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ELEAGUE Match Predictions for the New Legends Stage - Esportsranks
ELEAGUE Match Predictions for the New Legends Stage

The ELEAGUE moves into its second phase, the New Legends Stage. Once again, there are sixteen teams facing each other here, comprising those who survived the Challengers Stage, and those teams that directly qualified for the New Legends Stage. Among the teams we’ll be seeing among the Legends are the winners of last year’s PGL Major in Krakow, Gambit Esports, as well as Astralis, Virtus.pro, Fnatic, SK Gaming, BIG and North.

Teams that trumped the Challengers Stage

Cloud9 aced the New Challengers Stage, with G2 Esports being a close second. Other teams that qualified were FaZe Clan, Vega Squadron, Space Soldiers, mousesports, Natus Vincere and Quantum Bellator Fire. However, since 100 Thieves didn’t make it, the event was still a team short. Three teams were therefore pitted against each other in a special round of matches to fill the gap. These teams were Team Liquid, AVANGAR and Renegades. Liquid won, and so their fans will now see them in the Legends Stage. Team Liquid have been very lucky here, since they originally didn’t qualify for this stage of the event.

ELEAGUE New Legends Stage

Image Credit: ELEAGUE

Predictions for the New Legends Stage

This Stage will also follow the 16 Team Swiss System that the New Challengers round did. All the matches will be best of ones. The winners of Round 1 will fight against each other in the High Matches of Round 2. The losers will face each other in the Low Matches of Round 2.

North Vs Vega Squadron – A chance to double a stake

Vega Squadron defeated FaZe Clan in the New Challengers Stage and even dragged G2 Esports to overtime. This team has shown immense potential, and could well qualify for the Champions Stage. Vega Squadron will face North for the first time today. Vega Squadron have played twenty four best of one matches so far, winning fifteen of them, giving them a sixty two percent win rate. North have played sixteen best of one matches with just eight wins and two ties. This give them a fifty percent win rate.

Weaknesses and strengths of each team

North always ban Cache. But there is another map, the infamous Nuke, that they have never played in a best of one. Nuke was not played even once in the New Challengers stage, by any team, and is the least played map in CS:GO, or the most banned map, or both. Another sure ban will be Cobblestone, since Vega Squadron do not play it. Out of a map pool of seven, these three maps are sure to be banned. Both these teams are equally skilled in Train and Overpass, with almost same win rates . Vega Squadron have a sixty five percent win rate in Mirage, which is twenty percent more than North’s win rate. Finally, in Inferno, Vega Squadron’s win rate exceeds North by twenty four percent.

Vega Squadron have a good chance to win here

Out of four maps that are likely to be played, Vega Squadron are equally matched with North in two, and dominate in the remaining two. Since North will use two out of three chances to ban Nuke and Cache, control of the game automatically goes to Vega Squadron. If they use their opportunities wisely, they can easily maneuver the match into being played in either Inferno or Mirage. The odds on Vega are at a decent high, and running at 2.27.

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Virtus.pro Vs Quantum Bellator Fire – A Sure Win

Quantum Bellator Fire have played just six best of one LAN matches. Out of those, they won and lost three, with a win rate of fifty percent. On the other hand, Virtus.pro have played over five hundred LAN matches, with a sixty percent win rate. There is no doubt that Virtus.pro will steamroll Quantum Bellator Fire. Virtus.pro always come back especially strong after a break, and their last LAN match was almost two months ago. That’s bad luck for Quantum Bellator Fire, because it’s sort of like being tossed in the deep end of a pool, and left to sink or swim. They’ll sink, and that’s good fortune for us, with the odds running at 1.25 on Virtus.pro. It’s a good opportunity for interested bettors to multiply their stake.

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Image Credit: Virtus.pro

BIG Vs Team Liquid

This won’t be the first time that these teams face each other. They have done so in four matches in all, once in a best of one and once in a best of three. Team Liquid then dominated BIG, winning all the matches but one. Now things are different, with steel having being replaced for the event by zews. Team Liquid are having trouble winning matches, and entered the Legends stage only because 100 Thieves couldn’t make it due to visa issues. They have played eleven matches with zews in their lineup and lost seven of them. Zews obviously can’t cut it on the top-tier pro circuit.

BIG have a fifty six percent win rate in LAN matches, and are clearly in much better shape than the current Team Liquid roster. This is a stupendous opportunity for BIG, since Team Liquid barely won against FlipSid3 Tactics, almost lost against Renegades, and were dragged into overtime by AVANGAR. While those stats are reasonably clear, this match can nevertheless not be classified as a sure win for BIG, as the team are notoriously inconsistent in their play.

Fnatic Vs FaZe Clan

Fnatic made changes to their roster through the last year that could hardly be called positive. For one thing, they traded olofmeister to FaZe Clan. Come now, olofmeister? They just might regret that when he mows them down in this match. Then there was dennis, whom they traded off for Lekro. Trading off dennis? What were they thinking of, or not thinking of? These decisions have left them with a seriously weakened roster that can no longer challenge top pro teams on equal terms.

Fnatic’s win rate has fallen to just fifty percent, while FaZe Clan have a win rate of sixty nine percent. That’s a considerable difference. These teams have played five matches against each other. FaZe Clan won four of those, with a considerable difference in scores. The only match that Fnatic won was in Inferno, and even that was in overtime. The stats clearly say that FaZe Clan ‘should’ win this, but there is a chance they might not. FaZe Clan have been virtually throwing matches against teams that should have had no chance against them, and we advise you to not risk a stake on them until they show very much more consistent play.

These are the most carefully formulated match predictions, by analysts who thoroughly study team histories and playing styles. Stay tuned for more match-by-match analyses and predictions for this event. Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and Facebook for the latest on your favourite Esports titles.