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DreamHack Summer 2017 Playoff Preview and Predictions - Esportsranks
DreamHack Summer 2017 Playoff Preview and Predictions

The DreamHack Summer 2017 group stages are over and the tiebreakers are all decided. SK Gaming, Counter Logic Gaming, Fnatic, and Immortals all advanced to the playoffs. See our full DreamHack Summer 2017 playoff preview below.

What’s happened so far?

Counter Logic Gaming came up on top with an impressive 2-0 against Gambit and Fnatic. It took them 5 overtime periods to take the second game with a series of clutch situations. That win was all thanks to ‘koosta’ who was unimaginably on fire with his AWP . ‘koosta’ had a total of 43 AWP kills from his 54 frags which was equal to ‘olofmeister’ who also had 54 frags. Gambit were able to win against Cloud9 in the loser’s group stage bracket and faced Fnatic in a thrilling Bo3 series. The second game also went to overtime with Fnatic taking the last round to end the game and series 19-17.

In the other group, Immortals were on the top of their game. They destroyed mousesports with a 16-6 scoreline and then defeated the juggernaut SK Gaming, 16-10. Mousesports narrowly took the loser’s group stage bracket against Team Singularity. SK Gaming faced mousesports in the deciding match. Mousesports almost made a comeback in inferno which was map 1 of the series.

T’ChrisJ’ took the 1v1 clutch round against ‘FalleN’ to make it 14-13. They were able to trade rounds 15-14 with SK Gaming at match point. Things were looking good for mousesports as they were getting picks as SK Gaming switched their attention to the B site. It was a 2v4 situation where ‘coldzera’ and ‘FalleN’ were the last members remaining for SK Gaming. ‘FalleN’ were able to get ‘ChrisJ’ into the B site, who planted the bomb safely. ‘FalleN’ took two more kills with his AWP, and ‘coldzera’ took the last kill to support his AWPer.

DreamHack Summer 2017 Playoff Preview

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DreamHack Summer 2017 Playoff Preview and Predictions

Fnatic (1.725)  vs Immortals (1.994)

Fnatic is still a top tier team still looking to hit their stride. ‘Olofmeister’ played insanely good during the group stages. They lacked output from a few players but still came out on top. Fnatic will need more from ‘KRIMZ’, but look more favourable in this match-up as they are better skill wise.

On the Immortals side, ‘kNg’ had 26-9 and 30-16 games, leading both in frags and score. They took their wins convincingly which included a game against their big brothers, SK Gaming. They are no push over team and this matchup is more likely to be close to a 50-50 toss-up. The matchup to watch in our DreamHack Summer 2017 Playoff Preview.

Prediction: Fnatic will take this series 2-1

SK Gaming (1.165) vs Counter Logic Gaming (3.820)

SK Gaming rarely shows their best during group stages. They are a different team when it comes to the playoffs. The Brazilian juggernauts are still vulnerable but they are lucky to be facing Counter Logic Gaming first. They have played this team countless times in the NA scene and both of these teams know each other well. SK Gaming always gets the upper hand and it would take a miracle for Counter Logic Gaming to take 2 maps over SK Gaming. They were highly impressive in the group stages especially ‘koosta’. The chance for an upset is still very unlikely.

Prediction: SK Gaming will take this series 2-0

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