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ECS Season 4 - Drastic Changes to the League Ladder - Esportsranks
ECS Season 4 – Drastic Changes to the League Ladder

With the savage battles of the last three weeks winding down into this one, the League Ladder for this Season of the Esports Championship Series has been changing rapidly.

This week’s matches are the last chance some teams will have to make the promotion matches, so there’s going to be a lot of desperate fighting.

Here’s how the participating teams stand as to points in the…

ECS League Ladder

Tempo Storm – 15 points

compLexity Gaming – 13 points

Rise Nation – 9 points

Misfits – 8 points

Denial Esports – 8 points


Splyce – 3 points

Rudy’s Players Club – 1 points

Teams engaging each other this week…


Misfits are a very well known team and have taken part in many Premier and Major Leagues this year.

Misfits first fought compLexity Gaming in the ECS development matches, each of them winning one match of the two they played against each other. Then Misfits fought Tempo Storm, where Tempo Storm defeated Misfits in both matches. The last match Misfits fought in week 1 of this event was against Splyce, where both teams won one match.

Misfits fought no matches in week 2.

In week 3, Misfits went up against FRENCH CANADIANS and won 2-0. Misfits have also played their matches against Rise Nations, again winning 2-0.

They have played 10 matches so far in this event, and managed to win 6 of them. Misfits’ current score is 8 points, with a 60% win rate.

Denial LogoDenial Esports

Denial Esports is a North American Esports organization that currently hosts teams in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Halo and Gears of War.

The organization has hosted several different North American CS:GO rosters in the course of its existence.

In week 1, their current roster faced Rudy’s Players Club and defeated them 2-0. At the end of week 1 they battled compLexity Gaming. They put up a good fight, but were hopelessly outclassed, and lost both matches. In week 2, Denial faced FRENCH CANADIANS, with the match ending in a draw. In week 3, Denial and Tempo Storm faced each other – that was another draw.

Denial next fought Rise Nation in week 3 and ended up losing both matches. Their next match was against Splyce, where Denial crushed Splyce in both matches.

Overall, Denial have played 12 matches and won 6 at this event, giving them a win rate of 50%.

These two teams will face each other in week four. On the day after that we’ll know which teams will be in the promotions.


Misfits vs Denial Esports

Misfits vs Denial

September 19, 2017 (18:00 EDT)

Misfits have to win this if they want to stay in the event. That said, Misfits have a good chance of dominating, since they are a much more experienced team than Denial Esports.

These teams have played four matches against each other this year. And out of those four, Misfits won three. In the last season of the Esports Championship Series, these teams fought each other to a tie.

Even if Denial Esports win this, they are still out of the event. But in that case, they will take Misfits down with them.

Misfits need to win all the upcoming matches to qualify for the Promotions, even though they’re midway up the League Ladder.

Betting Predictions:

Misfits clearly have the advantage in this battle, since they’ve shown they’re capable of going up against top-tier teams. Misfits is likely to win their matches against Denial.

The odds are 4/7 on Misfits!

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