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Dota2 Asia Championship - Invictus Gaming are the DAC 2017 champions - Esportsranks
Dota2 Asia Championship – Invictus Gaming are the DAC 2017 champions

After four days of Dota2 action, many teams have fallen, leaving just two to fight for the title in the Grand Finals, OG and iG.

Team OG played in a dominant manner through the upper bracket of the playoff stage of the tournament. They had only dropped a single game in a 3:1 victory over Invictus Gaming – dropping them to the lower bracket. However, iG crushed Newbee in lower bracket final to secure a rematch against OG for the title.

Dota2 Lower Bracket Finals: Invictus Gaming avenges iG.Vitality

Finishing the previous day by beating iG Vitality, the secondary team of Invictus Gaming Dota2 organization, Newbee hoped to continue their winning streak from Monday and earn their place in the Grand Finals. But BurNIng and the squad had other plans and swept Newbee 2-0 with ease. The younger Chinese team were always at the disadvantage after the 10 minute mark in both games, and iG squad seemed to be “out of their league” for the most time. Invictus Gaming dominated their way through the lower bracket finals to secure a much anticipated rematch with OG.

BurNIng’s cold revenge

Up until the Grand Finals, OG was definitely the best team in the tournament. However, Invictus Gaming had obviously done their homework. Fuelled by the bitter taste of defeat in upper bracket, they fought their way and earned a rematch for the title. In Game 1 OG drafted almost everything they wanted, iG emerged victorious after a hour-long match. OG made a late game surge in order to try and steal the victory, however a standout performance by BurNIng on Juggernaut. You can find Game 1 highlights on youtube.

In both Games 2 and 3, it is safe to say that iG completely outdrafted OG, and denied them preferred Alchemist and Naga Siren picks. Forced to play outside their comfort zone, OG had no answer for iG’s brilliant execution, and for the first time since The Boston Major, they looked completely outmatched. In Game 3, OG was trying hard to innovate their draft trying to pull together a cohesive team composition. However, the Chinese squad was strategically far superior, and it seemed like they’ve figured out OG’s winning formula. By shutting them down at the very draft phase, Invictus Gaming took their revenge in style with a clean 3-0 sweep. Both Game 2 and Game 3 were finished in less then 40 minutes, to the enjoyment of the home crowd in Shanghai.

Many people thought that the best days of BurNIng’s career were the days he was in Team DK, but he has proven that he is still one of the best active players in Dota2 scene at position 1. He finished the tournament with 8.79 KDA averaging less then 2 deaths per game. With all eyes on him, he stepped up his game and led his team Invictus Gaming to reclaim their place as the champion of Chinese Dota2 scene.

The prize pool of the tournament is $611,997 USD. Invictus Gaming claimed $244,798 of the pool as a first place team (40%), OG won $91,799 (15%). Third place Newbee earned $73,439 (12%) of the prize pool, while iG Vitality won $55,079 (9%).