ELEAGUE Low Matches – Team Liquid are Certain to Win

Teams that lost out in the first round have a second chance of staying in the league now, in the Low Matches. Team Liquid are obviously dominant here, and especially so against a team like FlipSid3 Tactics. That’s not to say that FlipSid3 aren’t a good team, but they’re not in the league of Liquid. Besides, Team Liquid will be playing at the top of their form, as being in the Low Matches is already a step towards being booted from the league, and Team Liquid will fight to stay in the event. Whichever way you look at it, the ELEAGUE is a very long journey for teams participating as New Challengers.

FlipSid3 Tactics Vs Team Liquid – A Sure win

The ELEAGUE management have stuck to their guns, and steel and boltz of the once-Immortals will not be participating in the ELEAGUE. Team Liquid nevertheless put up an incredible performance against the redoubtable FaZe Clan, even playing without steel on their roster. It’s quite true that they almost won that match (which would have been rather a loss for esportsranks bettors, so it’s as well that they didn’t). However, the fact that they’re playing in such good form gives them an excellent chance against FlipSid3 Tactics. Unlike Team Liquid, FlipSid3 Tactics have an incomplete roster, and their gameplay was terrible in round one. They managed to win just four rounds against Misfits. This pair are the best match-up to put your money on in the Low Matches, because there is no way FlipSid3 Tactic can defeat Team Liquid with their incomplete roster. The odds are running at 1.30 on Team Liquid, which are very reasonable odds to bet upon.

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Space Soldiers Vs AVANGAR

This will be the first time these teams face each other in an offline match. Space Soldiers are performing dismally, throwing matches they should have won, first against AGO Gaming and now against Sprout. Sure, there are two ex-mousesports members in Sprout’s lineup, and they simply dominated Space Soldiers in the second half. On the other hand, AVANGAR did very well against mousesports. Of course, mousesports did not play too seriously in the first half. But still, against a fully focused and determined mousesports in the second half, AVANGAR went all out to showcase some very good plays. Don’t bet on this match, because Space Soldiers have proved unreliable in the recent past. It would be best to place the stake you would have placed here on Team Liquid instead.

Team EnVyUs Vs Renegades

Team EnVyUs have not been doing very well over the past few months. EnVyUs have been consistent in turning out bad plays in offline matches, and their win rate at present is just forty eight percent. Renegades have done better, with a win rate of fifty nine percent. These teams have not played against each other since Renegades made changes to their roster. Even though at first sight Renegades may seem to have the upper hand here, this is an unstable combination, and best avoided. Don’t be tempted by high odds, and put your money on Liquid.

Flash Gaming Vs Quantum Bellator Fire

Flash Gaming is one of the best CS:GO teams in China. However, their roster is having some serious issues as of now, with the riflers Karsa and LOVEYY having stepped down from the active roster. Karsa was then loaned to EHOME, which could simply mean that he does not want to play for Flash Gaming anymore. Nevertheless, this has weakened Flash Gaming, with Ayeon playing on trial, and INNOPY, their team manager, filling the empty fifth slot for the team. G2 Esports played a very relaxed game, and were still able to defeat them. There is no way that Quantum Bellator Fire will be playing in as relaxed a manner as G2 Esports did. This match could well go against Flash Gaming. Nevertheless, this is a risky and unstable combination. If you’d like something better than this to put your money on, check out FaZe Clan’s match today, which they are sure to win.

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