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Esportsranks will Cover DreamHack Winter 2017 Live - Esportsranks
Esportsranks will Cover DreamHack Winter 2017 Live

It’s that time of year again, and DreamHack Winter is here. DreamHack are true Esports pioneers, and the event is a platform to encourage the growth of Esports. Besides the intense professional competitions, there are music acts, presentations of upcoming games, displays of game merchandise, a general display of game culture, and much more. And you must not miss the cosplay. Each major DreamHack event usually also includes a premier cosplay competition. DreamHack events are a massive focus for Esports, and a must-attend for any dedicated Esports enthusiast.

Which is why Esportsranks will be there

Esportsranks will be covering DreamHack Winter live, with our own press people right on the spot bringing you the latest in news, photographs, and of course, team assessments and match predictions. Stay tuned as our team on the spot covers an event that now spans eight Esports, including not only Counter-strike, Dota 2 and Hearthstone, but also Quake Champions (yes, the classic is back), Arena of Valor, H1Z1, Smash Bros, and Nordic Champions.

Meet the Esportsranks team

DreamHack Winter will be held at Jönköping, a city of southern Sweden, right on the shores of Lake Vättern. If you attend the event, you can meet up with the Esportsranks team. Share your opinions of different competing teams with us, or your ideas on how we could improve our site. You can take pictures with the team, and we will dedicate an article to our viewers and fans. You can also send a personal message to a favorite writer on our site.

DreamHack Winter Cosplay

Image Credit: DreamHack

CS:GO at DreamHack Winter

DreamHack Winter has a prize pool of $100,000, of which the dominating team will take home $50,000. Eight teams will decimate each other for that prize money. Teams that were invited were BIG, Gambit Esports, Heroic, mousesports, Natus Vincere and Team EnVyUs, all the invited teams being European teams. Two other teams will be participating. North Academy qualified from the European Qualifiers, and Rise Nation from the North American ones.

Image Credit: Valve

And now let’s take a look at the various teams that will be participating in the CS:GO clashes at the event. We’ll take a careful look at the form each team is playing in, and what their chances are of making a dominating set of plays at the event. The stats and rankings below are based on the most recent plays by various teams, and have been carefully brought up to date by our team of analysts and CS:GO specialists.

Gambit Esports

This is the team most likely to dominate DreamHack Winter, even though the team are currently ranked nine worldwide. An excellent team to venture a stake on winning this event outright. They have played thirty six matches with their current roster and pushed through to a win in seventeen of those. However, that gives them a win rate of just forty seven percent. Their best maps are Nuke, with a perfect profile of wins, and Train with a sixty percent win rate. Their worst maps are Cobblestone with a win rate of just twenty percent and Cache with a win rate of twenty five percent.

Image Credit: IEM

While Gambit rank well against the teams participating at this event, they have failed to dominate against the best teams in the world since they made changes to their roster. They did take second place in the World Cyber Arena, which was won by Heroic. They also came in second at the Closed Qualifiers of ESL One: New York, as well as the qualifiers of ROG Masters. Qualifiers, of course, do not bring in cash winnings. Gambit Esports have won $62,934 in prize money with their current roster.


Mousesports are ranked eleventh worldwide, and are the second best team in this league, as far as those stats go. But mousesports have been playing in excellent form lately, which gives them a very good chance to dominate here, despite what the rankings say. They are also a good team to place money on at this event. You’ll have to watch the initial plays to see which team is doing better. Mousesports also do much better in LAN matches than Gambit Esports. They have fought in thirty four matches and won twenty of those, which gives them a fifty nine percent win rate per match.

If mousesports are playing so well, why are Gambit ranked higher?

Well, the simple fact is that Gambits overall scores are so high that they retain their rank despite a slew of recent losses. To return to mousesports, their best maps are Nuke, with a win rate of eighty three percent, Overpass with sixty six percent, and Train and Cobblestone with sixty two percent each. The team are dismal at Cache, not having won a single match recently in this map, and mediocre in Inferno, with a thirty three percent win-rate.

Image Credit: DreamHack

Mousesports’ best performance was in ESG Tour Mykonos, where they defeated Team Liquid in a series of best of five matches to win the league. They also ranked number one at ROG Masters after defeating Gambit Esports. Other than this, they have also ranked second in two qualifier events, defeating Space Soldiers and Team EnVyUs, and in one Major event, defeating Ninjas in Pyjamas. Their total earnings with their current roster are $170,630.

Team EnVyUs

With forty wins in eighty seven matches, Team EnVyUs ranks fourteen in the world rankings. They have a forty six percent chance to win a LAN match, which is rather weak for a team that has played with a stable roster as of February of this year. Their best maps are Cobblestone with a fifty eight percent win rate, and Inferno, with a fifty five percent win rate. Their worst maps are Mirage, which they have never won with their current roster, Nuke with a win rate of a mere fourteen percent, and Cache with thirty eight percent.

