EDG vs. RNG: Who Will Win the 2018 LPL Spring Finals?

The 2018 LPL Spring Finals is taking so late to finish that the hype for the Spring Split has all died down by now. The Midseason Invitational is all the rage these days, and most people just can’t wait before it starts. But before that happens, we have to wait for which team will emerge from the LPL.

The 2018 LPL Spring Finals all boils down to which of EDG or RNG will go on to represent china and bring glory to their region at the upcoming international competition

For most of this split, RNG have chased Edward Gaming. That’s not saying much, however, because both of them were highly dominant in their own groups. The difference was that once the playoffs started, EDG found themselves in the semifinals, while RNG were in the wildcard round.

Now, if RNG hadn’t been in shape this year, they would have fallen off like TSM, SKT or Misfits from the other regions. Instead, they fought their way up from the wildcard region, and smashed every team that came their way so far.

RNG Have All The Momentum in the World

Climbing from the bottom of the playoffs all the way to the 2018 LPL Spring Finals has exhilarated the audience, and has no doubt pumped up the team as well. We can only imagine the sensation they’re going through, as winning the split and going on to MSI is just one match away. This morale might not seem like a material force contributing towards their possible upcoming victory. However, it’s one of the most important aspects coming into this game.

Every player on the team is tilt-free right now, and their mechanics and feel of the game are real right now. Unlike EDG, they’ve been playing professional games for two extra matches, while EDG had to defeat the Rogue Warriors to get into the finals.

Don’t Count Out EDG Just Yet

Remember when Kingzone absolutely destroyed AFS in the LCK finals? We might end up seeing something similar during this Saturday. Kingzone had ample time to think of strategies to win against the opponents they’d fight in the finals while they waiting for them to arrive.

EDG are in a similar position heading into the 2018 LPL Spring Finals. This is a probable reason as to how they were able to beat Rogue Warriors with apparent ease.

If they’ve got a winning strategy in mind, they could end up destroying RNG’s morale. All they have to do is sharply during the first one or two games. Once that’s done, the rest of the match should be easy for them. However, this won’t be an easy thing to do, and the level of aggressive plays it’ll require is quite high.

As of now, it seems like the win will go over to EDG due to their consistent gameplay over the entire split. While it’s certainly possible that RNG could pull some last minute survival tactics, EDG are looking like the superior team. We think EDG will be the team that’ll represent the LPL during this year’s MSI.

Which team do you think will win the 2018 LPL Spring Finals? Do yuo agree with us that EDG are looking like the better team? Be sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments down below.

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