EHOME Completes Near-Flawless Run to win Bucharest Minor

EHOME dominate all opposition to the tune of an 11-1 record to complete a near-flawless run and win the Bucharest Minor.

Coached by the former The International 2014 champion, Zhang ‘xiao8‘ NingEHOME ripped off 9 straight wins to open the Bucharest Minor before seeing their first loss to Gambit Esports in Game 2 of the Grand Finals. The win will serve as EHOME’s first DPC title, and just their second LAN win of the season, following their win at the WESG 2018 China Finals.

Offlaner, Zhang ‘Faith_bian‘ Ruida, was rock solid all tournament long for EHOME. The former TI6 champion posted a tournament-leading average KDA of 7.31 across 12 games. However, the win was an all-around performance for EHOME as all three of their cores posted an average KDA above 6.00.

Gambit Esports’ hard carry, Nikita ‘Daxak‘ Kuzmin, had himself a monster series in the defeat. He posted an 8-1-16 scoreline in their lone win of the Grand Finals and tried his best to prolong the series with his performance on Terrorblade in Game 4. However, EHOME’s five-man rotations proved too much for the rest of Gambit Esports to handle as they failed to create enough space for their cores to farm and keep up.

With the win, EHOME will take home $150,000 of the $300,000 prize pool and 120 DPC points. They will also advance to the Chongqing Major, where they will compete along with 15 other teams from January 19 to 27 for $1 million and 15,000 DPC points.

EHOME Show Off Unique Style of Dota in Bucharest Minor Win

EHOME seemed to defy convention by bringing over at least 4 (and most of the time, 5) members of their team in every team fight. Although this meant that they would lose out on some precious gold for their cores in some cases, it was a trade they were more than happy to make as it helped ensure their win in clashes and often resulted in an objective secured.

Whether they were initiating or responding to a gank, EHOME brought the numbers in every fight. As a result, Gambit Esports’ aggressive rotations would become their undoing the entire series. In the only game that they won, Gambit Esports relied on outlasting EHOME in team fights as the Chinese team had very little damage to offer outside of Luo ‘eGo‘ Bin and his Sven. However, even then, it was a hard fought battle.

Made up of two of the former members of TI6 champions, Wings Gaming, including their captain, Zhang ‘y`‘ Yiping, EHOME showcased a lot of versatility throughout the tournament. In fact, in the Grand Finals, the team only picked two heroes twice. More importantly, in their last six games of the tournament, EHOME picked only four heroes twice. This meant they picked a total of 24 unique heroes out of a possible 30.

EHOME will look to try out their unique style of Dota 2 against top-tier teams at the Chongqing Major next week.

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