Tough Battles in the ECS – Match Predictions

Today’s matches are tough ones – both for players and bettors, and some of them could go either way. Our analysts have worked to carefully balance probabilities to give you some reasonable match predictions for the battles today. Let’s start with…

Fnatic vs Team EnVyUs

25th October, 2017 – Match 1 (13:00 EDT) and Match 2 (14:00 EDT)

Fnatic and Team EnVyUs have fought against each other in five matches with their current rosters. Three of them were Bo1 matches, and all of them were won by Fnatic. Their most recent encounter was at Intel Extreme Masters XII – Oakland, where they clashed in Bo3 matches. Team EnVyUs defeated Fnatic in the first two matches, but one of the matches went into overtime.

Fnatic’s win-rate – 60% per match and 52% per round.

Team EnVyUs’ win-rate – 40% per match and 48% per round.

There is a 20% chance that a match will go into overtime.

Match Predictions –

Fnatic certainly have a 20% better chance to win a match against Team EnVyUs. But the difference in winning rounds is just 4%. Fnatic looks more promising and did better against Heroic and Astralis as compared to Team EnVyUs.

The odds are 5/6 on Fnatic! That’s good value for your money…

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FaZe Clan vs mousesports

25th October, 2017 – Match 1 (15:00 EDT) and Match 2 (16:00 EDT)

This is going to be a fight to remember. FaZe Clan and mousesports have already faced each other in 2 leagues with their current rosters. Their first face-off was in ESL Pro League Season 6, where each of them won a match against the other. And at DreamHack Masters Malmo 2017, FaZe Clan and mousesports faced each other once in a Bo1 and FaZe Clan defeated mousesports 16:9.

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Image Credit: FaZe Clan, Twitter

FaZe Clan’s win-rate – 66% per match and 51% per round.

Mousesports’ win-rate – 34% per match and 49% per round.

Match Predictions –

Mousesports have just 2% less chance of winning a round against FaZe Clan. This makes this pretty much an equal fight. If mousesports manage to win even a single match, that would translate into considerable winnings for those who bet on them. Though we wouldn’t recommend that, unless you think that betting against FaZe Clan is a risk worth taking.

The odds are 3/10 on FaZe Clan! Reasonable returns for a relatively sure win.

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SK Gaming and Team Liquid

25th October, 2017 – Match 1 (18:00 EDT) and Match 2 (19:00 EDT)

These two teams have fought a good many matches against each other. They last met at the ELEAGUE CS:GO Premier 2017, where SK Gaming defeated Team Liquid in Bo3 matches – 2:1. These teams have played 14 matches against each other with their current rosters.

SK Gaming’s win-rate – 50% per match and 52% per round.

Team Liquid’s win-rate – 50% per match and 48% per round.

There is a 14% chance a match will enter overtime.

Match Predictions –

As the stats show, these teams are equal in almost every way. Let someone else bet on this particular match, because it’s a coin toss.

Immortals vs Ghost Gaming

25th October, 2017 – Match 1 (20:00 EDT) and Match 2 (21:00 EDT)

Both Immortals and Ghost Gaming have won 2 matches in this league. Both these teams won and lost a match against Luminosity Gaming. This makes them more or less equals. The newest member of Immortals, “zqk,” is an ex-player of Ghost Gaming. Immortals signed him on the 13th of October, 2017.

Ghost Gaming’s win-rate – 47% per round.

Immortals’ win-rate – 53% per round.

Match Predictions –

Immortals is the better team to bet on as compared to Ghost Gaming. Immortals have increased their overall win-rate from 25% to 40% with this roster, whereas Ghost Gaming is still at 25%.

The odds are 8/13 on Immortals! Good odds, and, if you’re sentimental, a chance for a ‘safe bet’ on Immortals that may not come again for awhile…

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These are the most carefully formulated betting and match predictions, by analysts who thoroughly study team histories and playing styles.

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