DreamHack Open Valencia 2018: Odds, Analysis, Preview

Welcome to DreamHack Open Valencia 2018, a tournament that started out as a minor tournament back in 2016 with a total prize pool of only €8,000 but now has a whopping $100,000 USD up for grabs.

We may have yet to fully move on from last week’s tournament in Cologne and how Natus Vincere dominated their opposition, but we must, as 8 CS:GO teams are now set to face off at the Feria Valencia in Valencia, Spain, for bragging rights, and of course, a huge chunk of the prize pool.

Dreamhack Open Valencia 2018: Initial Details

  • Start Date: 2018.07.12
  • End Date: 2018.07.14
  •  Location: Valencia, Spain
  • Venue: Feria Valencia
  • Organizer: DreamHack
  • Type: Offline, LAN
  • Number of Teams: 8
  • Total prize pool: $100,000 USD

DreamHack Open Valencia 2018: Tournament Format

Group stage:

Eight teams are split into two double-elimination (GSL) format groups:

DreamHack Open Valencia 2018

DreamHack Open Valencia 2018 groups


DreamHack Open Valencia 2018

GSL system explained

  • Opening & Winners’ matches are Bo1
  • Elimination & Decider matches are Bo3


Top two teams from each group advance to the Playoffs. This is a standard playoff system with single elimination bracket. All matches in this stage are best of 3.

DreamHack Open Valencia 2018



DreamHack Open Valencia 2018 Betting tips:

There would be 5 matches in each group.

Group A:

DreamHack Open Valencia 2018

DreamHack Open Valencia 2018 Group A matches

2 opening matches in this group:

DreamHack Open Valencia 2018North – GiantsDreamHack Open Valencia 2018


Matches: 197
Won: 117
Lost: 80
Win ratio: 59,39 %
Won 2 out of 5 last matches.


Matches: 22
Won: 10
Lost: 11
Win ratio: 45,45%
Won 3 out of 5 last matches.

These 2 teams never played head to head.

This match is not necessary to analyze too much. Giants are a relatively new team with only 22 matches behind them and statistically the worst team in this tournament. They do not stand a chance against a tier 1 team, especially North. After all, North is a more experienced team with better players. If they take pistol rounds they would probably maintain economy control over the whole match and this should end up with a great handicap for North.

Our tip here is a handicap (-4,5) on North.

Play now !!! Bet on North(-4,5), 1,6 odds @ GG.bet

DreamHack Open Valencia 2018Heroic – AGODreamHack Open Valencia 2018

Matches: 304
Won: 153
Lost: 151
Win ratio: 50,33%
Won 2 out of 5 last matches.

Matches: 171
Won: 104
Lost: 62
Win ratio: 60,82%
Won 2 out of 5 last matches.

Head to head Heroic 4 – 2 AGO (in these rosters)

Neither of these teams is doing good lately. They are losing against tier 2 teams and it is hard to predict what would happen here. Last time these 2 teams played Heroic was better strategically and they were even better fraggers but Acillion could not connect any shots.  Not to mention he was the main reason Heroic lost that match. They had map control, great opening duels but he was the weakest link in the chain and AGO used that as an advantage. Since then a lot of things have changed, Acillion is playing well now, he is getting along with the team. There is a great chance for Heroic to take revenge opportunity and win at this match. Our final tip here is a low 3/10 bet on Heroic.

Play now !!! Bet on Heroic 2,45 odds @ GG.bet

If our predictions are correct, the most realistic sequence of events in this group is:

Match/ winner:

  • North vs Giants – North
  • Heroic vs AGO – Heroic
  • North vs Heroic – North
  • Giants vs AGO – AGO
  • Heroic vs AGO – Heroic

North and Heroic advance to playoffs. Stay tuned for more predictions in the playoffs stage.

Group B:

DreamHack Open Valencia 2018

DreamHack Open Valencia 2018 Group B matches

DreamHack Open Valencia 2018G2 vs LGDreamHack Open Valencia 2018

Matches: 536

Won: 293
Lost: 243
Win ratio: 54,66%
Won 2 out of 5 last matches.

Matches: 580
Won: 281
Lost: 213
Win ratio: 48,45%
Won 2 out of 5 last matches.

Head to head G2  2 – 0 LG (in these rosters)

G2 is known to perform better on LAN than online. They are the best team at his tournament and they would probably be the champions. On the other side, there is LG. Once the best team in the world they are now struggling and trying to get on the top again with constantly changing the roster. Everybody remembers their golden setup (former SK players, now MIBR) but it is in the past. In reality, today’s LG is a tier 2 team with no chance to take a single map against G2. With this in mind our tip here is a high bet on G2.

Play now !!! Bet on G2 to win @ 1,2 odds

DreamHack Open Valencia 2018Virtus.pro vs FragstersDreamHack Open Valencia 2018

Matches: 765

Won: 413
Lost: 352
Win ratio: 53,99%
Won 0 out of 5 last matches.

Matches: 172
Won: 85
Lost: 70
Win ratio: 49,42%
Won 2 out of 5 last matches.

Head to head Vritus.pro  4 – 5 Fragsters 

Virtus.pro is one of the oldest teams at this tournament. They were a great team with great achievement in the past. Today, Virtus.pro is a solid tier 2 team ranked as  22 on a scale. They are a very conservative team with old tactics.  Refusing to change lead to this. Everyone already knows’s their positions, fake’s, attacking and defending strategies and due to that they are constantly outplayed but younger teams. This can easily be the case in this match too. Virtus.pro is out, it is time for some new, fresh and young teams to come in top 30. Our tip here is a medium bet 5/10 on Fragsters.

Play now !!! Bet on Fragsters to win @ 2,32 odds

If our predictions are correct, the most realistic sequence of events in this group is:

Match / Winner:

  • G2 vs LG – G2
  • V.P. vs Fragsters – Fragsters
  • G2 vs Fragsters – G2
  • LG vs V.P. – LG
  • LG vs Fragsters – LG

North and Heroic advance to playoffs. Stay tuned for more predictions in the playoffs stage.

These are the most carefully formulated match predictions, by analysts who thoroughly study team histories and playing styles. Stay tuned for more match-by-match analyses and predictions for this event.

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