DreamHack Masters Marseille Opens to Value Bets & Good Odds

The opening rounds of DreamHack Marseille are great for value picks and sure bets, with the sixteen teams that are part of this event clashing for the top spot. Among those are top-flight teams who received a direct invitation, of the likes of Astralis, Cloud9, Team EnVyUs, FaZe Clan, Fnatic, Gambit Esports, G2 Esports, Team Liquid, Mousesports, Natus Vincere, Ninjas in Pyjamas and SK Gaming. Valiance and Space Soldiers ‘soldiered’ their way into the event via the European Qualifiers, whereas Renegades entered through the North American Qualifier. Tyloo are once again the sole team representing Asia at this event, as they are at so many others – not that it helps them… much.

There is more than just winning this event at stake here

All ESL and DreamHack Masters premier events are part of season one of the Intel Grand Slam. The first team that wins four premier events will be awarded one million dollars in prize money. SK Gaming currently lead the pack with two wins, and they only need two more to claim the prize. However, they aren’t playing consistently, and may not reach their goal. It goes without saying that other top teams that have won one premier event, like Fnatic, G2 Esports, FaZe Clan and Ninjas in Pyjamas are also in the race here.

That said, the opening rounds contain plenty of matches where the actual probability of our chosen team winning the match far exceeds the probability implied by the odds, which makes most of the matches here value picks for the experienced bettor. So go ahead, and use this stage of the event to expand your ‘bank’ against future contingencies.

Bets and Picks for the Opening Rounds of DreamHack Marseille

Astralis Vs Space Soldiers

Space Soldiers are certainly not to be underestimated. However, Astralis have proven rather relentlessly lately that they are back in the game, and Magisk is also playing exceptionally well. Astralis look like a complete team again, and their form is flawless. That said, Astralis are truly one of the world’s most professional, most competent, and most adaptive teams, and are able to shift effortlessly between fast-paced aggressive play and slow attrition at will. At odds of 1.57 on Astralis, this is certainly one of the surest wins for today, and for such a high probability of a win, is certainly one of the bets offering value today.

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SK Gaming Vs Ninjas in Pyjamas

After TACO stepped down from the team, SK Gaming almost faced elimination from both the EPL and the ECS. However, SK Gaming got Stewie2K to join them and this brought them back into the fight. This will be first time that SK Gaming face a European team after TACO left the squad, and Ninjas in Pyjamas aren’t to be taken lightly. Nevertheless, SK Gaming’s strength lies in best of ones, and we can rely upon FalleN to handle the picks and bans right. Since SK Gaming have lost so many matches and a core player recently, they have odds of 1.59 on them, which is a good chance to place bets on SK Gaming at decent odds.

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Team Liquid Vs Gambit Esports

Team Liquid were doing exceptionally well when steel stepped down from the team. Liquid reacted quickly by signing on TACO. While Gambit Esports do field some truly talented players, they still have difficulties going up against top teams, and are out of their league here. Though Team Liquid have done very well in LAN events recently, they still have odds of 1.40 on them, which are reasonable odds for a match that is only going to play out in their favour. Bets on Liquid certainly offer a chance to expand your ‘bank’.

Natus Vincere Vs Renegades

Natus Vincere are back with a vengeance this year, with a win rate of an incredible sixty two percent in LAN matches. If you think those wins were against lower tier teams, you’d be wrong, as Natus Vincere have put down the likes of FaZe Clan and Astralis in the StarSeries. While Renegades are certainly Australia’s star team, their dominance is more or less limited to the land down under, and they hardly rank higher than Tyloo among the teams gathered at this event. They have no chance at a premiere, and Natus Vincere are going to grind them into the dust, and step over them to fight bigger and better teams. With odds of 1.40 on Natus Vincere, this match promises reasonable earnings for bets on a sure win.

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FaZe Clan Vs Team EnVyUs

FaZe are struggling to stay afloat with olofmeister on leave. In their first match without olofmeister, they went up against Team EnVyUs, and were crushed by eleven rounds. Though they then hit back hard in the next match, things haven’t been the same for FaZe Clan without big brother watching out for them. After a string of losses, Xizt seems to have found his place in the team meta, and FaZe seem to be back in business. This time, Team EnVyUs are going down. While the odds on FaZe are hardly exceptional, at around 1.29, you can still place your bets on them for additional earnings.

ELEAGUE - Olofmeister

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Mousesports Vs Valiance

This is another optional low odds match that is still a sure win, and which you can bet on for guaranteed winnings. Valiance are a decent team, but they absolutely cannot take on mousesports. Mousesports are also playing at the top of their form, and have won two events back to back. Mousesports are one of the teams at this event with a real chance of getting to the finals, if not winning the event outright. With odds of 1.24 on them, bets on mousesports offer decent earnings on a sure win.

Fnatic Vs Tyloo

Do any of you really believe that Fnatic are the ones going down here? This is a match up where it’s really a waste of time to compare team strengths and skills – those are self-evident, and heavily one-sided. Fnatic are going to devour Tyloo, and with odds of 1.24 on Fnatic, this is another match that promises small but certain earnings on a sure win.

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Cloud9 Vs G2 Esports

Cloud9 really have had a series of roster issues. Skadoodle is perhaps the best AWPer in the business, but he took a hiatus a while back. Now he’s back on the team, but Stewie2K has left them. This team is now unstable, and their travails continue even thought Skadoodle has rejoined them. G2 Esports are going to roll right over them. This would be a sure win, except that G2 haven’t been showing consistency in their plays lately. G2 could certainly win this though, and with the odds running at 1.76 on G2 Esports, they certainly are worth a decent stake.

Shox analyst at DreamHack Masters

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