E11 Stompy sit’s atop Europe, Kinstaar adds solo qualification, Reverse2k qualifies, heartbreak for Natehill – Fortnite World Cup Week 7

E11’s Stompy provided more evidence in Week 7 of the Fortnite World Cup that those that consider him the best player in the game probably aren’t wrong. He “qualified” again, That’s 5 out of 7 possible times. This week he finished 4th, on 63 points and added a further $2,500 to rapidly increasing prize winnings.

One player who was supporting him was Kinstaar of Team Solary. After failing to queue into his last
game due to a bug, he had an excruciating wait as other results came in with his destiny out his hands. E11 Stompy was one player he would have been up against and with Stompy already qualified and in a qualifying spot – Kinstaar became an unlikely fan. Luck was on Kinstaar’s side this evening and he ultimately finished 7th, qualifying him as a solo player for the World Cup. This follows his qualification last week as a Duo.

Another player joining him is Gambit.fwexY who has the distinction of being just the 3rd completely qualified duo(qualifying as solo and duo players) after EU’s MrSavage & Benjyfishy and North America’s FaZe Megga & Dubs.

All eyes in NA East were on Ninja yet again as he pushes to qualify for the World Cup. He wasn’t to be this week, according to his Twitter he was hungover and he may regret the heavy drinking today. He started well, before dying off spawn in 3 consecutive games. It threw him off his game as it often does and he ended his night and stream very early.

His duo partner Reverse2k fared much better, he qualified as a solo player finishing in 2nd he sat in 1st place for much of the last hour but was pipped to the spot by none other than FaZe Dubs.

It’s been an interesting week for Tfue, with the unfolding drama as he attempts to extradite himself from his contract with FaZe. So in many way’s it was weird to see him slip so easily back to the business of being Fortnite’s No.1. As he had already qualified as a Solo player, this week was more good practice than a sweat fest, and he seemed relaxed, playing well and popping off in his final game. He finished 5th.

His duo partner Cloakzy struggled and after a week where he was thrown into the spotlight with rumours he will be leaving FaZe alongside Tfue it can perhaps come as no surprise. The pressure of that, plus qualifying looks to be getting too much and he clearly can’t handle it in the same way Turner can.

Nate Hill started the weekend strong – he came 2nd in the Saturday qualifier and headed into his final game with 46 points. He popped off in a big way in his last game, he was nailbiting stuff as he fought for every elimination in a stacked lobby that contained 7 of the top 10 players. It wasn’t to be this week for the one-time model, he finished 2nd one elimination, and the subsequent 3 points for a victory royale, away from qualifying.

Fortnite World Cup Week 7 – Europe Final Standings

Fortnite World Cup Week 7 Europe aqua.

Fortnite World Cup – EU (Top 8 Qualify)

Aqua and E11 Stompy qualified as solo players in previous weeks.

Fortnite World Cup Week 7 – NA East Final Standings

Fortnite World Cup Week 7  NAte hill

Fortnite World Cup – NA East (Top 6 Qualify)

Fortnite World Cup Week 7 – NA West Final Standings

Standings and recap will be added as it happens.

Fortnite World Cup Week 7 – Oceania Final Standings

Fortnite World Cup Week 7 Twins iwnl

Fortnite World Cup – Oceania (Top 1 Qualifies)

Fortnite World Cup Week 7 – Asia Final Standings

Fortnite World Cup – Asia (Top 2)

Fortnite World Cup Week 7 – Brazil Final Standings

Fortnite World Cup  – Brazil (Top 2 Qualify)

Two 13 year old’s qualifying out of Brazil, CODE NICKSSS added a solo qualification to his duo and k1ng iwnl- who has been knocking at the door for the last few week also secured his place in New York.