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Astralis' Multi-Talented Dupreeh Moves to Cover for Dev1ce - Esportsranks
Astralis’ Multi-Talented Dupreeh Moves to Cover for Dev1ce

Peter Rothmann, also known as dupreeh, did brilliantly well in the finals of the Blast Pro Series, showing the world once again just what it means to be a great CS:GO player. He also took on an entirely new role there to cover for the missing dev1ce. Dev1ce has been taking a break from tournament play due to serious health issues that have been troubling him all through the last year, and which he has finally had to take a break from play to deal with. This has created a lethal gap in Astralis’ skill set, and dupreeh has been cycling through different roles to fill that gap.

Dev1ce is Astralis’ top-flight AWPer, and without him on the team there’s a whole skill set missing, and Astralis were finding it very difficult to deal with that. Nevertheless, Astralis rose through the ranks to take on SK Gaming, and a lot of the credit for that goes to dupreeh.

Dupreeh’s expanding capabilities and roles

Dupreeh has exponentially enhanced his performance, tactics and play over the last half of the last year. While dupreeh was never really in the running for the best player in the world, he has always been in the top ten players globally, and has always been a part of teams that were part of the elite of CS:GO. As a matter of fact, it is only the now-missing dev1ce that prevents dupreeh from being considered the greatest CS:GO player that Denmark has ever seen.

Dupreeh and dev1ce

Image Credit: Astralis

Looking back at Dupreeh

While dupreeh’s early years are full of astounding entry plays, he seemed to level out somewhere in 2016. He was still a great CS:GO player, and an excellent pro, but he could no longer really be considered a star. At one time, Astralis merely being in an event used to be a guarantee that they would also be in the playoffs, but this changed in 2016. Now the team had to struggle in the group stages themselves, and the team were then eliminated twice in group matches. This seemed a clear sign that changes were needed in the team roster. That’s when Astralis added Kjaerbye to the team. People had even begun to say that dupreeh was passé, and that he and team captain karrigan needed to be replaced.

The rise of gla1ve

This is the point when gla1ve arose as the new in-game leader, and in the new team meta dupreeh seemed to be unable to merge with the plays of the rest of the team. Dupreeh always used to play entry, but now gla1ve asked him to step aside, and gave that role to Kjaerbye. Dupreeh was relegated to a lurker. This must have been a very difficult change for dupreeh after years of playing entry. Whatever the change in roles, it worked, because Astralis was once again a world-class team, pushing up to the playoffs of any event that they took part in. Dupreeh was increasingly relegated to a background role as Kjaerbye fought more and more competently in the role dupreeh originally used to play in. Things might have gone badly for dupreeh if Kjaerbye hadn’t begun to level out a little as for skill.

Astralis’ winning streak then came to a halt

Other teams with entry men even more skilled than Astralis’ were pushing Astralis back, hard. That’s roughly when dupreeh came into his own once again, as Astralis turned into the strategy-machine it is today, to counter skill-heavy teams like the present-day SK Gaming. Astralis’ strategy-heavy approach doesn’t work every time when faced with a skill-heavy team, but it works often enough that the team can consistently reach semifinals before being butchered by teams in which each and every member is as good at all out firefight fragging as dupreeh once used to be.

Dupreeh as an aggressive lurker

During this time dupreeh had morphed into the consummate lurker, adding an element of pure aggression while moving around the outer edges of maps, taking kills that came his way. Dupreeh particularly flourished because Astralis is such a versatile team, which allowed him to be similarly versatile in his plays. Best of all, gla1ve was much given to reading a situation mid-round and quickly changing tracks and strategy mid-game. This allowed dupreeh to sometimes return to his original lethal entry role, suddenly emerging into the open in displays of sheer aggression.

This was really when dupreeh began to shine

It suddenly became apparent just how experienced a player he was, and since his role was so ill-defined, it was a role that most other teams were inexperienced in countering. Gla1ve found that he could actually use dupreeh as a distraction, and that dupreeh had a very fine sense of how far to push in this role before making a tactical retreat that prevented him from getting killed. In such roles, he was a constant threat to opposing teams, who never new in which role this lethal lurker would be unleashed upon them.

Best of all, dupreeh now occasionally began to partner with Kjaerbye in a double entry, giving Astralis the kind of entry level threat that only world dominating teams like the present SK Gaming possess. Dupreeh’s greatness can be seen in the fact that he was actually able to master a completely different role from the one that he started out in, and become invaluable to his team in the new role.

Astralis and dupreeh at the Blast Pro Series

Astralis were truly heroic at this event, as dev1ce was ill and the team thus lacked their top AWPer. The team took on the Swedish player dennis, which was rather a handicap to the Danish team, as they had to talk to him in-game in English, instead of the Danish that they used among themselves.

dupreeh, lurker, AWPer, entry fragger

Image Credit: Astralis

Since Astralis goes in so heavy on the tactical, this was crippling the team. They could no longer put out the highly effective strategies and plays that had been their trademark. FaZe and SK Gaming began to disregard Astralis in their planning for events, truly an insult to a team that has always been a contender at the world’s top events.

But Astralis got their act together

This happened in the group matches, with dennis taking an immense number of kills, and dupreeh gaining a plus twenty one kill-to-death ratio. Astralis would push on to face SK Gaming in a finale finish that was little short of epic.

A new role for the veteran pro

Dupreeh went AWPer, once again donning a new role for his team, and winning rounds in the first half to take Astralis into the lead. SK Gaming then hit back, and the battle for the title went into a third map. Finally FalleN, who usually holds back to give his team-mates a chance at the kills, found that he had to take on dupreeh if his team were to win the event.

Fallen vs dupreeh

FalleN and dupreeh slugged it out, with FalleN putting out exponentially more lethal plays that showed just why he’s considered legendary. Yet Astralis pushed back to the final rounds of the final match, and victory was almost within their grasp, on their home ground.

But it was not to be

SK Gaming lashed out in a final series of brilliant plays, and Astralis went down before them. But it was heroic, and this event, though a loss, showcased just what dupreeh is all about. A brilliant player, utterly versatile, perhaps the most versatile player CS:GO has to offer today. A man of utter loyalty, winning to do anything, take any role, so that his team may have a shot at the limelight. At least at the moment, an Astralis without dupreeh is unimaginable.

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