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The ELEAGUE Finals – Betting Tips to Win Big - Esportsranks
The ELEAGUE Finals – Betting Tips to Win Big

This is the last day of the ELEAGUE Premier, and Astralis and FaZe Clan are going to face off in the final showdown in this event.

This couldn’t be more exciting, since these teams now rank within the top two globally. Currently Astralis leads globally, but if FaZe Clan wins they will move into the top spot.

So the battle is not just to win this event, but also for the top spot in the global rankings – whichever team wins will rule the CS:GO universe… for now.

How did these teams get to the ELEAGUE Finals?

Astralis won against Cloud9 (2-1)

We wouldn’t call it an easy victory, since they had to play all the three matches in a BO3 set to decide the winner. Of course the last match was completely dominated by Astralis.

The match started with Mirage, where Astralis started as Counter Terrorists and lost the first half to Cloud9 (10:5). Cloud9 then maintained their advantage and were able to win the match (16:12), even though the second half was dominated by Astralis in the starter rounds.

The next battle was in Overpass, where the first half was very close fought, with Astralis winning 8 rounds and Cloud9 winning 7. The second half was also very close and Astralis almost skipped overtime. However, Astralis did win the match (16:14)

However, the meta changed in Match three – Inferno, where Astralis dominated Cloud9 in the first half, winning 14 out of 15 rounds. The result was now all but inevitable, but Cloud9 still put up a good fight in the second half. Astralis won the match (16:4).

ELEAGUE Finals Astralis-csgo-roster

Image Credit: Astralis

FaZe Clan crushed North

We wouldn’t say FaZe had an easy victory here either, but they did dominate North as we predicted earlier, to the extent of winning the first two matches hands down.

North started out brilliantly in Mirage in the first half, scoring 9:6 as Terrorists. But then FaZe hit their stride with an incredible comeback – 10:3 in the second half. They took the match 16:12.

North tried their best to stay in the game in Inferno. But FaZe were now playing unmatched CS:GO as only they can. They crushed North 9:6 in the first half, and 7:4 in the second, pushing through to a clear win, and going on to face Astralis in the Finals.

The ELEAGUE Finals – FaZe Clan vs Astralis

The match will start on October 13, 2017, at 22:30 EDT.

FaZe Clan have played 6 matches in the ELEAGUE. And won every single match they played. Astralis is almost as good, winning 6 out of 7 matches played.

Just a little bit of trivia… Based on their performances in this event, these are the chances each team has of a win on a map-by-map basis…

FaZe Clan

Inferno – 45%, Mirage – 51%, Overpass – 60%, Nuke – 57%,


Inferno – 55%, Mirage – 49%, Overpass – 40%, Train – 82%

FaZe Clan have not played Train, Cobblestone or Cache in this event, and Astralis have not played Nuke, Cobblestone or Cache.

ESL Pro League - FaZe

Image Credit: ESL

Betting Predictions for the Finals

Things to remember while betting…

FaZe Clan and Astralis have fought three times since FaZe put together their ‘super-team’ roster. Out of those three encounters, FaZe won two, while the third went into overtime and was won by Astralis.

The maps were Inferno, Mirage and Overpass.

The stats show that Astralis always have difficulty winning against FaZe Clan.

Astralis is a tough, capable team, and they could certainly win if FaZe have a bad day.

But if FaZe can play in top form, they’ll beat down Astralis and power through. The odds favor FaZe, and so long as Lady Luck doesn’t side against them – and those who bet on them – the day is theirs!

The odds are 4/9 on FaZe Clan!

Bet Now!

ESL One New York 2017 FaZe Clan Superteam

Image Credit: ESL

But whichever team wins, they are both brilliant, skilled and very competent teams, and each equally well deserves the Title.

All the best, Astralis and FaZe!

These are the most carefully formulated betting and match predictions, by analysts who thoroughly study team histories and playing styles.

Stay tuned for more match-by-match betting analyses for this event.

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