Image Credit: IEM

Team EnVyUs tend to dominate Qualifiers. They have participated in twelve qualifiers and came first in seven of them. The team also won DreamHack Atlanta, putting down Heroic. They took the second spot in the Europe Minor Championship. EnVyUs are a team that can put out some good plays if they put their mind to it. Team EnVyUs’ total earning with their present roster are $217,763.


Heroic has won sixteen LAN matches out of thirty seven. This gives them a win rate of forty three percent per match. They rank sixteen worldwide, and this makes them the fourth best team at this event. Heroic’s best maps include Overpass with a win rate of fifty seven percent, and Inferno and Nuke with  win rate of fifty percent. Heroic is terrible at Cache (there seems to be a pattern here with most of the teams participating at this event), and fairly dismal at Cobblestone and Train, with a mere thirty three percent chance of a win.

Image Credit: DreamHack

Their best recent performance was at the World Cyber Arena, where they actually defeated Gambit Esports in the Finals, to win the league. They also did reasonably well at DreamHack Atlanta, coming in second. They have also ranked first in three different qualifiers. These are fairly good performance for a player owned organization. They managed to earn $127,722 in prize money with no changes to their roster.

Natus Vincere

This team has played seventeen LAN matches, and won just seven of them, which gives them a win rate of forty one percent per match. They rank seventeen globally. Natus Vincere are very good at Train, with a seventy five percent win rate, and in Cobblestone with sixty seven percent. This team is very vulnerable, because they have never won a match in Overpass, Nuke and Mirage.

Image Credit: ESL – Natus Vincere defeated FaZe Clan.

Even though they are still ranked as a Tier one team, they have really failed to make an impact in any major or premier leagues. They ranked second at the EPICENTER Qualifiers, and ranked fourth at the World Cyber Arena. These are the only memorable performances by Natus Vincere’s current roster. Natus Vincere have won just $40,934 in prize money with this roster.


Former NRG players put together this team in January of this year, and the team now holds the twentieth spot in the global rankings. This team has participated in seventy six matches, winning forty four of them, which gives them a fairly good win rate of fifty eight percent. BIG has excellent chances of a win in Cache with a sixty three percent win rate, and in Cobblestone, with sixty two percent. They are a balanced team, who have a better than fifty percent chance of winning any map. This is a team to watch out for at this event.

Image Credit: ESWC

BIG have participated in a good many leagues since their formation. They’ve made some great plays, as well as winning two major leagues. This team has pulled in $181,161 in prize money in the course of this year. Definitely a team to watch, and put money on if they look to be playing in good form.

North Academy

Those who are naturally confused about whether North and North Academy are related should know that both teams are run by the same organization, but field completely different rosters. There is no doubt that North are much better than Academy, but the latter are hardly to be underestimated. The eight competing teams are divided into two Groups, A and B. Gambit Esports, Heroic, Natus Vincere and Rise Nation are on Group A, while mousesports, BIG, Team EnVyUs and North Academy form Group B.

North Academy are the underdogs here, ranking thirty second globally. They went through some roster changes recently, and have only won four matches with their present roster. That gives them a below average win rate of just thirty three percent. This team tends to win matches in Cache, Inferno and Nuke. But they also tend to lose in Cobblestone and Train. Qualifying for this event is their only reasonable performance so far with their current roster. They have already earned $4,859 with the new roster.

Image Credit: NGCM

Rise Nation

Rise nation are another team without much of a chance of a win at DreamHack Winter. This team was formed in May of this year, and are the only North American team participating in the event. They have already participated in twenty seven LAN matches, winning fifteen of them. This gives them a fifty five percent chance of winning a match. Their best maps include Cobblestone and Overpass. They tend to do badly in Train, with a thirty three percent win rate, and in Nuke, with a forty percent win rate. Rise Nation have dominated in quite a few qualifiers. Their best performance was when they won the CEVO Season 12. This team has won $25,000 in prize money to date.

Image Credit: Americas Minor Championship

That’s it, folks. We’re building up to DreamHack Winter, the premier event at the end of the year, at least in the CS:GO universe, and how well, or badly, teams do here will affect how they’re seen in the coming year. Of course, there are a lot of teams missing from this event, but those who do attend are likely to make a fight of it. Gambit and mousesports are likely to come out on top, but BIG should not be underestimated. The Esportsranks team will be there, on the spot, at the heart of the action, and if you can’t be there too, we’ll bring the action to you.

Image Credit: DreamHack

Stay tuned for detailed day-by-day analyses of major CS:GO events, and ace reporting. Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and Facebook for the latest on your favourite Esports titles.