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Accurate Betting Predictions for the ECS - Sept 20 - Esportsranks
Accurate Betting Predictions for the ECS – Sept 20

With the ECS Development League matches coming to an end, this week’s matches are the last chance to cash in before this event moves into the Promotions. With that in mind, here are some interesting analyses of the matches on September 20, with clear betting predictions of the possible winners of each match.

Read on, and cash in on the predictions of your choice. There’s an especially juicy tip at the end of the article, with a sure-cash match between Misfits and Rudy’s Players Club. Don’t miss out on betting on that one!

Betting Predictions – European League

North vs Heroic

 (Match at 18:00 CEST)

Heroic have already qualified for the Promotion matches. It doesn’t matter whether they win or lose. On the other hand North still need to win a match set to enter the Promotion matches. North currently have 9 points.

If North win both the matches against Heroic, their final score will be 12 points. A draw will give them 1 point so they still have a chance to qualify. North are performing brilliantly in other events.

Betting Predictions: There is no doubt that North will win this. Since Heroic are already qualified, they may not even focus on a win, but instead on trying different strategies.

The odds are 4/5 on North!

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North vs Space Soldiers

(Match at 20:00 CEST)

Space Soldiers could make it to the Promotion matches if North loses against Heroic, which would give them zero points. And if Space Soldiers also manage to defeat North in both matches, they will be certain to qualify.

Looking at Space Soldiers’ current performance, they may end up in a draw against North. North is definitely not going to lose. The worst-case possibility for North is a tie. Space Soldiers currently stand 5th with 8 points.

Betting Predictions: If they somehow manage to win against North it will give Space Soldiers 3 points, and a total of 11 points. Which is exactly what they need to displace Gambit Esports, who hold 9 points.

The odds are 5/4 on a Tie!

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Betting Predictions – North American League

FRENCH CANADIANS vs Rudy’s Players Club

 (Match at 18:00 EDT)

No matter who wins this, these teams already hold the lowest positions on the ladder. Rudy’s Players Club are currently at the bottom of the ladder with only 1 point so far. FRENCH CANADIANS are among the lowest three on the ladder, with 4 points.

The only thing these teams should focus upon now is exiting the event with a win. Winning this will give Rudy’s Players Club 3 points, and a total of 4 points, which will put them next to FRENCH CANADIANS on the ladder.

Betting Predictions: These teams’ most recent performances point to a draw, or to a victory for FRENCH CANADIANS.

The odds are 7/4 on FRENCH CANADIANS!

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Misfits vs Rudy’s Players Club

(Match at 20:00 EDT)

Misfits have already won their last two encounters this week. They have climbed the ladder very quickly, from 5th to 3rd place in just the last two battles. But they still need to win this encounter against Rudy’s Players Club to qualify for the Promotion matches.

Right now compLexity Gaming have 13 points. And if Misfits win this, their final score will be 14 points, very close. If Rudy’s Players Club manage to draw the matches it will disqualify Misfits. Rudy’s Players Club will definitely try that.

Betting Predictions: Misfits are tough. Misfit will not even have to play all 30 rounds to win a match against Rudy’s Player Club.

THIS MATCH IS A GOOD BET. There’s very little likelihood that you will lose your money.

The odds are 4/9 on Misfits!

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These are the most carefully formulated betting and match predictions, by analysts who thoroughly study team histories and playing styles.

Stay tuned for more match-by-match betting analyses for this event.

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