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SK Gaming are the DreamHack Summer 2017 Champions! - Esportsranks
SK Gaming are the DreamHack Summer 2017 Champions!

SK Gaming defeats Fnatic to add another trophy to their collection. This will be their second consecutive tournament trophy right before Esports Championship Series Season 3. Here is how SK gaming became the DreamHack Summer 2017 Champions!

DreamHack Summer 2017 – Semifinals Recap

Things started to get interesting when both favorites (fnatic and SK Gaming) dropped the first map of the series. Immortals took the first map (inferno) 16-13 against fnatic. It was “lucas” giving them that much needed edge and was on form throughout the match. Fnatic recovered on overpass which they played well with a 16-9 scoreline. The deciding match was pure massacre as Immortals could not get anything going after taking the first gun round. They got clobbered by fnatic with an embarrassing 16-1 scoreline, who took the series 2-1.

SK Gaming had a similar run. They lost the first map (mirage) to Counter Logic Gaming. “Rickeh” was lights out with 28-12. He was the difference in the game and the main reason they took the first map. They needed a similar repeat performance and support from everyone else. Unfortunately, only “Rickeh” showed up and that was not enough to beat a team like SK Gaming. They lost 16-7 on train that halted any momentum they had from the first game. The third map was cobblestone where SK Gaming usually excel at. They started on CT side and showed how tough their defence can be with a 13-2 halftime score. Counter Logic Gaming would eventually fall and succumb to such a deep deficit, losing 16-9 to SK Gaming and 2-1 to end the series.

See the early tournament action here.

SK Gaming

Courtesy: DreamHack Summer 2017

DreamHack Summer 2017 Champions – SK Gaming vs Fnatic

The first map started on inferno where SK Gaming were on the CT side first. The Brazilians started by winning the first pistol round as well as the first buy round. They tried to go aggressive by pushing the B side, but fnatic were able to prevail and get their first round. With a rough economy, fnatic were having difficulties with getting utilities but they managed to sneak two rounds with the help of ‘olofmeister’. Fnatic gained momentum and ended the half strong being only down 1 round (8-7). SK Gaming took the second pistol round and started the half strong again. Both “FalleN” and “Olofmeister” made exceptional plays to take one round each. SK Gaming would eventually have their way and destroy the Swedes push after push and the map ended 16-8.

The second map was on overpass which should be no stranger to fnatic. The Swedes got off a hot start by starting on the CT side and taking the first 7 rounds. A quad kill from “TACO” gave SK Gaming their first round but fnatic never gave SK Gaming room to breathe. The half ended with a 13-2 score line and was eventually too much of a deficit to comeback from. The map ended with 16-4 favouring the Swedes in a dominating performance.

The third and final map took place on mirage. Fnatic opened up the score on T side by taking the first pistol round with the help of ‘dennis’ who got a quad kill. SK Gaming were able to win an anti-eco and storm to a 6-1 lead. Fnatic was forced to call a tactical timeout and it served dividends as they took the next 2 rounds. The half ended 8-7 in favour of SK Gaming. SK Gaming’s T side was insanely good and only dropped the first buy round to the Swedes. The boys from Brazil held on to their early advantage late in to the tie. SK Gaming finished strongly with “fer” getting a quad kill to become the DreamHack Summer 2017 Champions.

Memorable plays from DreamHack Summer 2017 Finals

1v3 clutch by “Olofmeister”

Quad kill by “Olofmeister”

1v3 time running out clutch by “FalleN”