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Good Odds on Potential Wins in the ELEAGUE - Esportsranks
Good Odds on Potential Wins in the ELEAGUE

Today is a great day to be alive for a bettor on the ELEAGUE. Of the eight matches today, all are potential wins. It gets better. Of the eight matches, four are sure picks at low odds. We’ve covered these in the other CS:GO article published today. Of the remaining four, all are potential wins at good odds, for the bettor who doesn’t mind taking a small risk for very much higher winnings. And that’s what we’re covering here. So read on, weigh your chances, and place a balanced stake to earn potentially very much higher than on the low odds of the sure picks. We’ve put up two articles with two different sorts of matches and two different sorts of odds so you can go with your gut and put a stake on whichever sort of match feels right to you today.

Good Odds – Vega Squadron Vs Renegades

We’ve seen Renegades qualify for many Premier and Major events. This doesn’t mean that they are as good as tier one teams. The reason Renegades are part of almost every big event is because they are the strongest team in Australia, and dominate almost every team there. But when it comes to the global scene, they have a long way to go. This puts Vega Squadron and Renegades in the same league. The only advantage Renegades have over Vega Squadron is experience. Since they keep qualifying in big events, they have faced a good many of the best teams in the world, and have gained a lot of experience from this. This could be another reason why they dominate Australian CS:GO. There is no doubt that currently Renegades are better than Vega Squadron, but according to the stats both teams have a fifty percent chance of a win against each other. The odds are reasonable on Renegades at 1.63, and this is a potential win. However, be aware that there still is an element of risk here.

Good Odds – FaZe Clan Vs Team Liquid

Team Liquid did win some events last year, but ended the year on a bad note. It hardly bodes well for them that their first match of the new year is against FaZe Clan. Of course it looks as if FaZe Clan will have an easy win here. However, FaZe Clan are hardly a reliable team, and while they have a lot of superstars on their roster, those are all veteran players who can just as easily lose as win a match at the drop of a hat. Team Liquid just may surprise us all here – they’ve shown that they can be determined and tenacious when they get their act together.

There is no doubt FaZe Clan are in an entirely different league from Team Liquid, but we have seen them lose against teams supposedly much weaker than Liquid. While no team can win continuously, we’ve seen FaZe lose when losing should have been impossible. As an example, they went up against an Astralis playing without dev1ce, and lost to them. However, they do have a strong chance of a win here, and the odds on them are very much higher, at 1.21, than they would be on an absolutely sure win. Go with your gut instinct, and  place a stake here if you feel the odds balance the risk.

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Good Odds – FlipSid3 Tactics Vs Misfits

This is a match offering excellent odds for a relatively minor risk. FlipSid3 Tactics are having serious issues within their roster, even after taking seized on loan from Natus Vincere. They have not been able to win a single match, and this since the ninth of November of last year. On the other hand, Misfits are doing well. Of course, the problem with best of one matches is that they tend to be more unpredictable than best of threes, but at 1.78 on Misfits, the odds are really good for what is really a relatively sure win.

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Good Odds – Cloud9 Vs Team EnVyUs

Two tier one teams will be facing each other in round one. Team EnVyUs have been rather ineffective after winning WESG in 2016. While they do well in the qualifiers, they tend to get steamrolled in the main events. The same could be said for Cloud9, who almost always get eliminated before even reaching the Playoffs. Both these teams have faced each other twice with the same rosters and won one match each. But Cloud9 have performed much better in LAN matches as compared to Team EnVyUs. Even though it looks good for Cloud9, there is still a slight chance that Team EnVyUs might defeat them. With the odds running at 1.58 on Cloud9, it’s still a chance at good winnings. And don’t forget to check out our ‘sure wins‘ article for certain winnings at lower odds.

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Image Credit: Cloud9

These are the most carefully formulated match predictions, by analysts who thoroughly study team histories and playing styles. Stay tuned for more match-by-match analyses and predictions for this event. Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and Facebook for the latest on your favourite Esports titles.