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Finals of the ELEAGUE - Will FaZe Clan put down Cloud9? - Esportsranks
Finals of the ELEAGUE – Will FaZe Clan put down Cloud9?

Natus Vincere were flung out of the ELEAGUE by FaZe Clan, just as we predicted. FaZe are playing in excellent form, and demonstrated this by the efficiency with which they put down Natus Vincere. The first map was Inferno, and Natus Vincere put up a good fight for the first half, so that it ended with FaZe Clan leading by just one round. However, FaZe totally dominated the second half, in which Natus Vincere were only able to score two rounds. FaZe Clan won the match by seven rounds. The second match, Mirage, was a FaZe pick, and they utterly dominated Natus Vincere throughout the match, advancing to the Finals over a crushed Na’Vi.

SK Gaming had a tough fight of it without boltz

Boltz is definitely an integral part of SK Gaming at this point, and nothing makes that so clear as their performances at this event. Yes, SK Gaming have put up a good show, but it’s been a hard, uphill struggle. They won their matches against Fnatic, but it was difficult. The first match was dragged into overtime twice, with Fnatic dominating the second overtime completely. SK Gaming just managed to avoid the next match in Overpass going into overtime too, and took the match by a bare two rounds. The third match was dominated by Fnatic at first, and it looked like it was going to be a major upset, with Fnatic actually defeating SK Gaming, but SK Gaming put out some very disciplined and focused play, and defeated Fnatic to win the match.

An exhausted SK Gaming were then crushed by Cloud9

It was very unfair of the ELEAGUE to force SK Gaming into two crucial best of three matches in a single day, while other teams had to fight only one. A demoralized SK Gaming, crippled by the ELEAGUE’s not allowing them to play with their complete roster, and exhausted by battling Fnatic in a best of three, were then immediately forced to play against Cloud9 in another best of three.

The results were a predictable victory for Cloud9

A single best of three match can take up to three hours, and this can tire anyone. In their confrontation with Cloud9, SK Gaming did win one match out of three, but then they lost the remaining two badly. They scored just three rounds in Mirage and only nine in Inferno. Cloud9 advanced to the Finals over the crushed hopes of an SK Gaming who have really drawn the short straw in many ways at this event.

ELEAGUE - Tarik of Cloud9

Image Credit: ELEAGUE

The Final Face-off of the ELEAGUE. Will FaZe dominate, or fall?

FaZe Clan will face Cloud9 on their home turf, and seem happy to face a Cloud9 with a complete roster, rather than an SK Gaming with a crippled one. Rain of FaZe Clan even went out of his way to comment upon this. Had they won against a crippled SK Gaming, it would nevertheless have been a tainted and incomplete victory. On the other hand, FaZe view Cloud9 as a challenge, because Cloud9 first defeated G2 Esports 2-0, and have now eliminated SK Gaming, all of which goes to show that Cloud9 are playing optimally. Putting them down will be quite a start-of-the-year achievement for FaZe Clan, with the whole stadium cheering for the home team.

It does look like FaZe Clan can win this

These teams have faced each other thrice in best of threes in the past, with the same lineups. Cloud9 not only lost all those series, but were unable to win a single match. All the matche-series ended with FaZe Clan winning 2-0, and Cloud9 were only able to score a double digit score against FaZe Clan once. FaZe Clan are going to win here. It may not be easy, and they may have to fight for it, but Cloud9 are going down today before the redoubtable FaZe Clan. This is a sure win, and with the odds running at 1.38 on FaZe Clan, promises secure winnings for the intelligent betting man. Remember, every little bit added to what you already have is a little bit more, and any sure win is worth a good stake.

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