, it’s likely that Fnatic are going down here. If SK Gaming win, there’s an excellent chance that we’ll see a FaZe Clan Vs SK Gaming match-up in the Finals once again. If Fnatic somehow impossibly win their match (remember that boltz isn’t playing for SK here), then predicting the Finals match-up becomes more difficult, as it’s difficult to predict who will win in a combination between Cloud9 and Fnatic.

From FaZe Clan’s point of view, if SK Gaming somehow go down before Fnatic, it will guarantee a win for them in the Finals, as FaZe are likely to decimate either Cloud9 or Fnatic if they reach the Finals. Only SK Gaming could put on a really good show against the redoubtable FaZe Clan. If you’d like to read our earlier article predicting these Quarterfinals, you can find it here.

These are the most carefully formulated match predictions, by analysts who thoroughly study team histories and playing styles. Stay tuned for more match-by-match analyses and predictions for this event. Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and Facebook for the latest on your favourite Esports titles.