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DreamHack Valencia Preview: Favourites, Underdogs and Wildcards - Esportsranks
DreamHack Valencia Preview: Favourites, Underdogs and Wildcards

Less than a week before the next major due to take place in Krakow starting later this week, eight teams will square off in the Valencian stop of the DreamHack tour. Join us for our full DreamHack Valencia preview. 

DreamHack Valencia Preview: Favourites

Ninjas in Pyjamas

Ninjas in Pyjamas (NiP) are coming off of a respectable quarter finals finish in Cologne after a weak start to the summer. The ninjas will be looking to prove themselves to the world after a disappointing run of events which saw them miss out on the major, surprising even the most expecting fans.

A DreamHack event would not normally see an NiP team in current form be a favourite, however due to its proximity to the major, many teams saw this event as a stop of no benefit. Should the Swedish side prove themselves by cleaning up in Valencia, the Swedes may be back on the radars of many pundits as a contender.


After missing out on the main major qualifier by falling 2-0 to BIG in the European minor, nV have plenty to prove in Valencia. Despite an impressive start to the current nV lineup, the French as of late have been anything but. Although looking impressive on paper, the current nV squad have proven that they got the short end of the French shuffle stick.

Despite all their recent shortcomings, the lack of strength among the rest of the contenders in Valencia should see the French squad in a spot to challenge NiP for first place in this prelude tournament to Krakow.

DreamHack Valencia Preview: Underdogs

NRG Esports

Qualifying for this event by way of beating mouseSpaz, coL and Luminosity shows the level of teams attempting to partake in this tournament. Despite beating out each of these teams 2-0, the NRG squad’s lack of performance since their inception should see them out of the tournament fairly early.

Although boasting a squad once considered tier one material for North America, the squad has consistently proven to be below average, even in North American terms. Despite their qualification for Valencia, NRG have had an ongoing struggle with attempts to qualify for any decent tournaments.

nrg fugly focus

Source: HLTV.org


Making it to this tournament for no other reason than having it on their home turf, KPI will most likely struggle to do much here, as their major hopes were crushed by a team called “zzz” in the online portion of the qualifiers. However, the element of surprise may play into KPI’s favour, giving them a slight edge over the likes of NRG.


DreamHack Valencia Preview: Wildcards


The current CLG lineup will no doubt have significant upset potential, with a relatively new addition of Ricky “Rickeh” Mulholland rounding the team well with a sniper. CLG have proven their potential at the last DreamHack event, besting both fnatic and Gambit in a LAN environment.

Should CLG be able to repeat their recent efforts in Valencia, they will be contenders for the top spot. On the other hand, the lack of offline results makes a good performance unreliable to predict. Time will tell if CLG can transform into a world class team or will be forever restricted to the second tier of competitive play.

clg player stock

Source: HLTV.org

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