Surprise – ECS Season 4 Matches shifted without warning…

In a surprise move, one match from each division of the ECS Season 4 Promotions has been shifted ahead… and completed… with little or no warning.

While we’re sure that the organizers had good reason for the change, it’s left some fans who were looking forward to these matches a little disappointed.

Here’s a rundown of what actually happened at these matches…

Team Dignitas vs Heroic

ECS Season 4 Team Dignitas vs Heroic

In the European section Team Dignitas fought Heroic. It was a BO5 match, with Nuke, Mirage, Inferno, Train and Overpass as the battlegrounds. Heroic utterly dominated this series, qualifying for the main event by crushing Team Dignitas in the first three matches.

Their next goal is to rank as one of the top 4 teams in the main event matches, and so qualify for the Finals.

Luminosity Gaming vs Misfits

ECS Season 4 luminosity vs misfits

In the North American section, Luminosity Gaming faced Misfits. Train, Mirage, Cache, Nuke and Cobblestone were chosen for battlegrounds. Misfits have done rather well in the development round, but were easily defeated by some inspired game-play by Luminosity in the first three matches in the series.

Luminosity goes on to fight for their place in the Finals.

Developments in ECS SEASON 4

European News

Heroic has certainly pushed its way through this event. In the last week, they crushed North. No one thought that North, which had shown good play in defeating teams like Fnatic at this event, would be defeated by Heroic – and by Space Soldiers.

In the last battle of week 4, it was North vs Space Soldiers. The battle was so close that even if North had ended it in a draw, they would have qualified for the Promotion matches. But Space Soldiers gave them no chance of a victory, ultimately decimating North in both matches. It seems North were caught a trifle off-balance.

Not only did Heroic and Space Soldiers qualify for the promotions, but as you’ve seen, Heroic has already fought the first matches of those promotions, surging ahead on a tide of good tactics and excellent game-play.

With matches shifted for ECS Season 4, fans are puzzled...

Image Credit: ECS

North American News

Tempo Storm have been in the lead in the North American section for some time now, with Misfits and compLexity Gaming savagely battling for second place. Misfits just barely qualified for the Promotions, having had to win all 3 matches that they fought in week 4.

They did it, pushing compLexity to 3rd place, and qualifying for the Promotion Matches.

Yet Misfits’ journey ended in disaster in the first week of the Promotions, with Luminosity Gaming effortlessly crushing them in BO5 matches. Tempo Storm’s matches are still to come.

What happens next

Teams qualified from the Development League will face teams who already qualified for the Promotion matches in the last season by holding 9th and 10th places. All the matches will be BO5.

ECS Season 4 – Promotions to come… vs Space Soldiers

Ghost Gaming vs Tempo Storm

Once these teams face each other, we’ll know what teams will face each other in the Playoffs.

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