Match Predictions for the ECS Finals – A Selection of High odds and Sure Wins

After a long break in the CS:GO competitive scene we finally have a big tournament with great Tier 1 teams ahead of us. The Esport Championship Series is one of the biggest tournaments in CS:GO, organized by Faceit for 5 years straight. This tournament is unique because it is made up of 2 separate tournaments, one hosted in Europe and the other one in North America. The best 4 teams from each continent meet in the ECS Finals hosted in London this year, scheduled on June 8th, 2018.  The prize fund is not announced yet but the budget for the last three years was $660,000, and one thing we know about esports is that more money is involved in this industry every year; so the prize fund can only grow bigger.

Tournament format:

Teams at the ECS Finals will be divided into two groups, 4 teams in each group, 2 from each continent.

Group A: Astralis, Cloud9, Fnatic, Liquid

Group B: NRG, G2, Faze, Luminosity

The games in each group will be played in a double-elimination format. Opening and winners matches are Bo1 while elimination and decider matches are Bo3, something similar to what we see at Majors. Top two teams from each group advance to the Playoffs where they meet at the single-elimination bracket in Bo3 matches

ECS Finals Betting tips:

If you consider placing a long run bet on the tournament winner or who will reach the finals you can do it @ Astralis is clearly a favourite team to win this tournament, they just won the ESL Pro League Finals,  further they were placed second at IEM Sydney and they also won at DreamHack Masters in Marseille. This team is doing more than great, they are on a winning streak with only 1 loss in the last 10 matches, and that match was against Faze in the grand finals of IEM Sydney. The betting sites also know this and they won’t give us great odds but we got a decent odds 3,00 @

To put aside the obvious favourite team, we would like to point out one more team on this tournament, WESG World Finals winner Fnatic. This team is not doing so great lately, they won at WESG, were third placed in Marseille and did nothing since then. Is is time for them to step up and prove the world that they are still one of the greatest teams on CS:GO scene. If you want to risk more, you should consider betting a small amount 3/10 on Fnatic to win this tournament, 6,50 @

Meanwhile, for those who can not wait until the end of the tournament, there are some matches to bet during the tournament. We have 4 Bo1 matches in the first round of the group stage:

ECS Finals – Astralis vs Cloud9

The first match is scheduled for 8th July at 12:15 UTC. Let’s start with the team facts:


Lineup: Xyp9x, dupreeh, gla1ve, dev1ce, Magisk.

Matches: 832

Won: 441

Lost: 213

Win ratio: 53%

Astralis won 5 out of 5 last matches.


Lineup: FNS, Skadoodle, RUSH, tarikautimatic

Matches: 669

Won: 437

Lost: 232

Win ratio: 65,32%

Cloud9 won 3 out of 5 last matches.

Head to head:  Astralis 3 – 4 Cloud9



As mentioned before in the text Astralis came here to win this tournament.  Both teams had a recent roster change, Astralis got the best from it and they are now placed as the first team on CS:GO ladder, while on the other side Cloud9 is struggling and losing matches against Tier 2 teams.  Out of 3 last head to head matches, Cloud9 won 2 of them and they are statistically better, with more wins and the better win ratio. But they did not play against each other since Stewie left. Cloud9 did not win a single tournament since then, they did not manage to play in the semi-finals either. This team is struggling and Astralis is shining, things are clear here and we suggest a high bet 8/10 on Astralis, 1,32 @


Bet on Astralis here!!!

DreamHack Marseille Astralis

Image Credit: Astralis

ECS Finals – Fnatic vs Team Liquid

This is the second match from group A, scheduled at 13:30 UTC the same day.


Lineup: Xizt, flusha, JW, KRIMZ, Golden

Matches: 768

Won: 521

Lost: 265

Win ratio: 66,28%

Fnatic won 2 out of 5 last matches.


Lineup: nitr0, NAF, EliGE, TACO, Twistzz

Matches: 457

Won: 353

Lost: 238

Win ratio: 24,23%

Liquid won 2 out of 5 last matches.

Head to head: Fnatic 3 – 2 Liquid



Liquid is a favourite team here, they were in the grand finals of ESL Pro League after defeating mousesports and Na’Vi. Since then they did lost a few matches and they are not in the same form as they were back then. On the other side, Fnatic is doing a great job, they are back in form. Despite the fact that they lost against 2 giants; Faze and Astralis, they are current World Champions and they won’t give up easily. Our tip here is a low bet on Fnatic,4/10. We got a pretty good odds too, 2,02 @

Bet on Fnatic to win @ 2.02!


ECS Finals – NRG vs G2 Esports

This match is the first match from group B, scheduled at 16:00 UTC the same day


Lineup: daps, FugLy, BrehzenahtE, CeRq

Matches: 324

Won: 172

Lost: 152

Win ratio: 53,09%

NRG won 3 out of 5 last matches.


Lineup: kennyS, NBK, apEX, bodyy, ???

Matches: 870

Won: 301

Lost: 248

Win ratio: 34,60%

G2 won 4 out of 5 last matches.

Head to head: NRG 0 – 1 G2


Those 2 teams played only 1 match in these rosters so far. That match was 1 month ago, Kenny did a pretty good job with +22 K/D and G2 won. Would that be the case here again? When we look at G2‘s lineup we see that one player is missing. Shox left the team and they did not found a permanent solution yet. In the last few matches, mixwell was the replacement and it turned out to be a disaster. He is on the bottom of the scoreboard and the rest of team has to carry him. There are great chances for NRG to win this match if G2 doesn’t come up with a new player soon, mixwell would probably be the fifth player in this tournament too. This is a risky bet, but we would try a low bet on NRG 4/10,  3,5 @

Bet now on NRG to win @ 3,5 !


ECS Finals – FAZE  vs LG

This match is the second match from group B, scheduled at 17:15 UTC the same day.


Lineup: karrigan, olofmeister, GuardiaN, NiKo, rain

Matches: 588

Won: 251

Lost: 157

Win ratio: 42,69%

Faze won 3 out of 5 last matches.


Lineup: PKL, steel, SHOOWTiME.NEKIZyeL

Matches: 696

Won: 282

Lost: 205

Win ratio: 40,52%

Luminosity won 1 out of 5 last matches.

Head to head: Faze 0 – 0 Luminosity



Those 2 teams never played against each other in these rosters. This is a chance for young Brazilians to shine and rise but it is almost impossible to do this at this tournament especially if you are playing against Faze in the first round. They came here as a fourth-placed team in North America. There is not so much to say about them, no recent roster changes since the whole team left to SK, no trophies in this lineup and absolutely no chance of even passing a group stage here.

On the other side, there is Faze. The team made of 5 star players with great individual skill. Those 5 players are great both individually and as a team. Faze is not afraid of anyone, they can defeat any Tier 1 team with handicap and this match should not be a problem for them. This is something like a warmup for the upcoming matches.

Our tip here is max a bet 10/10 on Faze, 1,20 @

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