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DreamLeague Season 7 Preview - Esportsranks
DreamLeague Season 7 Preview

Sponsored by Monster Energy, the event will take place on 21st and 22nd of July in Atlanta. This is a premier series tournament and teams will battle for a total of $175,000 in the prize pool. Here is Esoprtsranks’ DreamLeague Season 7 preview.

In the EU division, 8 teams fought to claim the 3 qualifying spots for the main event. In the NA division, 4 teams battled for the sole slot available. The squads played a round-robin (all-play-all) format for both NA and EU division qualifiers. For each game won during division qualifiers, teams earned $1,000 per game.

DreamLeague Season 7 Preview – EU division qualifiers

Vega Squadron

  • G
  • AfterLife
  • Silent
  • CemaTheSlayeR

Vega had a score of 9-5 in the round-robin stage and will be the only team representing the CIS region. This year team has qualified for several main events, but were unable to perform at the highest level in offline tournaments so far. However, they finished third in the EU division leaving Virtus.pro – the best team in the CIS region – behind them. We will see if this is the tournament where Vega Squadron proves they can play up to par with the best teams.

Team Liquid

  • Miracle-
  • MinD_ContRoL
  • GH
  • KuroKy

Liquid finished with the same score like Vega in the EU division. However, they had a much more hectic schedule and played in various other tournaments. They are feeling confident after taking the StarLadder i-league Invitational #2 title home, and are looking to confirm their good form with another strong performance – this time around in a premier tier tournament.

Team Secret

  • MP
  • MidOne
  • KheZu
  • YapzOr
  • Puppey

Team Secret finished the EU division qualifiers in first place, scoring 10-4. This team made a name for themselves back in 2015 when they won several premier tournaments along with the MLG World Finals. Since their Shanghai Major title in 2016, they haven’t had any memorable results. It remains to be seen if they will be able to return to the winning path they paved in the past.

DreamLeague Season 7 Preview – NA division qualifiers

Planet Odd

  • Resolut1on
  • w33
  • MoonMeander
  • MiSeRy
  • Saksa

Not so long ago players from Digital Chaos created a team under a new name – Thunderbirds. Now ex-Thunderbirds will play under new name – Planet Odd. The company that bought the team is registered as a casino in Malta. The squad has decent chances to qualify for TI7, and if they do this will prove to be a great marketing decision by the owners.

The team has had decent performances in a short period of time while playing under the name Thunderbirds. They managed to qualify for EPICENTER Moscow and finished third in the DOTA Summit 7 American Qualifier. DreamLeague Season 7 will be a good chance for them to establish winning mentality in their freshly formed organisation.

Format and predictions

DreamLeague Season 7 is played in a double elimination format, Bo3 matches, with a Bo5 Grand Final. The team that reaches the Grand Final through the upper bracket won’t have the usual 1-0 starting advantage. In my opinion, this is a fair decision. Teams that advance through the upper bracket already have an advantage of scouting their opponents without having to play additional Bo3s.

Nothing is ever predictable in the world of eSports and that is the very reason we enjoy it so much. However, based on the recent form and performances, our DreamLeague Season 7 preview early prediction winners are Team Liquid. They are the favourites to claim another LAN tournament and take home a $80,000 paycheck.