EA PLAY hypes up FIFA 18, Madden 18, Starwars Battlefront 2

As is the norm, the biggest of the AAA game developers had their press conference days before the main event. EA brought all the hype to their yearly presentation of their headline games, called EA PLAY. The location: The Hollywood Palladium. Many tuned in to hear the latest news about FIFA 18, Madden 18, Starwars Battlefront 2, among others.


The presentation kicked off with a drum line introducing EA’s football story mode for Madden 18. Titled longshot, we believe that this game mode will be similar to what we saw with FIFA 17’s “The Journey”. An EA executive opened the festivities introducing EA PLAY and the venue they have built for 3 days for everyone present to try out the new games.

Battlefield 1 was the first game that was showcased. After starting off with a montage of streamers talking the game up, we reach the announcements.

* In the name of the Czar expansion
* 8 New maps including night maps
* Eastern theatre campaigns
* Russian army
* Womens battalion

EA teased that there will be a smaller, more competitive arena for Battlefield. This leads us to conclude that there will be push towards competitive Battlefield in the coming expansion.

FIFA 18 will have a bigger competitive scene, with players being able to represent real world teams. More information will be coming in the summer months. The boys in the blazers brought us the news we’ve all been waiting for – The Journey 2 returns! Seriously now – arguably the biggest news is that 4 more icons will be revealed on June 12. We will bring you the reveal live as it happens on Twitter. Expected to reveal the icons is none other than FIFA’s most popular streamer – Edwin Castro, otherwise known as Castro1021. Thierry Henry is predicted to be one of the icons which will be confirmed.

Need for Speed Payback in game footage presented and looked spectacular. Early feedback is that it will be received well by the fans.


A Whole New World

EA has also teased that Scorpio is coming with huge graphic potential just before unveiling their new IP with Bioware. Called “Anthem”, it seems like this one will be huge. More information about this to come at the Xbox press conference.

NBA Live 18 will have new mechanics introduced, which seems similar to skill moves in FIFA 18. A “career mode” labelled “The One” seems to be also added to the basketball game.

On to Battlefront 2. There will be a story mode in the game and have over 3 times the content of the previous iteration. This is something that people have been clamouring about, the lack of content. EA have clearly listened to the players and kept them in mind when developing Battlefront 2.

More news soon as they come out.