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ECS Season 6 Grand Final: MIBR vs Astralis - Esportsranks
ECS Season 6 Grand Final: MIBR vs Astralis

The deciding moment is finally here, as Astralis are set to face off against MIBR in the ECS Season 6 Grand Final for the trophy and $250,000.

As two of the best teams of the tournament, it’s no surprise that Astralis and MIBR would meet once again. Only that this time, the stakes will be much higher than before.

Earlier, MIBR surprisingly got the better of their Danish rivals as they scored a 2-1 series win to secure the top seed of their group. That win should give them a huge boost in confidence as they prepare to take down a team that’s widely considered as one of the best to have ever played the game, en route to taking home their first trophy in what feels like forever.

Having said that, we will not delay any further and get right down to business and discuss our picks for the ECS Season 6 Grand Final.

ECS Season 6 Grand Final Analysis

The Map Veto in the Grand Final could be interesting, to say the least. While Astralis are a dominant team who can play well in just about any map you put them in, the fact is, their performance in Train is so-so at best. In fact, they suffered two of their only losses of the tournament in that particular map. Meanwhile, Astralis have also shown that they’re vulnerable in Inferno and Mirage, albeit more so in the latter, in the past couple of months.

The three said maps will be key to MIBR’s chances of winning the tournament. After all, it’s a no-brainer at this point for Astralis to play Nuke, where they have to suffer a loss in months. Of course, given the kind of mind games and strategies Astralis have employed in the past, we shouldn’t put it past them to leave out Nuke and dare MIBR to waste a ban on it before eventually picking it themselves.

Ultimately, the map veto should leave us with Nuke, Mirage, and either Dust II or Train.

ECS Season 6 Grand Final Prediction

Both MIBR and Astralis can play well on all of the seven maps, which means that the series could all come down to composure and which team gains a head of steam first. Although we could see Astralis take the series 2-0, MIBR are also too good to not keep the series close and force out a third, deciding map.

In terms of individual skill, both teams boast some of the highest rated players so far at the ECS Season 6 LAN finals; neither one of them are heading into the Grand Final as the hotter of the two sides. But, if Nicolai ‘dev1ce‘ Reedtz can keep on performing as well as he has, he could easily end up being the best player of the series and walking away with yet another MVP award under his belt.

Of the two, a win here means a lot more to MIBR. Though they’re no longer in the running for the best CS:GO team right now, let alone ever, MIBR will need a trophy win before the year ends to serve as validation that it’s still worth it keeping the roster intact going forward.

Either way, regardless of the turnout, we should see a tit for tat series between two of some of the most talented teams in the scene.

Betting: Astralis to win at 1.40 odds. (10bet)

All ECS Season 6 Grand Final odds courtesy of 10bet.

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