An Excellent Chance to Double your Stake in the Overwatch League

With the first season of the Overwatch League moving to a close, this is just about the last chance some of the competing teams will have of remaining in the event. This is going to be the most brutal stage of all.

There have been some crucial roster changes involving the coaches of several teams that could affect the odds, so let’s take a look at what’s changed here.

Number one on our list is San Francisco Shock

SFS have parted ways with their head coach Brad, replacing him with Crusty, formerly head coach for Boston Uprising. This change of course means that Boston Uprising now lack a head coach. Besides this, San Francisco Shock have made one more addition to their roster by promoting NineK, from their academy team NRG Esports, to the main team.

Shanghai Dragons’ head coach will not participate in stage four due to health issues, and has been replaced by Kong until he returns. That’s bad news for Shanghai Dragons fans. Houston Outlaws have taken on Dallas Fuel’s coach KyKy, while Dallas Fuel, now lacking a coach, have signed on Aero in a multi-year contract.

Double your stake in the Overwatch League

Boston Uprising Vs Houston Outlaws

Matches between dominant teams are always interesting, and this one is particularly so with Boston Uprising’s head coach Crusty having abandoned them. While these teams are more or less equal, the maps do make a considerable difference to the odds in Overwatch.

Houston Outlaws have the upper hand here

They have a very good win rate in two maps out of the four due to be played. Boston Uprising, on the other hand, only dominate in one map. Both teams have roughly the same stats in the remaining maps. Houston Outlaws even dominate the tiebreaker map.

Houston Outlaws have defeated Boston Uprising twice, out of the three times that these teams have encountered each other. When the maps favor Outlaws, they are sure to win, and with odds on them that are running at 2.78, that makes for a good chance to double your bet. Outlaws are being underestimated here, and Boston are playing without their head coach, so this is a chance you must not pass up.

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Shot of the Day in the Overwatch League

Image Credit: Blizzard, Robert Paul

A Sure Win in the Overwatch League

San Francisco Shock Vs Seoul Dynasty

San Francisco Shock cannot afford to lose any more matches, because they are just on the verge of being eliminated from this event. While that might hold true, it also holds true that SFS are going down here. They have never won against Seoul Dynasty in the past, no matter what the map pool may have been. In other words, the skill difference between these teams is so vast that Seoul Dynasty can dominate San Francisco Shock on any map. Interestingly enough, the odds are running at 1.67 on Seoul Dynasty, which is absolutely exceptional for such a sure win.

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