DreamLeague Season 10 Day 6: Odds, Analyses, Predictions

DreamLeague Season 10 Day 6 takes us to the penultimate day of the first Minor of the 2018-19 Dota Pro Circuit, where only four teams remains in contention of the $300,000 USD prize pool and a spot at the Kuala Lumpur Major next week.

There’s only two days left in the tournament, and only four teams remain in contention.

Who would have thought heading into the tournament that Infamous would make it this far? Certainly not us. Even when playing with a stand-in, the South American underdogs have done well to get to this point, even beating compLexity Gaming, one of the tournament’s favourites.

Of course, there’s still quite a long road ahead of them, as they still need to win their next two matches if they want to make it all the way to the Grand Finals.

With the all mighty Royal Never Give Up still in the pool, the odds definitely are stacked against, not just Infamous, but the rest of the remaining teams.

DreamLeague Season 10 Day 6 Predictions

Infamous vs Natus Vincere

DreamLeague Season 10 Day 6

Natus Vincere are easily the stronger team of the two and should be able to take this matchup quite handily, especially if Evgeniy ‘Blizzy’ Ree continues playing the way he has. (DreamHack Dota)

Match Schedule: November 3, 2018 — 1330H CET

So far, Infamous have continued to defy the odds. Meanwhile, Natus Vincere seem to get better every time they play. Tomorrow, these two teams will clash, with their very tournament lives on the line.

In terms of individual players, Natus Vincere have a lot more talent compared to their South American contemporaries. They’re also more battle-tested and have a strong captain in Akbar ‘SoNNeikO‘ Butaev, who’s been in the pro scene for quite a long time. In contrast, Infamous are a relatively new squad whose players have minimal experience against international competition and in high-stakes matches.

To date, a Top 4 finish is the highest Infamous have ever achieved, and as a whole, it’s the highest placement in any international LAN of any one of their players ever.

That says a lot about the disparity between these two squads.

While Infamous will surely claw and scrape their way to a win, or at least try to, Natus Vincere have played too well to suggest that they’re going to let this series take far longer than it should.

Betting: Correct Map Score (2:0) In Favour of Natus Vincere at 1.93 odds. (GGbet)

Royal Never Give Up vs Tigers

DreamLeague Season 10 Day 6

While it came against relatively weaker competition, winning the Southeast Asia Cyber Arena 2018 Finals in Jakarta allowed Tigers to test themselves as a team in a true LAN setting. (Tigers)

Match Schedule: November 3, 2018 — 1630H CET

Heading into this tournament, we would’ve gone all in on Royal Never Give Up, regardless of who they were facing up against. However, as we approach DreamLeague Season 10 Day 6, we now know that they’re not invincible and that other teams here are extremely capable of giving them a good run for their money.

Case in point, Tigers.

While no one ever really doubted the ability of both David ‘Moonmeander‘ Tan and Theeban ‘1437‘ Siva, many people questioned the rest of the roster. Having seen them play in the tournament, however, it’s clear that Tigers have a lot of potential, and up against Royal Never Give Up, who’ve looked the part of a powerhouse and at same time, a team that’s struggling to communicate with each other, Tigers have a much clearer path to a win than most people would expect.

With a strong captain in 1437 and a willingness to experiment with picks, Tigers are worth risking an upset win for tomorrow in their matchup against Royal Never Give Up.

Betting: Tigers to win at 1.97 odds. (GGbet)

How do you think the matches of DreamLeague Season 10 Day 6 will turn out? Will Tigers be the first to claim a spot in the Grand Finals? Be sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments down below.

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