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DreamLeague Season 7 Day 1 Recap - Esportsranks
DreamLeague Season 7 Day 1 Recap

After Day 1 of the DreamLeague Season 7 LAN finals, Team Liquid secures the place in the grand finals, while Vega is now out of the tournament. Planet Odd and Team Secret will play against each other in the losers’ finals.

DreamLeague Season 7 – First round – Semifinals

We have 4 qualified teams for this year’s Dreamhack’s DreamLeague Season 7; three of which earned their spot through the EU qualifiers, while Planet Odd earned theirs via the NA qualifiers.

Planet Odd VS Team Secret

The first series of the day featured Planet Odd vs Team Secret.

Planet Odd started the series off with a good draft, as Team Secret allowed them to pick up almost every hero they’ve wanted. The game was action packed and we saw lots of early fights. Antimage got all the farm, which backed up by Doom and Batrider ults resulted in few easy pickoffs, eventually leading to Secret’s defenses crumbling, which eventually lead to a win by Planet Odd. 

In the second game, Team Secret made the necessary adjustments to avoid prolonging the game. Earthshaker was getting all the right initiations, followed up by Dark Seer with the classic Wall+Vacuum combo.

This was all too much for the lone NA team to handle and they were forced to call GG in a little over 30 minutes.

In the deciding game, Planet Odd pulled out Arc Warden which proved to be a great choice.

In the early game, Team Secret’s Underlord was pushing and farming heavily. Along with Rubick and Shadow Shaman, they managed to get many picks on enemy heroes. However, they couldn’t breach the high ground and after one disastrous fight, things just went downhill for them.

Planet Odd would eventually win the match and advance to the Winners’ Finals.

Team Liquid VS Vega Squadron

A sweep in the favour of Team Liquid on paper looks just as you’d expect these games to go. In reality, however, the games were all but easy.

Vega Squadron actually had significant advantages in both games.

In Game 1 all but 1 ranged racks of Liquid were destroyed and could’ve gone Vega Squadron’s way. However, Miracle- proved true to his namesake, pulling off several backdoor attempts to get Team Liquid mega creeps and eventually, the win.

Vega Squadron was not fazed even after their earlier collapse and came out of the gates even stronger in Game 2. They played aggressively and slowly built a significant advantage, but alas, they could not secure the win.

MindControl on Enigma proved a key factor to Team Liquid’s sweeping of Vega Squadron as his hero’s ultimate, Black Hole, rendered AlohaDance and his Sven basically useless during team fights.

DreamLeague Season 7 – Winners’ Finals

Team Liquid felt confident after close victories against Vega, so confident that MATUMBAMAN was on Pugna in the safe lane.

Team Liquid played the map brilliantly, offlane of Mind Control hadn’t lost a tower through the entire game. Eventually, they kept taking chunks of Odd’s defences, getting two sets of racks at around 30 minutes. The closed the game easily after that.

In Game 2, we saw again that Miracle loves to play Antimaga, and it was obvious why. Always above all players in net worth, almost doubling it at 40 minutes, jumping in and out of fights, he was just too much for Planet Odd to deal with.

With the win, Team Liquid secured their spot in the Grand Finals, while Planet Odd was left to wait for the winner of Team Secret vs Vega Squadron. 

Secret VS Vega –  Losers’ hope

Both teams had few hours to rest, and prepare for the losers’ round to plan out their strategies carefully.

Vega Squadron opened up the series with an Enigma + Void combo and it proved to be too strong in Game 1.

With their backs against the wall, Team Secret proved that they play better when the stakes are high. They put together good drafts in Games 2 and 3 and committed very few mistakes en route to winning both games.

So far Team Liquid are meeting the many expectations that they would run away with the DreamLeague Season 7 title.

For live English coverage of the tournament, be sure to click here.

Who do you think is going to win DreamLeague Season 7? Be sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments down below!