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ELEAGUE Mid Matches - Second Chances for FaZe Clan - Esportsranks
ELEAGUE Mid Matches – Second Chances for FaZe Clan

The teams competing in these Mid Matches are those that have won and lost a match at this event. There were two major upsets in Round 2. The first was when Natus Vincere lost badly to mousesports, scoring just two rounds in the entire match. The second upset was even worse, with the most favored team at this event, FaZe Clan, losing miserably to Vega Squadron. That seems to be quite a dishonor, but FaZe Clan could be playing it canny, losing to a lesser team in these initial matches to ensure that they face lower-ranking teams at the Legend Stage. If FaZe Clan are going all strategic at this event, let’s hope it doesn’t backfire on them as it did at EPICENTER last year. The teams taking part in the Mid Matches are Renegades, Team Liquid, Space Soldiers, Misfits, Quantum Bellator Fire, Natus Vincere, Sprout and FaZe Clan.

Quantum Bellator Fire Vs FaZe Clan – A Sure Win

Actually, there is no need for any special prediction for this pair. Despite FaZe Clan’s tendency to throw matches, for whatever reason, this is one that they cannot afford to throw away. FaZe Clan did lose against Vega Squadron but that really could have been part of a long-term strategy for this event. Sometimes a defeat is more meaningful than a win in the initial stages of an event. Since one has to only win three matches to qualify for the Legends Stage, FaZe Clan might have thrown their match against Vega Squadron to allow them to avoid facing pro teams in Round 3. This is a possible strategy and is used by many pro teams. If FaZe are not a set of dismal has-beens in one of the last events of their career, this is a sure win for FaZe Clan.

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Misfits Vs Space Soldiers

As we all know, Misfits’ wins and losses are purely random. Sometime they pick up a win out of nowhere, and at other times they lose badly for seemingly no reason at all. While Misfits lost against G2 Esports in Round 2, Space Soldiers staged a comeback by defeating AVANGAR. If we go by their stats, Space Soldiers have a sixty nine percent win rate, while Misfits have just forty nine percent. While it looks good for Space Soldiers, Misfits are likely to pull a rabbit out of the proverbial hat here, so avoid this match-up.

Sprout Vs Natus Vincere – A Sure Win

After one of the worst defeats in their team’s history at the hands of mousesports, Natus Vincere now go up against Sprout. Co-incidentally, two of Sprout’s players are ex-mousesports players. But will that be enough to defeat Natus Vincere? The reason Natus Vincere lost against mousesports is not because of any appreciable difference in skill. It is because mousesports have studied and countered Natus Vincere’s usual tricks and strategies. But this doesn’t mean they are going to lose against Sprout, and with the odds running at 1.37 on Natus Vincere, there are reasonable winnings here for a decent stake.

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Natus Vincere in the ELEAGUE

Image Credit: ELEAGUE

Renegades Vs Team Liquid

These teams have fought each four times since the ESL Pro League Season 6 Online Qualifiers. Out of those four face-offs, Team Liquid won three times, playing two matches with stanislaw, and one with boltz. Zews is standing in for boltz at this match, though, which skews the odds. Officially, stanislaw is still supposed to be a member of Team Liquid, and is merely benched. However, perhaps stanislaw no long wishes to play for the team, as stanislaw would be the obvious stand-in here, not zews. The remaining four members of Liquid have a very good record against Renegades. However, with one questionable player on their roster, this isn’t a sure win, as it would have been with stanislaw playing. Liquid are still good to place a stake on if you’re willing to take a chance on them..

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